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*11th International Coral Reef Symposium
Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
7 Jul 2008 - 11 Jul 2008
The ICRS is devoted to the best reef science available, with the purpose of sharing scientific findings with government agencies, resource management, and non-government organizations throughout the world..

Venice, Italy
16 Jun 2008 - 21 Jun 2008
Topic areas addressed include hydrology, geomorphology, ecology and economics as, to be successful, restoration of freshwater ecosystems must incorporate all of these subjects within a holistic framework..

*6th European Conference on Ecological Modelling
Trieste, Italy
26 Nov 2007 - 27 Nov 2007
"Biogeochemical processes and fish dynamics in food web models for end-to-end conceptualization of marine ecosystems. Theory and use of Ecopath with Ecosim".

*Estuarine Research Federation - ERF 2007
Providence, Rhode Island, United States
4 Nov 2007 - 8 Nov 2007
We invite each of you to provide ideas for, and volunteer to lead, sessions that will define the current and compelling state of estuarine and coastal science and management..

*5th WIOMSA Scientific Symposium
Durban, South Africa
22 Oct 2007 - 26 Oct 2007
“Science, Policy and Management: pressures and responses in the Western Indian Ocean region”..

*Chapman Conference on Long Time-Series Observations in Coastal Ecosystems: Comparative Analyses of Phytoplankton Dynamics
Rovinj, Croatia
8 Oct 2007 - 12 Oct 2007
The conference is focused on coastal ecosystems (e.g. tidal rivers, estuaries, fjords, bays, sounds, open waters of the continental shelf, etc.) where perturbations from terrestrial, atmospheric, oceanic sources and human activities converge.

*Wild Trout IX
West Yellowstone, MT, United States
9 Oct 2007 - 12 Oct 2007
“Sustaining Wild Trout in a Changing World ”.

*European Symposium on Marine Protected Areas as a Tool for Fisheries Management and Ecosystem Conservation
Mur, Spain
25 Sep 2007 - 28 Sep 2007
To emphasise the role of MPAs in the integration of fisheries management and nature conservation, the symposium will present and discuss the results from ongoing European and international MPA research, bringing together scientists, managers etc..

*Fish Stock Assessment Methods for Lakes and Reservoirs: Towards the true picture of fish stock
Ceske Budejovice/Budweis, Czech Republic
11 Sep 2007 - 15 Sep 2007
Fish Stock Assessment Methods for Lakes and Reservoirs: Towards the true picture of fish stock, ichthyology, biology, zoology, methods, water, fisheries.

*10th International Riversymposium
Brisbane, Australia
3 Sep 2007 - 6 Sep 2007
The Symposium presents a holistic view of river management and provides an opportunity to celebrate the ecological and social value of rivers, showcase world's best practice and balance the relationships between science, business, institutions etc..

*10th Symposium on Aquatic Microbial Ecology
Faro, Portugal
2 Sep 2007 - 7 Sep 2007
Welcome to the 10th Symposium on Aquatic Microbial Ecology! The symposium program was planned to cover a wide range of research areas, therefore topic and workshop titles were chosen to give a more comprehensive rather than specialized approach..

*Course in tidal flat ecology: Field experiments as a tool for marine research
Sylt, Germany
8 Sep 2007 - 14 Sep 2007
The course aims to discuss the advances, potentials, and restrictions of experimental benthic research..

*3rd International Symposium on Riverine Landscapes
South Stradbroke Island, Australia
27 Aug 2007 - 1 Sep 2007
Global change and river-floodplain ecosystems.

*30th Congress of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology
Montreal, Canada
12 Aug 2007 - 18 Aug 2007
In its 1st return to North America in over 30 years, we are making every effort to make the Montréal SIL Congress a most exciting scientific conference, linking cutting-edge research & the important applied problems the world’s freshwaters currently face.

*13th International Meiofauna Conference
Recife, Brazil
29 Jul 2007 - 3 Aug 2007
For the first time, the International Meiofauna Conference will be carried out in the Southern Hemisphere, in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil..

*Plant Litter Processing in Freshwaters PLPF5
Coimbra, Portugal
23 Jul 2007 - 26 Jul 2007
The PLPF meeting is an international conference dedicated to basic and applied research on plant litter decomposition in aquatic environments..

*EnviroTEC 2007/The 5th International Exhibition on Pollution Control& Environmental Management Technology
Shanghai, China
11 Jul 2007 - 14 Jul 2007
The EnviroTEC is a professional exhibition organized by HQ Link and fully supported by Shanghai Municipality and many international and local associations and organizations, is well known for its internationalization with oversea exhibitors over 70%.

*"Stream Restoration Principles" Part 1
see Utah State Uni., United States
16 Jul 2007 - 20 Jul 2007
The objective of this course is to introduce the concepts and methods used in planning and design of stream restoration projects..

