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*22nd European Conference on Biomaterials
Montreux, Switzerland
8 Sep 2009 - 12 Sep 2009
The Swiss Society for Biomaterials is honoured to host the 22nd European Conference on Biomaterials, the annual conference of the European Society for Biomaterials..

*2nd World Congress 2009 on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Seoul, Korea
31 Aug 2009 - 3 Sep 2009
In conjunction with 2009 Seoul Stem Cell Symposium & 11th Annual Meeting of KTERMS.

*2008 TERMIS-EU (The European Chapter of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society) Meeting
Porto, Portugal
22 Jun 2008 - 26 Jun 2008
To request further information, please send an email to

*ECM IX Fifty Years of AO: Internal Fixation: From Research to the Clinics.
Davos, Switzerland
15 Jun 2008 - 18 Jun 2008
4 day single session meeting, with free afternoons. Abstract deadlines Oral April 1st 2008, Poster May 1st 2008.

* Faraday Discussion 139: The Importance of Polymer Science for Biological Systems
York, United Kingdom
26 Mar 2008 - 28 Mar 2008
The meeting will aim to focus on two main strands: the physical chemistry of macromolecules as common ground between biology and polymer science; and the problems associated with biocompatibility and biodegradability of polymers.......

*International Conference on Cellular & Molecular Bioengineering (ICCMB)
Singapore, Singapore
10 Dec 2007 - 12 Dec 2007
ICCMB 2007 aims to bring together scientists/researchers, engineers and scholars from varied academic and industrial backgrounds for a session of open sharing and learning of state-of-the-art knowledge and breakthroughs in emerging bioengineering areas..

*2nd International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterials & Tissues
Hawaii, HI, United States
9 Dec 2007 - 13 Dec 2007
Join international experts for a comprehensive review of deformation and fracture behaviour in biological materials and in those materials which are used to replace them in the human body..

*Iran's 1st International Conference on Biomaterials
Tehran, Iran
12 Nov 2007 - 15 Nov 2007
Biomaterials Research Center (BRC) of University of Tehran and Tehran University of Medical Sciences , invites you to attend the Iran’s first International Conference on Biomaterials, due to be held on November 12-15, 2007 in University of Tehran.

*International Conference on Biohydrogels
Viareggio, Italy
14 Nov 2007 - 18 Nov 2007
Topics include: Hydrogels for tissue engineering and scaffolds;Hydrogels for Biomedical applications etc..

Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain
3 Nov 2007 - 8 Nov 2007
In this conference we seek to discuss the consequences of protein-adsorption on a surface in a manner that is appropriate for future study by physical and biological sciences, and useful for the biomedical sciences etc.

*BIOCERAMICS 20: 20th International Symposium on Ceramics in Medicine
Nantes, France
24 Oct 2007 - 26 Oct 2007
This symposium is the annual meeting of the international society for Ceramics in Medicine (ISCM), gathering front-line researchers, scientists, engineers, manufacturers, dentists and surgeons..

*ESBP 2007 - 4th European Symposium on Biopolymers
Kusadasi, Turkey
3 Oct 2007 - 4 Oct 2007
"Molecular Basis, Production and Applications of Biopolymers in Biotechnology, Biomedicine and Nanobiomaterials".

*Innovation in drug delivery: from biomaterials to devices
Naples, Italy
30 Sep 2007 - 3 Oct 2007
The conference will address the fundamentals of drug delivery systems, i.e. biomaterials and devices. Biomaterials will include polymers, lipids and other macromolecules..

*Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine
Mulhouse, Alsace, France
24 Sep 2007 - 26 Sep 2007
The ambitious goal of this symposium, geographically located in the centre part of Europe, aspires to concentrate equally over 3 days researchers coming from various horizons and concerned with basic as well as clinical research..

*Materials and Processes for Medical Devices Conference and Exposition
Palm Desert, CA, United States
23 Sep 2007 - 25 Sep 2007
The only conference on medical devices that brings together scientists and product, research, design and development engineers from around the globe to present the latest developments in materials, processes, product performance and new technologies.

