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*Experimental approaches to evolution and ecology using yeast
Heidelberg, Germany
29 Sep 2010 - 3 Oct 2010
EMBO Conference Series.

Willits, California, United States
31 Oct 2008 - 2 Nov 2008
Sustainable mini-farming 3 day workshop.

*2nd International Conference on Ground Bio- and Eco-engineering. The Use of Vegetation to Improve Slope Stability
Beijing, China
14 Jul 2008 - 18 Jul 2008
The aim of these meetings is to bring together scientific researchers, practitioners, geotechnical and civil engineers, biologists, ecologists and foresters to discuss current problems in slope stability research, and how to address those problems ........

*6th International Conference on Serpentine Ecology
Bar Harbor, ME, United States
16 Jun 2008 - 23 Jun 2008
Participants include botanists, zoologists, ecologists, pedologists, geologists, microbiologists, evolutionary geneticists and conservation biologists. Many attendees work across disciplines to explore the fascinating relationships that exist.

*Ecocity World Summit (7th International Ecocity Conference)
San Francisco, CA, United States
22 Apr 2008 - 26 Apr 2008
The International Ecocity Conference Series brings together the key innovators, decision makers, technologists, businesses and organizations shaping the conversation around ecological and sustainable city, town and village design, planning and development.

*Theoretical Population Ecology and Practical Biocontrol: Bridging the Gap
Studley Castle, Warks, United Kingdom
5 Dec 2007 - 6 Dec 2007
Keynote speakers will address whether there are benefits to be gained from increased dialogue between population ecologists and biocontrol practitioners..

*The Asia Pacific EcoHealth Conference
Burwood, Australia
30 Nov 2007 - 3 Dec 2007
Ecology and Health: People & Places in a Changing World….

*6th European Conference on Ecological Modelling, ECEM'07.
Trieste, Italy
27 Nov 2007 - 30 Nov 2007
Challenges for ecological modelling in a changing world: Global Changes, Sustainability and Ecosystem Based Management.

*Ecological Society of Australia 2007 Conference
Perth, Australia
26 Nov 2007 - 30 Nov 2007
Adapting to change.This conference will aim to explore the place of ecology and ecologists in our changing world. By highlighting three key elements – society, environment, and science..

Willits, California, United States
2 Nov 2007 - 4 Nov 2007
Sustsinsble mini-farming 3 day workshop.

* International Conference on Complex Systems 2007
Boston, MA, United States
28 Oct 2007 - 2 Nov 2007
Aims: To investigate those properties or characteristics common to complex systems, and To encourage cross fertilization among the many disciplines involved.

*Modelling in Agriculture
Jelgava, Latvia
18 Oct 2007 - 20 Oct 2007
Topics;Complex Systems Modeling and Methodology; Natural Ecosystem Modeling; Processes Related with Interaction of Agriculture and Ecology etc..

*3rd Congress of Ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia
Struga, Macedonia
6 Oct 2007 - 9 Oct 2007
Presenting the knowledge of the modern basic ecology and environmental science recently accumulate..

Curitiba, PR, Brazil
2 Oct 2007 - 5 Oct 2007
Reunir pesquisadores, professores, estudantes e instituições de pesquisa, para discutir e estabelecer propostas para o estudo das mudanças climáticas sobre o ciclo fenológico e polinizadores das espécies arbóreas nativas dos ecossistemas brasileiros.

*III Reunión Binacional de Ecología
La Serena, Chile
30 Sep 2007 - 4 Oct 2007
La próxima Reunión Binacional se desarrollará entre el 30 de Septiembre y el 4 de Octubre del 2007, en la ciudad de La Serena, bajo el lema “Ecología: la teoría y sus aplicaciones”..

*Cal-Invasive Plant Council Symposia
San Diego, CA, United States
20 Sep 2007 - 22 Sep 2007
"Conservation and Communication: The Human Dimension in Invasive Plant Management".

*9th International Conference on the Ecology and Management of Alien Plant Invasions (EMAPi9)
Perth, Australia
17 Sep 2007 - 21 Sep 2007
The conference will cover topics such as: ecological, biological and biogeographical studies on invasive plants;the management of plant invasions; etc..