*Summer School on Diversity and Functioning of Coastal Habitats
Sylt, Germany
17 Jul 2007 - 27 Jul 2007
The topic of this advanced study course is a comparison of coastal ecosystems: soft bottom systems in the Baltic Sea versus sedimentary and hard bottom communities of North Sea and Atlantic coasts, with some perspectives to polar and tropical regions..

*The Aquatic Plant Management Society, Inc. 47th Annual Meeting
Nashville, TN, United States
15 Jul 2007 - 18 Jul 2007
The Aquatic Plant Management Society (APMS) strives to promote environmental stewardship through operations, research, education and outreach related to integrated management of vegetation in aquatic systems..

*Fifth Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences (SEFS5)
Palermo, Italy
8 Jul 2007 - 13 Jul 2007
Like the previous Symposia, SEFS5 will be devoted to basic questions in freshwater biology and various aspects of applied freshwater science..

New London, NH, United States
8 Jul 2007 - 13 Jul 2007
This Gordon Research Conference focuses on catchment science, exploring the interactions among hydrology, biology and geochemistry that shape terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems..

*7th International Nematology Symposium
Petrozavodsk, Russia
9 Jul 2007 - 14 Jul 2007
Role of nematodes in the functioning of undisturbed and human-transformed terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

*Current Perspective - 5th Canadian River Heritage Conference
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
10 Jun 2007 - 14 Jun 2007
Linking Tourism, recreation, heritage, conservation , communities and rivers.

*Challenges for Diadromous Fishes in a Dynamic Challenges for Diadromous Fishes in a Dynamic
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
17 Jun 2007 - 24 Jun 2007
This symposium will review the current state of scientific knowledge with respect to biology, ecology, and conservation of diadromous fishes (including anadromous, catadromous, potamodromous, and amphidromous species)..

*5th Study Conference on BALTEX
Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia
4 Jun 2007 - 8 Jun 2007
The 5th BALTEX Study Conference is devoted to BALTEX Phase II objectives and will review research results related to water and energy cycles in the climate system, climate and climate variability, water management issues, and air and water quality studies.

*North American Benthological Society 55th Annual Meeting
Columbia, South Carolina, United States
3 Jun 2007 - 7 Jun 2007
Special Sessions include: Stream Restoration: Current Perspectives and Future Directions;The State of Water Law and Policy.

*AQUAFLUO: Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Aquatic Sciences International Meeting
Nove Hrady, Czech Republic
28 May 2007 - 1 Jun 2007
This meeting is the first of its kind and will enable researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds to discuss current "hot" topics, review past research and our current knowledge of (not only variable) fluorescence for aquatic research..

*2007 Aquatic Weed Control Short Course
Coral Springs, Florida, United States
14 May 2007 - 18 May 2007
Aquatic, Upland and Invasive Weed Control; Aquatic Plant Identification.

*International Conference on Climatic Changes & their Impacts on Coastal Zones & River Deltas
Alexandria, Egypt
21 Apr 2007 - 24 Apr 2007
Vulnerability, Mitigation and Adaptation? Contact for information:

* High-throughput sequencing applied to marine organisms, a European perspective
Roscoff, France
15 Apr 2007 - 17 Apr 2007
The application of genomic approaches to marine organisms is currently providing important insights into many key areas of research. These include traditional areas of marine biology, such as understanding planktonic ecosystems etc..

*4th Plankton Symposium
1 Apr 2007 - 5 Apr 2007
The main goals of the Plankton Symposium IV will be to review and improve our knowledge on freshwater, estuarine and marine plankton..

*Aquatic Nuisance Species Workshop
Portland, OR, United States
19 Mar 2007 - 19 Mar 2007
A full-day workshop will be held to address the issue of aquatic nuisance species (ANS), a complex and costly ecological, business, policy, legislative and political issue that also is a nightmare in terms of law enforcement and communications..

*Recognising water weeds
Paterson, NSW, Australia
24 Feb 2007 - 24 Feb 2007
A practical course to help you recognise serious aquatic weeds in Australia..

*6th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics
Christchurch, New Zealand
18 Feb 2007 - 23 Feb 2007
The 6th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics will be held in Christchurch, New Zealand. More than 350 professionals working in hydraulic and environmental research and applications are expected to attend this symposium..

*ASLO 2007 Aquatic Sciences Meeting
Santa Fe, New mexico, United States
4 Feb 2007 - 9 Feb 2007
Sessions include: Invasive Species; Molecular Techniques and Perspectives; Physical-biological Interactions; Dissolved Organic Matter Quality: Linking Environmental Dynamics to Molecular Structure.

West Dover, Vermont, United States
16 Jan 2007 - 17 Jan 2007
As usual, a full program of informative papers and presentations on aquatic plant management issues has been prepared..

*The Humboldt Current System :Climate, ocean dynamics, ecosystem processes, and fisheries
Lima, Peru
27 Nov 2006 - 1 Dec 2006
There is clearly a need, and an opportunity now, to undertake a new integration and synthesis to advance our understanding of the Humboldt Current System. The challenges include synthesis of available data, application of improved numerical models etc..