*1st ScanBalt Biomaterials Days Conference
Turku, Finland
26 Sep 2007 - 28 Sep 2007
The aim of the Conference is to strengthen the cooperation in the field of Regenerative Medicine and Biomaterials research among the North-European countries, i.e. the ScanBalt countries..

*7th World Congress of the International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS)
Warsaw, Poland
29 Sep 2007 - 2 Oct 2007
ICRS will still be the main forum for different types of cartilaginous tissues, best described with the motto from Gent meeting 2004: from the tip of the nose down to the toes..

*Medical Grade Polymers 2007
Philadelphia, PA, United States
12 Sep 2007 - 13 Sep 2007
The conference will provide an opportunity for the medical device industry to meet and discuss the latest developments in markets and technology..

Herceg Novi, Montenegro
10 Sep 2007 - 14 Sep 2007
9th Yugoslav Materials Research Society Conference.

*ESB 2007 21st European Conference on Biomaterials
Brighton, United Kingdom
9 Sep 2007 - 13 Sep 2007
This meeting will challenge the role of traditional biomaterials in clinical practice and review the latest pioneering developments in material design, evaluation and manufacture for tissue engineering, reconstruction and regeneration..

*2007 TERMIS-EU Chapter Meeting
London, United Kingdom
4 Sep 2007 - 7 Sep 2007
A theme of innovation and excellence will be set by its venue at the heart of a great international capital and European Centre of Biomedical research. Its mix of cell & developmental biologists, materials scientists, engineers, nanotechnologists etc..

*2007 NESAC/BIO Workshop
Seattle, WA, United States
22 Aug 2007 - 24 Aug 2007
Surface Characterization of Biomaterials. Learn to Characterize Biomaterial Surface Composition and Structure.

*Advances in Tissue Engineering 2007
Houston, TX, United States
15 Aug 2007 - 18 Aug 2007
Focusing on advances in the science and technology of tissue engineering.

*Biological Surfaces and Interfaces
Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain
1 Jul 2007 - 6 Jul 2007
This 3rd conference on Biological Surfaces and Interfaces addresses the field of interfaces between synthetic materials and biological systems – biointerfaces – a topic that constitutes one of the most dynamic and expanding field in science & technology.

Ischia, Italy
9 Jul 2007 - 13 Jul 2007
Nanomedicine: Imaging, Drug Release, Regenerative Medicine.

*2007 Summer Bioengineering Conference
Keystone, CO, United States
20 Jun 2007 - 24 Jun 2007
Start your summer in the mountains and enjoy the stunning scenery and amenities at Keystone, Colorado's most acclaimed Rocky Mountain resort and conference center, and experience a great Summer Bioengineering Conference!.

*FBPS 2007
Ghent, Belgium
24 Jun 2007 - 27 Jun 2007
7th International Symposium on Frontiers in Biomedical Polymers.

*8th Advanced Summer Course in Cell-Materials Interactions
Porto, Portugal
18 Jun 2007 - 22 Jun 2007
Inflammation in tissue repair and regeneration.

*3rd Marie Curie Cutting Edge Conference
Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
4 Jun 2007 - 8 Jun 2007
Biomineralisation of polymeric materials, bioactive biomaterials and biomimetic methodologies.

*8th World Biomaterials Congress
Amsterdam, Netherlands
28 May 2007 - 1 Jun 2007
The theme for the World Biomaterials Congress 2008 is “Crossing Frontiers in Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine”..

*Nanotech Northern Europe 2007
Helsinki, Finland
27 Mar 2007 - 29 Mar 2007
The key themes of NTNE2007 are application driven, focusing on; Electronics and photonics solutions; Nanomaterials; Diagnostics and biomaterials; Nanotechnology instruments and tools.

*8th Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference
Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
5 Mar 2007 - 7 Mar 2007
Specific Topics: Integration of Biosynthesis and Organic Synthesis; Sustainable Hydrogen, Fuels and Chemicals; Process on a Chip etc..

*TMS 2007: Linking Science and Technology for Global Solutions
Orlando, FL, United States
25 Feb 2007 - 1 Mar 2007
This unique networking experience links the worlds of industry, government and academia for an outstanding exchange of authoritative research, technical applications, and novel solutions in the minerals, metals and materials fields..

