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*BIT Life Sciences’ 3rd Annual World Vaccine Congress-2011 (WCV-2011)
Beijing, China
23 Mar 2011 - 25 Mar 2011
The Future of Global Vaccines.

*Bacterial Cell Biology conference
Puerto Morelos, Mexico
16 Nov 2010 - 19 Nov 2010
Chaired by Jeff Errington (University of Newcastle).

*Intracellular Bacteria: from Biology to Clinic
Sousse, Tunisia
2 Nov 2010 - 5 Nov 2010
ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course.

*CRISPR Mechanisms and Applications
Wageningen, Netherlands
21 Oct 2010 - 22 Oct 2010
The recently discovered CRISPR defense system protects bacteria and archaea against mobile genetic elements. This two-day CRISPR meeting focusses on the CRISPR mechanism of action and applications, and aims at discussing the latest developments in this ex.

*3rd ASM Conference on Cell-Cell Communication in Bacteria(CCCB)
Austin, TX, United States
7 Oct 2007 - 10 Oct 2007
DEtails TBA . Please check website..

*Molecular Basis of bacterial infection: basic and applied research approaches 2007
Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom
8 May 2007 - 14 May 2007
This will be a themed course that will introduce the participants to concepts and techniques currently exploited in studies on the molecular basis of bacterial infection..

*The challenge of antibacterial drug development Integrating chemistry and biology
San Diego, CA, United States
21 Mar 2007 - 22 Mar 2007
Sessions: Genomics-Lessons Learned; Bioinformatics for Predicting Novel Targets; Optimizing b-Lactamase Inhibition;From Discovery to Delivery-Novel Insights.

*Anaerobe 2006
Boise, ID, United States
25 Jul 2006 - 28 Jul 2006
ANAEROBE 2006 - The Anaerobe Society of the Americas will host its 8th Biennial Congress.

York, United Kingdom
17 Jul 2006 - 21 Jul 2006
This symposium is dedicated to the presentation and discussion of research on Ralstonia solanacearum and the bacterial wilt diseases it causes..

*11th International Conference on Plant Pathogenic Bacteria
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
10 Jul 2006 - 14 Jul 2006
The conference will encompass all aspects of phytobacteriology & will cover recent advances in genome sequencing, genomics & proteomics, genetic regulation and expression of pathogenicity and virulence and developments in taxonomy & bacterial nomenclature.

*5th International Symposium on Pneumococci and Pneumococcal Diseases
Alice Springs, Australia
2 Apr 2006 - 6 Apr 2006
5th International Symposium on Pneumococci & Pneumococcal Diseases. A challenge to us all – not only to bring new skills & knowledge, but to develop a plan of action that will lead to sustainable reductions in the global burden of pneumococcal disease..

*International Conference on Alpine and Polar Microbiology
Innsbruck, Austria
27 Mar 2006 - 30 Mar 2006
International Conference on Alpine & Polar Microbiology. The objective of this meeting is to bring together again scientists and professionals to discuss all aspects of psychrophilic and cold-tolerant microorganisms, in a trans-polar and alpine context..

*2006 ASM Biodefense Research Meeting
Washington DC, United States
15 Feb 2006 - 18 Feb 2006
This meeting brings together top scientists conducting critical research to defend against the growing threat of bioterrorism and decision makers shaping the future biodefense research agenda..

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