*4th Tri-National Arabidopsis Meeting
Vienna, Austria
12 Sep 2007 - 15 Sep 2007
The 4th Tri-National Arabidopsis Meeting will discuss advances in Arabidopsis research carried out primarily in Austria, Germany and Switzerland..

* ECOSUD 2007
Coimbra, Portugal
5 Sep 2007 - 7 Sep 2007
6th International Conference on Ecosystems and Sustainable Development.

Perth, Australia
2 Sep 2007 - 5 Sep 2007
MEDECOS meetings provide a global stage for researchers who study Mediterranean-type ecosystems, whether their interests lie in the conservation, restoration or management of species, populations or ecosystems..

*Pheromones and other Semiochemicals in Integrated Production
Lund, Sweden
9 Sep 2007 - 14 Sep 2007
Working Group Meeting.

*International Symposium on Forest Soils and Ecosystem Health 2007: Linking Local Management to Global Challenges
Noosa, Queensland, Australia
19 Aug 2007 - 23 Aug 2007
Theme 1: Impacts of local management and global change;Theme 2 Advances in research technologies and methodologies;Theme 3 Linking local management to global challenges.

*ABLS 2007 meeting
Xalapa, Ver., Mexico
12 Aug 2007 - 16 Aug 2007
American Bryological and Lichenological Society meeting.

*International Conference on Karst Hydrogeology and Ecosystems
Bowling Green, United States
13 Aug 2007 - 15 Aug 2007
August 13 will be for business meetings of the four groups, followed by a plenary session, followed by two days of technical sessions..

*ESA/SER International 2007 Conference
San Jose, CA, United States
5 Aug 2007 - 10 Aug 2007
Ecology-based restoration in a changing world. What ecosystem attributes are to be restored, conserved, or preserved? How should these priorities be informed by ecological research? How can we assess the effectiveness of restoration?.

*9th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements
Beijing, China
15 Jul 2007 - 19 Jul 2007
An interdisciplinary conference dedicated to link biosphere phenomena to physical & chemical reactions in the pedo-and lithosphere.

*International Symposium on Organic Matter Dynamics in Agro-Ecosystems
Poitiers, France
16 Jul 2007 - 19 Jul 2007
Organized by Inra in collaboration with ESIP, University of Poitiers, France.

New London, NH, United States
8 Jul 2007 - 13 Jul 2007
This Gordon Research Conference focuses on catchment science, exploring the interactions among hydrology, biology and geochemistry that shape terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems..

*Environments, Sustainability and Technologies
Oxford, United Kingdom
2 Jul 2007 - 5 Jul 2007
6th Global Conference on Ecological Justice and Global Citizenship will explicitly explore the relationships between environments, sustainability and technology, the role of technology in creating possibilities for sustainable resources for the future.

*7th World Congress IALE “25 years Landscape Ecology: Scientific Principles in Practice”
Wageningen, Netherlands
8 Jul 2007 - 12 Jul 2007
It is intended that the world congress should be a forum to share our expertise and produce recommendations to the application of landscape ecological principles to world problems..

*6th Global Conference Enviornmental Justice & Global Citizenship
Oxford, United Kingdom
2 Jul 2007 - 5 Jul 2007
Environments, Sustainability and Technologies. This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference aims to explore the role of ecology and environmental ideas in the context of contemporary society and international politics.

*United States Society for Ecological Economics (USSEE) New York City Conference
New York City , NY, United States
23 Jun 2007 - 27 Jun 2007
”Creating Sustainability Within Our Midst: Challenge for the 21st Century”.

*1st International Symposium on Nematodes as Environmental Bioindicators
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
12 Jun 2007 - 13 Jun 2007
Scientists from across the world using a common platform, the phylum Nematoda, will present their studies on these environmentally important organisms to address questions of habitat & ecosystem changes at community, individual organism & molecular levels.

*9th World Congress on Parasitic Plants
Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
3 Jun 2007 - 7 Jun 2007
The Congress will bring together scientists representing a wide spectrum of disciplines, research approaches, and geographical representation of parasitic plant research. Assembling specialists with different perspectives.