*13th Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering
Tehran, Iran
21 Feb 2007 - 22 Feb 2007
The Conference will focus on recent advances. Technical papers related to the following areas are solicited: Bioelectrics; Bioinformatics and Biomedical Informatics; Biophysics & Medical Physics.

*Smart Coatings 2007
Orlando, FL, United States
21 Feb 2007 - 23 Feb 2007
Topics include: Self-Healing Polymer Coatings; Designer Biomaterials: Engineering Biointerfaces with Controlled Properties;Biocidal Coatings for the Military; Bioactive Coatings for Directing Site-specific Cellular Responses.

*53rd Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society
San Diego, CA, United States
11 Feb 2007 - 14 Feb 2007
The ORS Annual Meeting attracts over 3,000 researchers & clinicians from around the world. these scientists gather to share the latest research and exchange ideas..

*Biomedical Engineering
Innsbruck, Austria
14 Feb 2007 - 16 Feb 2007
BioMED 2007 is intended to be an international forum for researchers and practitioners interested in the advances in, and applications of biomedical engineering to exchange the latest research, results, and ideas in these areas..

*Medical Device Technology
Birmingham, United Kingdom
14 Feb 2007 - 15 Feb 2007
If you design or manufacture Medical Devices, then you need to attend MDT, the new MEDTEC event in 2007.

*The UWEB Biomaterials Intensive Short Course
Seattle, Washington, United States
5 Feb 2007 - 7 Feb 2007
An Introduction to Biomaterials and Medical Device Applications.

*3rd Int. Symposium on the Separation and Characterization of Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules
Amsterdam, Netherlands
31 Jan 2007 - 5 Feb 2007
By organizing this symp., we try to bring together a variety of scientists, who share an interest in the separation and characterization of large molecules. Target audience: specialists from the analytical-chemistry, polymer- & life-science communities.

*Failure Analysis Techniques
Farnborough, United Kingdom
25 Jan 2007 - 25 Jan 2007
The workshop is relevant to materials scientists and engineers, such as forensic engineers, independent consultants, QA engineers and students, who have not necessarily been trained in failure analysis, and who would benefit from general introductions to.

*AVS 53rd International Symposium
San Fransisco, United States
12 Nov 2006 - 17 Nov 2006
Symposium will address important issues in the research and development of thin film, electronic and photonic devices, biomaterials, magnetic materials and micro and nanostructures..

*Medical Device R&D Summit
Rancho Mirage, CA, United States
12 Nov 2006 - 14 Nov 2006
Will examine the extensive challenges affecting product development, benchmarking techniques for systems geared toward defining consumer necessities, thereby aiding in the development of successful device design..

Dijon, France
13 Nov 2006 - 17 Nov 2006
MATERIAUX 2002 avait permis d’identifier les thématiques fortes existant dans l’hexagone et les pays environnants et de dessiner les contours de la recherche qui y est mise en oeuvre..

*8th New Jersey Symposium on Biomaterials Science
New Brunswick, NJ, United States
8 Nov 2006 - 10 Nov 2006
Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications of Biomaterials will be the theme of this 8th biennial symposium of the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials, to be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown New Brunswick, NJ..

*Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation:
Vienna, Austria
8 Nov 2006 - 11 Nov 2006
The scope of the Symposium covers scientific, technological & practical concepts concerning research, development & realization of advanced manufacturing automation & networking concepts, offering a unique opportunity for experts to meet & exchange ideas..

*“BiomMedD’2006” and the 5th General Meeting of Romanian Society for Biomaterials
Iasi, Romania
9 Nov 2006 - 11 Nov 2006
This conference aims in bringing together the scientists and clinicians of various disciplines to discuss the present status of the biomaterials and medical devices, the achievements and the future perspectives..

Vienna, Austria
22 Oct 2006 - 25 Oct 2006
The conference aims in bringing together the scientists, engineers, and clinicians of various disciplines to discuss the present status of biomaterials in regenerative medicine, the achievements, the limitations and the future developments..

