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*BIT's first Annual World Vaccine Congress 2008
Guangzhou, China
1 Dec 2008 - 5 Dec 2008
"The Congress will be the largest meeting devoted exclusively to the research on vaccines and asociated technologies for disease prevention and treatment. There are 78 sessions and 5 workshops will be included in the congress.",.

Rhodes (Rodos) Island, Greece
20 Aug 2008 - 22 Aug 2008

* Optical Microscopy & Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences
Woods Hole, MA, United States
9 Oct 2007 - 18 Oct 2007
This course is designed primarily for research scientists, physicians, postdoctoral trainees, and advanced graduate students in animal, plant, medical, and material sciences..

*BioMedical Informatics Fall Session
Woods Hole, MA, United States
23 Sep 2007 - 30 Sep 2007
This week-long survey course is designed to familiarize individuals with the application of computer technologies and information science in biomedicine and health science..

*BIOMED 2007
The New Forest, United Kingdom
10 Sep 2007 - 12 Sep 2007
7th International Conference on Modelling in Medicine and Biology.

*2nd International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition
Vichy, France
9 Sep 2007 - 13 Sep 2007
The Symposium is oriented towards livestock science but also addresses general aspects of protein and energy metabolism as applied to livestock or biomedical science..

*8th International Conference of the European Chitin Society "Euchis' 07"
Antalya, Turkey
8 Sep 2007 - 11 Sep 2007
Session Topics include: Sources, isolation and production; Enzymatic aspects (Biosynthesis, biodegradation and bioactivity); Chitooligosaccharides; Characterisation, Standardisation and Regulation.

*2nd International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition (ISEP 2007)
Vichy, France
9 Sep 2007 - 13 Sep 2007
The Symposium is oriented towards livestock science but also addresses general aspects of protein and energy metabolism as applied to livestock or biomedical science..

*1st Pa-Res Conference on Biomedical Sciences
Vilnius, Lithuania
27 Jun 2007 - 30 Jun 2007
The main objectives of the Conference will focus on biomedical research. Three scientific sections – Medical Biotechnology, Pathogen-Host Interaction, and Molecular Diagnostics & Epidemiology – will give all of you the great opportunity to show & discuss.

* 17th IFCC - FESCC European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine & 60th National Congress NVKC
Amsterdam, Netherlands
3 Jun 2007 - 7 Jun 2007
The programme will provide state of the art scientific developments in the field of laboratory medicine. Matching the long tradition of Dutch clinical chemistry we will present Your Future in Patient Care..

*Effective Writing & Presenting for Biomedical Professionals
Oxford, United Kingdom
30 Apr 2007 - 4 May 2007
This intensive course will help you write more clearly and meaningfully for a wide range of audiences. It is highly interactive and participant's objectives will govern a substantial part of the course content.

*34th Maine Biological and Biomedical Sciences Symposium
Salisbury Cove, Maine, United States
27 Apr 2007 - 28 Apr 2007
Sessions will include: Genomics and Computational Biology - including bioinformatics; Integrative and Organismal Biology - including neuroscience, physiology, development, toxicology; Comparative and Population Genetics.

*Cardiac Arrhythmia Mechanisms
Ventura, CA, United States
18 Mar 2007 - 23 Mar 2007
The main goal of conference is to explore the fundamental mechanisms of the most complex arrhythmias, including atrial & ventricular fibrillation. This conference will provide a forum to interact & share ideas cardiac arrhythmias & sudden cardiac death..

*8th Asian Bioethics Conference
Bangkok, Thailand
19 Mar 2007 - 23 Mar 2007
Biotechnology, Culture, and Human Values in Asia and Beyond.

*Recent advances in interleukin-1 biology
Manchester, United Kingdom
2 Mar 2007 - 4 Mar 2007
A focused residential conference on the cytokine interleukin-1 (IL-1), from basic science to clinical applications. There will be plenary lectures by 9 international experts in IL-1 biology, and short talks and posters chosen from submitted abstracts..

*13th Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering
Tehran, Iran
21 Feb 2007 - 22 Feb 2007
The Conference will focus on recent advances. Technical papers related to the following areas are solicited: Bioelectrics; Bioinformatics and Biomedical Informatics; Biophysics & Medical Physics.