*Native Plants in the Landscape Conference 2007
Millersville University, United States
7 Jun 2007 - 9 Jun 2007
While the subject of the conference pertains to native plant communities, the spririt of the conference is to build human communities among a broad range of participants by designing a conference affordable to all, encouraging formal and informal exchange.

*EcoSummit 2007
Beijing, China
22 May 2007 - 27 May 2007
This Eco Summit will focus on integrative aspects of all ecological science and its application under the general theme of "Ecological Complexity and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities for 21st-Century's Ecology"..

*8th International Permaculture Convergence 2007
Pirenópolis, Goiás, Brazil
22 May 2007 - 25 May 2007
Greening our Economy with the Principles of Permaculture.

*8th International Permaculture Conference 2007
São Paulo, Brazil
16 May 2007 - 18 May 2007
Greening our Economy with the Principles of Permaculture.

*4th annual National Environmental Partnership Summit
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
7 May 2007 - 10 May 2007
The National Environmental Summit is an interdisciplinary gathering that brings together environmental professionals and assistance providers from diverse sectors all over the country and the world.

*Afforestation and Sustainable Forestry as a means to combat desertification
Jerusalem, Israel
16 Apr 2007 - 19 Apr 2007
The conference will provide a broad forum for the summary and synthesis of state-of-the-art afforestation practices, as well as an introduction to the achievements of the Israeli arid lands afforestation lead by KKL-JNF during the last six decades..

*Carbon in Peatlands: State-of-the-art and Future Research
Wageningen, Netherlands
15 Apr 2007 - 18 Apr 2007
The three-day scientific programme will cover a wide range of topics including contributions to biogeochemistry, microbiology, paleoecology, soil ecology, ecosystem ecology, and hydrology..

*Emerging Issues Along Urban/Rural Interfaces: Linking Land-Use Science and Society
Atlanta, GA, United States
9 Apr 2007 - 12 Apr 2007
We seek to bring together researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to share current research results and to identify knowledge gaps regarding the interaction between urbanization, land-use change, and natural resources..

*9th Annual Southeast EPPC Conference
Athens, GA, United States
20 Mar 2007 - 22 Mar 2007
Pulling Together: Cooperation to Combat Invasive Plants.

*BES Annual Symposium Speciation and Ecology
Sheffield, United Kingdom
28 Mar 2007 - 30 Mar 2007
How much do we need to know about the mechanisms of speciation in order to understand patterns of diversity?. This meeting aims to tackle such questions in the light of recent advances in understanding of speciation mechanisms.

*Rats, Humans, & Their Impacts on Islands: Integrating Historical and Contemporary Ecology
Manoa, Hawaii, United States
27 Mar 2007 - 31 Mar 2007
Invasive rats are the focus of this conference. It will bring together diverse researchers and build the foundations for an integrated synthesis of the ecology of invasive rodents, informed by disparate lines of research..

*BioCoin 2007
Vilnius, Lithuania
20 Mar 2007 - 24 Mar 2007
Aims: To encourage students’ interaction and communication in scientific, social and cultural fields.; Motivate students to do scientific research; Educate young conscious scientists, who are aware of and reach for his/her goal..

*Regenerating Contaminated Land Through Partnership
Cardiff, United Kingdom
13 Mar 2007 - 13 Mar 2007
The Welsh Assembly Government and CL:AIRE are co-hosting this one day conference to raise awareness of emerging issues, the regulatory framework, funding opportunities and risk assessment approaches in dealing with contaminated land in Wales.

*8th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference (PCESC)
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
1 Mar 2007 - 3 Mar 2007
The Conference Organizers recognize that PCESC has traditionally provided a forum to showcase all the excellent work that is going on in the Northern Great Plains.

*Molecular approaches to study trophic interactions: Current progress and future directions
Innsbruck, Austria
1 Mar 2007 - 3 Mar 2007
Molecular techniques provide exciting new approaches to the study of trophic interactions in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, allowing us to address previously intractable questions in trophic ecology..

*Managing Roadsides Naturally Conference
Austin, TX, United States
6 Mar 2007 - 8 Mar 2007
he 2007 conference will discuss the challenges of using native plants in roadside vegetation management programs and strategies for working together to improve the ecological health of this critical environment.