*What’s New in Bone Research – anabolics, tissue repair, therapeutic strategies and more
London, United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 - 20 Oct 2006
One of the greatest challenges in bone research today is how to replace bone tissue once it is lost. Many bone diseases including osteoporosis, arthritis, and periodontal disease, could all benefit from new therapeutic strategies..

Wangjiang Hotel, Chengdu, China
10 Oct 2006 - 13 Oct 2006
Bioceramics 19 will provide a multi-disciplinary platform for biomaterials, scientists, researchers, engineers, manufacturers, dentists and surgeons to share their latest achievements, and encourage important discussion for next breakthroughs in the field.

*14th International Workshop on Bioencapsulation & COST 865 meeting
Lausanne, Switzerland
5 Oct 2006 - 7 Oct 2006
Dealing with Bioencapsulation in domains such as food, cosmetics, home care, agriculture, environment, biotechnology, pharma, and biomedicine. The scale ranges from macro, over micro, to nanoencapsulation..

*2nd Marie Curie Cutting Edge Conference
Alvor, Algarve, Portugal
2 Oct 2006 - 6 Oct 2006
Recent advances on polymeric based systems for controlled delivery of bioactive agents: Applications in Tissue Engineering.

*5th International Conference on Inorganic Materials
Ljubljana, Slovenia
23 Sep 2006 - 26 Sep 2006
Register now and join international experts for the latest in a series of interdisciplinary conferences devoted to all aspects of inorganic materials research….

*Eighth International Conference on Nanostructured Materials
Bangalore, India
20 Aug 2006 - 25 Aug 2006
The field of nanostructured materials is widening in several directions. The conference will provide a forum for discussion on all aspects of nanostructured materials, and it will foster the exchange of ideas, techniques, experiments and applications..

*BioMech 2006
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
28 Aug 2006 - 30 Aug 2006
Fourth IASTED International Conference on BIOMECHANICS.

*Advances in Tissue Engineering 2006
Houston, TX, United States
16 Aug 2006 - 19 Aug 2006
The course will survey the latest knowledge and technologies in the world of patient-specific therapeutics - from transplantation of cells and tissues to artificial organs..

*Polyphase and Composites Materials
Älvdalen, Sweden
14 Aug 2006 - 24 Aug 2006
Sessions include - Materials Science and Knowledge Based Materials: An overview; Phase Boundaries in Composite Materials; Phase Boundaries in Composite Materials; Processing of composite materials.

*3rd Annual Manufacturing Compliance for Medical Devices
Minneapolis, MN, United States
1 Aug 2006 - 3 Aug 2006
Key Topics: Understanding and Keeping Abreast of Regulations for Maintaining Compliance with Federal regulations, Embracing the International Arena: Knowing and Meeting the Demands of the Global Market, Guidelines and Labeling for Combination Products etc.

*Precision Engineering: Fundamentals, Research & Practical Applications [2.75s]
Cambridge, MA, United States
2 Aug 2006 - 3 Aug 2006
This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of precision engineering. Several tours of MIT Precision Engineering Laboratories will also be held..

*IV Latin American Congress of Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (COLAOB 2006)
Caxambu, Minas Gerais, Brazil
8 Aug 2006 - 11 Aug 2006
The Latin American Society for Artificial Organ, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (SLABO), would like to invite you to submit papers and to attend to the IV Latin American Congress of Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (COLAOB 2006)..

*Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles & Nano-Bio Scientists meet Doctors
Lausanne, Switzerland
25 May 2006 - 27 May 2006
Scientists meet doctors to facilitate the transfer of artificial muscles technology into medicine.

*Annual meeting of the Society For Biomaterials
Pittsburgh, United States
26 Apr 2006 - 29 Apr 2006
A long tradition of excellence in showcasing advances and cutting-edge technologies related to implant materials and devices. Progress of emerging strategies such as tissue engineering, nanotechnology, and the delivery of bioactive agents for treating.

*ASP 2006 - 16th Annual Conference
Rotorua, New Zealand
5 Feb 2006 - 9 Feb 2006
28th Australasian Polymer Symposium & Australasian Society for Biomaterials 16th . Reflecting the increasing interest in polymeric biomaterials, we will dedicate a day of the program specifically to the overlap between polymer science & biomaterials..

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