*2007 IEEE Workshop on Biomedical Applications for Digital Ecosystems (BADE 2007)
Cairns, Australia
20 Feb 2007 - 20 Feb 2007
The goal of this workshop is to share research applications using biomedical data and to identify new issues and directions for future research in biomedical applications..

*Targeting Metabolic Syndrome
Boston, MA, United States
26 Feb 2007 - 28 Feb 2007
Now entering its fifth year, IBC's Targeting Metabolic Syndrome has become a "must attend" meeting for researchers in metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

*Bioengineering ... in Ireland
Killadeas, Fermanagh, Ireland
26 Jan 2007 - 27 Jan 2007
A conference of the Section of Bioengineering of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland and the Northern Ireland Biomedical Engineering Society.

*MSB 2007: 20th International Symposium on Microscale Bioseparations
Vancouver, Canada
13 Jan 2007 - 18 Jan 2007
By providing a forum for novel miniaturized approaches in separation, detection and sample preparation for the life sciences, the meeting bridges cutting-edge technology with current biological and biomedical applications..

*Kuala Lumpur International Conference on Biomedical Engineering
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
11 Dec 2006 - 14 Dec 2006
We, at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, believe that Biomed 2006 will be a great event in bringing together academicians and practitioners in engineering and medicine in this ever progressing field.

*NanoBiotech World Congress
Boston, MA, United States
16 Nov 2006 - 17 Nov 2006
Welcome to the inaugural NanoBiotech conference and exhibition. We are delighted to have an excellent list of influential speakers on the agenda and many exhibitors from industry leaders taking part..

*High Throughput Organic Synthesis
Boston, MA, United States
14 Nov 2006 - 15 Nov 2006
Welcome to the inaugural conference and exhibition. We are delighted to have an excellent list of influential speakers on the agenda and many exhibitors from industry leaders taking part..

* Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students
Anaheim, CA, United States
8 Nov 2006 - 11 Nov 2006
The conference is designed to encourage underrepresented minority students to pursue advanced training in the biomedical and behavioral sciences and provide faculty mentors and advisors with resources for facilitating students’ success..

*Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting, BMES2006.
Chicago, Illinois, United States
11 Oct 2006 - 14 Oct 2006
BMES2006 will continue the tradition of offering excellent technical content and a meeting environment offering many opportunities for discussion and social interaction..

*Fourth Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Symposium
Omaha, Nebraska, United States
8 Oct 2006 - 10 Oct 2006
The use of nanomaterials and devices operating at the nanoscale to diagnose, treat and monitor diseases is a rapidly developing area of biomedical research that promises breakthrough advances and will address unmet clinical needs..

*World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2006(WC2006)
Seoul, Korea
27 Aug 2006 - 1 Sep 2006
All participants would share & exchange the advanced knowledge of medical physics & biomedical engineering. You will have several great lectures and symposia during the congress. Mostly, we offer you the opportunity to get together with old & new friends..

*AACC 2006 Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Exposition
Chicago, Illinois, United States
23 Jul 2006 - 27 Jul 2006
American Association for Clinical Chemistry. Keep up with the latest trends and advances in the profession . . . take time to meet with and learn from colleagues and peers from around the world . . . and keep current on the continuing changes.

*XXth Federation of European Connective Tissue Societies (FECTS) meeting
Oulu, Finland
1 Jul 2006 - 5 Jul 2006
he aim of the meeting is to highlight and discuss the latest developments in the broad field of extracellular matrix biology..

*5 th International Congress of Pathophysiology (ISP2006)
Beijing, China
28 Jun 2006 - 1 Jul 2006
The Congress is designed to present an updated progress in the pathophysiology. It will be an important event in the field of pathophysiology, and will provide us with a unique opportunity to share the latest experience and knowledge..

*MEMS Technology & Biomedical Applications
New London, CT, United States
25 Jun 2006 - 30 Jun 2006
In the last several years, considerable effort has gone into exploring the application of MEMS technology to issues broadly related to human health. Research has two broad thrusts - firstly research to develop and improve new devices.