*4th Conference on Hydrogeology, Ecology, Monitoring, and Management of Ground Water in Karst Terrains
Safety Harbor, Florida, United States
27 Feb 2007 - 28 Feb 2007
The conference will be an international consortium of engineers, scientists, regulators, researchers, and students gathering to understand the science and management of ground water in karst terrains..

*Ecosystem Service Markets: Everyone’s Business
Houston, TX, United States
27 Feb 2007 - 27 Feb 2007
This conference will focus on the scientific, public policy, and economic foundations of emerging markets for “ecosystem services.”.

*Annual Symposium and Membership Meeting of the Coastal Plain Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration
Apalachicola, FL, United States
28 Feb 2007 - 2 Mar 2007
“Timberlands in Transition”.

*The Night: Why Dark Hours Are So Important
Washington, D.C., United States
21 Feb 2007 - 22 Feb 2007
This symposium will coordinate & focus discussion from seemingly disparate disciplines into the perfect multidisciplinary topic—the night. It will focus on the nighttime environment & its wide-ranging connection to astronomy, biology, ecology etc.

Bristol, United Kingdom
22 Feb 2007 - 22 Feb 2007
The natural terrestrial ecosystems and the regeneration and germination of many plants in the world depend on the occurrence of wildfires. Fire-related emissions consist of climate sensitive trace gases and aerosols..

*49th Annual Conference of the International Association for Vegetation Science
Palmerston North, New Zealand
12 Feb 2007 - 16 Feb 2007
The conference theme is New Zealand: new home; new habitat! new ideas? The aim is to examine what New Zealand vegetation has contributed towards understanding the vegetation of planet Earth..

*Understanding Agriculture's Effects on Amphibians and Reptiles in a Changing World
St. Louis, MO, United States
6 Feb 2007 - 8 Feb 2007
Amphibian and reptile populations have declined in many parts of the world. Among other factors, agricultural practices that result in reduced habitat and biodiversity; changes in hydrology, humidity, and soil structure; potentially can cause such decline.

*Arctic Frontiers Tromsø
Tromsø, Norway
21 Jan 2007 - 26 Jan 2007
It will provide an up-to-date view of the State of the Arctic Environment, as well as developing economical and political trends at the beginning of the International Polar Year period, 2007 and 2008..

*9th Biennial ISSE Conference
New Dehli, India
15 Dec 2006 - 18 Dec 2006
"Ecological Sustainability and Human Well-Being".

*The Ravage Of The Planet 2006
Bariloche, Argentina
12 Dec 2006 - 14 Dec 2006
First International Conference on the Management of Natural Resources, Sustainable Development and Ecological Hazards. The conference aims to attract researchers and professionals involved in ecosystems and environmental problems, as well as technologists.

*International Symposium on Drylands Ecology and Human Security
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
4 Dec 2006 - 7 Dec 2006
The symposium will be based on an interdisciplinary approach, since especially sustainable development of drylands is a political, ethical, social issue as much as it is a technical concern..

*5-Day Biointensive Workshop in Veracruz state, Mexico
Veracruz state, Mexico
20 Nov 2006 - 25 Nov 2006
Included are practical experience in solar energy, hydraulic ram, natural rainfall farming, sewage treatment with root nets, and a dry ecological toilet..

*Symposium on "Fishing Technology in the 21st Century"
Boston, MA, United States
30 Oct 2006 - 3 Nov 2006
ICES 2006, Fishing Technology in the 21st Century, is a five-day symposium that will convene in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., focusing on the theme of integrating commercial fishing and ecosystem conservation..

*Reduced Nitrogen in Ecology and the Environment
Obergurgl, Oetz Valley, Austria
13 Oct 2006 - 18 Oct 2006
ESF-FWF Conference in Partnership with LFUI.

*XIV International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology
Bar Harbor, Maine, United States
18 Oct 2006 - 21 Oct 2006
. Like previous SHE meetings, it is intended to bring together a diverse group of educators, researchers and practitioners who utilize, or are interested in, interdisciplinary and ecological approaches..

