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*2010 Advances in qPCR
Dublin, Ireland
14 Sep 2010 - 15 Sep 2010
qPCR in Diagnostics, Detection of Tumour Cells, microRNA/siRNA Applications, High Resolution Melt, Chip / location analysis, Single Cell qPCR, BioStatistics and Bioinformatics, Expression Profiling.

*12th World Congress on Cancer of the Skin 2009
Tel Aviv, Israel
3 May 2009 - 6 May 2009
This vital congress provides an unparalleled opportunity for Dermatologists, Plastic surgeons and Oncologists to meet, learn about and discuss the latest breakthrough pertaining to skin cancer..

*Oncology Drug Development USA
Philadelphia, United States
24 Jun 2008 - 26 Jun 2008
The World’s leading oncology strategy summit. This unique meeting will address the critical strategic, scientific and regulatory issues in the development of targeted oncology therapeutics..

*Oncology Leaders' Forum 2007
Boston, MA, United States
14 Nov 2007 - 16 Nov 2007
Defining the oncology therapeutics marketplace of 2017 - what are the key strategic decisions that your organization must make today to meet the future demands of regulator, payer, physician and patient?.

*Rational vaccine designs against cancer
Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom
16 Oct 2007 - 16 Oct 2007
The focus of this meeting will be on rational design of vaccines aimed to induce immunity against molecularly defined antigens where immune outcome and efficacy can be measured..

*Short Course on Complex Trait Analysis
Bar Harbor, ME, United States
11 Oct 2007 - 17 Oct 2007
This short course focuses on mathematical approaches to studying complex diseases in humans using the mouse as a paradigm. The course covers a variety of topical diseases, including cancer, obesity & diabetes as well as diseases with an epidemiological.

*Frontiers in Gastrointestinal Cancer: Molecular Genetics, Inflammation, Early Detection and Therapy
Beijing, Chile
14 Oct 2007 - 19 Oct 2007
The goals of this symposium are to bring together Academia, Government and Industry laboratories from Asia, North America and Europe working on gastroenterological malignancies, to exchange state-of-the-art and late-breaking discoveries.

*47th Annual Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC™)
Chicago, Illinois, United States
17 Sep 2007 - 20 Sep 2007
The 47th ICAAC is expected to be another successful educational event and an opportunity to exchange the latest information with scientists from around the world.

Big Sky, MT, United States
9 Sep 2007 - 14 Sep 2007
The goals of this meeting are to understand present the most current research into the cellular and molecular biology of cancer stem cells. Topics that will be explored in this meeting include the cancer stem cell niche..

*2007 CDC Cancer Conference
Atlanta, GA, United States
13 Aug 2007 - 16 Aug 2007
The conference theme of Meeting Future Challenges will be addressed by four days of presentations and discussions on key issues related to our vital mission of cancer prevention and early detection..

*Lipid Signaling Pathways in Cancer
Indian Wells, CA, United States
11 Aug 2007 - 16 Aug 2007
FASEB Summer Research Conference.

*Perspectives in Oncology Supportive Care
Washington, DC, United States
17 Aug 2007 - 18 Aug 2007
Promises to be an exciting, interactive and educational experience for attendees from all oncology supportive care related disciplines..

*Senescence, Aging and Cancer
Ames, Iowa, United States
26 Jul 2007 - 29 Jul 2007
16th Annual Growth Factor and Signal Transduction Symposium.

New London, NH, United States
1 Jul 2007 - 6 Jul 2007
Cell fusion has recently emerged as an event central to development, organ repair and cancer metastasis. Thus, it is a subject that deserves greater attention and a field that will surely benefit from the cross-fertilization of ideas that is the hallmark.

* VII Madrid Breast Cancer Conference
Madrid, Spain
20 Jun 2007 - 22 Jun 2007
Changes in the TReatment of Breast Cancer.

*2007 Accelerating Anticancer Agent Development and Validation Workshop
North Bethesda, MD, United States
20 Jun 2007 - 22 Jun 2007
The goal of the workshop is to expedite the development and validation processes for new anticancer and cancer prevention agents so they can be made available to patients at an accelerated rate..

*7th International Chromosome Segregation and Aneuploidy Workshop
Naantali, Finland
16 Jun 2007 - 20 Jun 2007
The workshop is organized by an International Organizing Committee who welcomes you to this premier scientific meeting for cell division and chromosome instability researchers from around the world..

*5th ISSCR Annual Meeting
Cairns, Australia
17 Jun 2007 - 20 Jun 2007
Concurrent Session topics will include: Artificial niches;Cancer stem cells;Characterizations of tissue specific stem cells;Controlled differentiation to ectodermal derivatives.

*Pan Pacific Lymphoma Conference
Maui, Hawaii, United States
11 Jun 2007 - 15 Jun 2007
The Pan Pacific Lymphoma Conference is presented by a group of internationally recognized speakers in the area of lymphoma & transplantation. A Call for Papers inviting international scientists to submit abstracts for presentation in poster format..

*Controversies in Lung Cancer: Screening, Therapy, and Advocacy - National Lung Cancer Partnership Annual Meeting
Chicago, Illinois, United States
1 Jun 2007 - 1 Jun 2007
This activity is intended for physicians, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, advanced practitioners, nurses, other healthcare professionals, patients, and patient advocates interested in the care and treatment of patients with lung cancer..

*43rd ASCO Annual Meeting Translating Research into Practice
Chicago, Illinois, United States
1 Jun 2007 - 5 Jun 2007
The ASCO Annual Meeting is considered the premier educational and scientific event in the oncology community..

*MicroRNA and Cancer
Keystone, CO, United States
8 Jun 2007 - 12 Jun 2007
This meeting will highlight emerging roles of microRNAs in tumorigenesis and place these in the context of microRNAs biochemistry and biology..

* 2nd Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery conference
Boston, MA, United States
31 May 2007 - 1 Jun 2007
Top researchers and scientists will gather to share their knowledge in protein kinases. The conference will cover the following topics:New Technologies for Identifying Kinase Targets; Kinase Targets and Inhibitors in Oncology etc..

*11th TNF (tumor necrosis factor) conference
Asilomar, CA, United States
13 May 2007 - 16 May 2007
The TNF conference brings together scientists from around the world to exchange recent discoveries about the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) ligand and receptor superfamilies..

*Cancer Proteomics World Congress
Philadelphia, PA, United States
26 Apr 2007 - 27 Apr 2007
Agenda topics will include : Clinical Cancer Biomarkers from Body Fluids: Proteomes, Peptidomes, and Autoantibodies; Transition to Applications of Proteomic Discovery: Assays for Biomarkers.

*CIMT meets SFIT Conference 2007
Würzburg, Germany
12 Apr 2007 - 14 Apr 2007
After the successful meeting last year in Mainz we have again joined efforts and resources and combined the 5th Annual Meeting of the Association for Immunotherapy of Cancer (CIMT) with the 3rd International Conference “Strategies for Immune Therapy“.

*The Potent New Anti-Tumor Immunotherapies
Banff, Alberta, Canada
28 Mar 2007 - 2 Apr 2007
This meeting will bring the key scientists who are securing the basic foundations of the new immunology and the translational immunotherapists who are pioneering strategies that objectively work in the clinic..

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