*Advanced Summer Course in Cell-Materials Interactions 2006
Porto, Portugal
19 Jun 2006 - 23 Jun 2006
The course was designed for those who have an interest in the application of biomaterials, especially in cell-material interactions. This year it will focus on Regenerative Medicine..

*5th Conference of the German-Greek Academy for Biomedical Research
Athens, Greece
16 Jun 2006 - 18 Jun 2006
New Trends in Biomedical Research. Topics include : Anatomy/Pathology, Brain Research, Forensic Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Medical Parasitology, Orthopedics, Stem cells Research, Otolaryngology.

*29th Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Conference
Vancouver, BC, Canada
1 Jun 2006 - 3 Jun 2006
A premier event for information exchange among researchers and pratitioners working in medical technology and biomedical engineering..

*Bangalore Bio 2006
Bangalore, India
7 Jun 2006 - 9 Jun 2006
The Conference will focus on the theme Discover - Nurture - Accelerate & is designed to address the Biotech Landscape, Current Trends in Innovation, Scientific Discoveries in Biotechnology, Sustenance, Governance Issues & the Indian Biotech industry.

*1st International Symposium on System Biology
Murcia, Spain
1 Jun 2006 - 2 Jun 2006
The major objective of this Symposium is to point out the importance of System Biology in describing a biological system. Biological systems consist of a large number of heterogeneous components interacting selectively with other components in the system..

*BioMedical Informatics Spring Session
Woods Hole, MA, United States
27 May 2006 - 3 Jun 2006
This week-long survey course is designed to familiarize individuals with the application of computer technologies and information science in biomedicine and health science..

*International Symposium on - Epithelial Organization and Organ Development
Berlin, Germany
11 May 2006 - 14 May 2006
The Conference aims at fostering exchange of scientific information in all areas relevant to modern biomedical sciences including cell & developmental biology; molecular cardiovascular, neuroscience & oncology research; genetics, genomics & bioinformatics.

*International Conference on Biosignal Processing
Berlin, Germany
17 May 2006 - 19 May 2006
International Conference on Biosignal Processing, ICBP 2006 conference seeks high quality, original, unpublished submissions in all areas of Biosignal Processing.The conference will feature technical papers, special tracks, and invited speakers..

* 1st European Conference on Scientific Publishing in Biomedicine and Medicine
Lund, Sweden
21 Apr 2006 - 22 Apr 2006
The principal aim of the conference is to broaden researchers understanding and knowledge of the rapid changes in the scientific communication and publishing area and its possible implications on the research community..

*2006 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro
Arlington, Virginia, United States
6 Apr 2006 - 9 Apr 2006
this meeting continues to play a leading role in facilitating interaction between researchers in medical and biological imaging. Fostering cross-fertilization between different imaging communities, it aims to contribute to an integrative approach.

* 32nd Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference
Easton, PA, United States
1 Apr 2006 - 2 Apr 2006
Contributed talks and posters are welcome from undergraduate research and design, graduate research, and industrial R & D projects in all areas of Biomedical Engineering.

*Experimental Biology 2006
San Fransisco, United States
1 Apr 2006 - 5 Apr 2006
This meeting is targeted to clinical practitioners, research scientists, and medical education professionals..

*Biomedical Optics Topical Meeting and Tabletop Exhibit
Fort Lauderdale, United States
19 Mar 2006 - 22 Mar 2006
The Biomedical Optics meeting brings together leading scientists, engineers and physicians who are engaged in research using optical methods in biology and medicine..

*BioMED 2006
Innsbruck, Austria
15 Feb 2006 - 17 Feb 2006
The 4th International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED) International Conference on Biomedical Engineering: BioMED 2006..

*157th Meeting of the Society for General Microbiology
Keele, United Kingdom
12 Sep 2005 - 14 Sep 2005
Approved for CPD by the Royal College of Pathologists, the Institute of Biomedical Science and the Institute of Biology. Topics include : Micro-organisms and earth systems – advances in geomicrobiology;Cell polarity and compartmentalisation..

*ESBRA 2005
Canterbury, United Kingdom
4 Sep 2005 - 7 Sep 2005
Conference of the European Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism.

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