*Island, Littoral and Lake Molluscs: endemism, colonisation and invasion
Île de Tatihou, France
21 Sep 2006 - 23 Sep 2006
A scientific meeting organised by The Malacological Society of London and La Société Française de Malacologie.

*Use of Algae for Monitoring Rivers
Balatonfüred, Hungary
12 Sep 2006 - 16 Sep 2006
The 6th International Symposium on Use of Algae for Monitoring Rivers will be held in Balatonfüred between the 12th and 16th September, 2006. On the website you can register, submit regular and extended abstracts. Moreover, you find important information.

*American Fisheries Society 136th Annual Meeting
Lake Placid, New York, United States
10 Sep 2006 - 14 Sep 2006
The meeting theme "Fish in the Balance" will explore the interrelation between fish, aquatic habitats and man; highlight challenges facing aquatic resource professionals and the methods that have been employed to resolve conflicts..

*5th International Symposium on Aquatic Animal Health
San Fransisco, United States
2 Sep 2006 - 6 Sep 2006
The 5th ISAAH will be held on September 2-6, 2006 in San Francisco, California USA. The symposium program will emphasize the multidisciplinary nature of aquatic animal health..

*Water and the Landscape: The landscape Ecology of Freshwater Ecosystems
Oxford, United Kingdom
5 Sep 2006 - 8 Sep 2006
IALE(UK) conference 2006: Landscape ecology is the study of the interactions between the temporal and spatial aspects of a landscape and its flora, fauna and cultural components..

*Limnology and Waterbirds 2006
Eger, Hungary
26 Aug 2006 - 30 Aug 2006
Limnology and Waterbird Research.

*19th International Diatom Symposium-2006
Irkutsk, Russia
28 Aug 2006 - 3 Sep 2006
Currently the Limnological Institute of the Russian Academy of Science is very active in conducting diatom research of Lake Baikal and is also experienced in hosting International Conferences..

* “Riverine Hydroecology: Advances in Research and Applications”“Riverine Hydroecology: Advances in Research and Applications”
Stirling, United Kingdom
14 Aug 2006 - 18 Aug 2006
Incorporating the 2nd International Symposium on Wood in World Rivers.This conference will contribute to the science of riverine ecology and the application of research to the global goal of safeguarding and improving our rivers for future generations..

*Coastal Zone Canada 2006 Conference and Youth Forum
Tuktoyaktuk, Canada
12 Aug 2006 - 18 Aug 2006
Managing Coastal Change is the seventh conference in a biennial series, sponsored by the Canada Coastal Zone Association. This is the first of the series to be located on the Arctic coast..

*33rd ASP Meeting & 6th International Meeting on the Photostability of Drugs and Drug Products
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
8 Jul 2006 - 12 Jul 2006
Includes a special symposium : UV Effects in Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments.

*NABS 54th Annual Meeting
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
4 Jun 2006 - 9 Jun 2006
North American Benthological Society.

* Summer Institute in Coastal Management
Rhode Island, United States
29 May 2006 - 16 Jun 2006
an intensive three-week program for early to mid-career coastal resources management professionals from developing countries, who are seeking an introduction to integrated approaches and skills for coastal management..

*T he Coastal Society's 20th Biennial Conference
St. Pete Beach, Florida, United States
14 May 2006 - 17 May 2006
TCS 20 will focus on thoughtful, innovative solutions or case studies that can serve as platforms for learning and discussion among conference participants. Special emphasis will be given to issues facing Florida's coastal areas..

*7th International Conference on the Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas
Caen, France
9 May 2006 - 12 May 2006
40th Symposium of the Estuarine and Coastal Science Association—Sustainable co-development of enclosed coastal seas: our shared responsibility.

*New York State Federation of Lake Associations 23rd annual conference: “Is Your Lake in Hot Water?”
Hamilton, New York., United States
5 May 2006 - 7 May 2006
Our conference offers you the opportunity to meet lake association members, government officials, and water resources professionals throughout the state. Our conference is “serious” with concurrent sessions running throughout the weekend..

*State of the Gulf Ecosystems
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
5 Mar 2006 - 7 Mar 2006
Conference themes include: Marine ecology, wetland ecology, biodiversity and exocits plus much more.

*"Cephalopod Life-cycles: biology, management & conservation"
Hobart, Australia
6 Feb 2006 - 10 Feb 2006
Sessions include - Movement and migration;Management and conservation.;Systematics, biogeography and biodiversity.

*9th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties - Wetlands
Kampala, Uganda
8 Nov 2005 - 15 Nov 2005
9th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on Wetlands.

*Body size and the organisation and function of aquatic ecosystems
Hatfield, United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 - 4 Sep 2005
Fifteen experts in their field, from around the world, will be meeting in 2005 at the University of Hertfordshire de Havilland campus to cover subject matter such as Body size, scaling and organisation; Size-structure and Patterns in aquatic food webs..

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