Ecological Restoration

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*9th International Conference on Permafrost:
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States
29 Jun 2008 - 3 Jul 2008
Permafrost on a Warming Planet: Impacts on Ecosystems, Infrastructure and Climate.

*SERNW/ PNW SWS 2007 Conference
Yakima, Washington, United States
25 Sep 2007 - 28 Sep 2007
Our vision is a program of oral presentations and posters that create an opportunity for wetland scientists and restorationists to exchange information and knowledge to conserve, enhance, and restore ecosystems of the Columbia Basin & Pacific Northwest.

Perth, Australia
2 Sep 2007 - 5 Sep 2007
MEDECOS meetings provide a global stage for researchers who study Mediterranean-type ecosystems, whether their interests lie in the conservation, restoration or management of species, populations or ecosystems..

*"Geomorphology and Sediment Transport in Channel Design" Part 2
see Utah State Uni., United States
20 Aug 2007 - 24 Aug 2007
Part 2 is for those seeking specific training in sediment transport and geomorphic design of channels..

*ESA/SER International 2007 Conference
San Jose, CA, United States
5 Aug 2007 - 10 Aug 2007
Ecology-based restoration in a changing world. What ecosystem attributes are to be restored, conserved, or preserved? How should these priorities be informed by ecological research? How can we assess the effectiveness of restoration?.

*Simposio Nacional de Experiencias de Restauración Ecológica
Bogotá, Colombia
31 Jul 2007 - 3 Aug 2007
“entre la Sucesión y los Disturbios”.

*"Stream Restoration Principles" Part 1
see Utah State Uni., United States
16 Jul 2007 - 20 Jul 2007
The objective of this course is to introduce the concepts and methods used in planning and design of stream restoration projects..

*Advances in Ecological Restoration
Victoria, BC, Canada
14 Jun 2007 - 23 Jun 2007
The Institute will feature a 1 ˝ day symposium: Saving the Pieces – Restoring Species at Risk (including invited speakers, panel discussions, and oral and poster presentations), professional development workshops, field trips, and restoration courses..

Baltimore, MD, United States
4 Jun 2007 - 8 Jun 2007
This introductory course presents the ecological and geomorphologic foundations of stream restoration, emphasizing their application in restoration practice..

*Texas Society for Ecological Restoration 12th Annual Conference
Lubbock, TX, United States
8 Jun 2007 - 10 Jun 2007
The 12th annual Texas SER Conference features restoration efforts from around Texas with a special session on urban ecology and restoration..

*Fifth Australian Stream Management Conference
Albury, NSW, Australia
22 May 2007 - 25 May 2007
"Australian rivers: making a difference".

*2nd National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
22 Apr 2007 - 27 Apr 2007
The conference will provide many opportunities to learn about ecosystem restoration efforts throughout the country and to learn about ecosystem restoration programs including Missouri River Basin, Parks, Canada, Agency efforts, Louisiana Coastal Area etc..

*River restoration as a measure to deliver sustainable Flood Risk Management (FRM) & Water Framework Directive (WFD) objective
Chester, United Kingdom
18 Apr 2007 - 19 Apr 2007
As always, this conference aims to provide a forum for discussing issues related to all aspects of delivering river restoration..

* II International Symposium on Ecological Restoration
Santa Clara City, Cuba
16 Apr 2007 - 22 Apr 2007
El programa constará con la realización de talleres, presentaciones orales, conferencias y carteles sobre los resultados obtenidos en los esfuerzos de restauración, aplicados a la recuperación de ecosistemas degradados.

*Annual Symposium and Membership Meeting of the Coastal Plain Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration
Apalachicola, FL, United States
28 Feb 2007 - 2 Mar 2007
“Timberlands in Transition”.

*Evolutionary Change in Human-altered Environments
Los Angeles, CA, United States
8 Feb 2007 - 10 Feb 2007
The summit will feature talks from leading evolutionary biologists, poster presentations, and working groups. A central goal of the summit is to bring the discussion beyond academic boundaries to frame real-world solutions to the problems faced..

*9th Biennial ISSE Conference
New Dehli, India
15 Dec 2006 - 18 Dec 2006
"Ecological Sustainability and Human Well-Being".

*3rd National Conference on Coastal and Estuarine Habitat Restoration - "Forging the National Imperative"
New Orleans, LA, United States
9 Dec 2006 - 13 Dec 2006
The Conference will emphasize our successes and the challenges ahead in strengthening the national commitment to restoration. We will showcase habitat restoration AT ALL SCALES, and from all coastal and estuarine regions and habitat types..

*30th Annual Public Land Law Conference
Missoula, MT, United States
25 Sep 2006 - 27 Sep 2006
The Law of Ecosystem Restoration: National Policy Implications of the Clark Fork River Basin Natural Resources Damages Program.

*5th European Conference on Ecological Restoration
Greifswald, Germany
22 Aug 2006 - 25 Aug 2006
Land use changes as a challenge for restoration: ecological, economical and ethical dimensions.

* From Ecological Researchers to Ecological Technologies
Lake Turgoyak, Russia
29 May 2006 - 31 May 2006
Seminar Themes include: soil and water remediation; Monitoring and modeling of processes in environment.

* Southwest Desert Conference 2006
Tucson, Arizona, United States
2 May 2006 - 5 May 2006
Sixth Conference on Research and Resource Management in the Southwestern Deserts. Borders, Boundaries and Time Scales..

* International Workshop of the Specialist Group "Restoration Ecology"
Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany
30 Mar 2006 - 1 Apr 2006
Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GfÖ) Species Introduction in Restoration Projects - Possibilities and Limitations.

Albuquerque, NM, United States
28 Feb 2006 - 2 Mar 2006
A Workshop for restoring riparian areas invaded by non-native plants..

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