*Central States Forest Soils Workshop
near Poplar Bluff, MI, United States
10 Oct 2006 - 12 Oct 2006
Workshop will include:Pine Knot Ecosystem Restoration Area - forestry management discussion with soil pit.

*The 14 th International Symposium On Problems of Landscape - Ecological Research
Stará Lesná, Slovakia
4 Oct 2006 - 7 Oct 2006

*EcoHealth ONE: Forging Collaboration Between Health and Ecology
Uni. of Wisconsin-Madison, United States
7 Oct 2006 - 10 Oct 2006
Experts from the fields of medicine, public health, wildlife and veterinary medicine, urban planning, conservation biology, ecology, geography, economics, etc will convene to better understand the linkages between ecology and health..

*Shallow Water Science and Management - No. 7
Atlantic City, United States
25 Sep 2006 - 27 Sep 2006
The shallow water zone is defined as the zone of maximum interaction between humans and critical biological resources - the intertidal zone to four meters below Mean Low Water. Shallow Water meetings since then have dealt with specific issues.

*The View from Here: History and Ecology of the North Atlantic Region
Quebec, Canada
20 Sep 2006 - 24 Sep 2006
The conference is intended to showcase current research and to launch new projects concerning the complex (pre)history of human occupation of North Atlantic region and the culture-environment interactions that have shaped its ecological history..

*Hydrology and Ecology
Carlsbad, Czech Republic
11 Sep 2006 - 14 Sep 2006
Multidisciplinary Conference - Hydrology and Ecology The Groundwater/Ecology connection - hydrology, ecology, eco-technology, biology, chemistry, geochemistry, environmental biogeochemistry,& subsurface microbiology.

*Use of Algae for Monitoring Rivers
Balatonfüred, Hungary
12 Sep 2006 - 16 Sep 2006
The 6th International Symposium on Use of Algae for Monitoring Rivers will be held in Balatonfüred between the 12th and 16th September, 2006. On the website you can register, submit regular and extended abstracts. Moreover, you find important information.

*Hydro Eco' 2006 The Groundwater/Ecology Connection
Carlsbad, Czech Republic
11 Sep 2006 - 14 Sep 2006
Hydrology and Ecology.

*HydroEco 2006
Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Czech Republic
11 Sep 2006 - 14 Sep 2006
The Conference provides a contribution to the implementation of the Groundwater Component of the IHP VI 2002-2007 Programme - Water Interaction Systems at Risks and Social Challenges.

*Water Pollution 2006
Bologna, Italy
4 Sep 2006 - 6 Sep 2006
8th International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring & Management of Water Pollution. The meeting's chief objective is to provide a forum for discussion for scientists and managers working in different aspects of water pollution..

*Water and the Landscape: The landscape Ecology of Freshwater Ecosystems
Oxford, United Kingdom
5 Sep 2006 - 8 Sep 2006
IALE(UK) conference 2006: Landscape ecology is the study of the interactions between the temporal and spatial aspects of a landscape and its flora, fauna and cultural components..

*8th International Symposium on Earthworm Ecology (I.S.E.E.8)
Krakow, Poland
4 Sep 2006 - 9 Sep 2006
I.S.E.E.8 at Krakow will cover the full range of earthworm biology from molecular to ecological levels of organization. Fundamental and applied aspects will be addressed..

*Joint European Conference on Behavioural Biology Mechanisms
Belfast, United Kingdom
3 Sep 2006 - 6 Sep 2006
Joint European Conference on Behavioural Biology Mechanisms in behavioural ecology.

*Third international conference of rodent biology and management(3rd ICRBM)
Hanoi, Vietnam
28 Aug 2006 - 1 Sep 2006
Integrative rodent biology and management.

*2nd National Wildlife Tourism Conference.
Feemantle, Australia
13 Aug 2006 - 15 Aug 2006
Four key themes have been identified that will provide broad coverage of sustainable wildlife tourism and its economic and social importance to communities..

*International Society for Behavioral Ecology Congress 2006
Tours, France
23 Jul 2006 - 29 Jul 2006
The 11th International Congress of Behavioral Ecology will be held from 23rd to 29th July 2006 at the Vinci International Convention Centre in Tours, France.

*Ecological Impact Assessments: Science and best practice.
Bath, United Kingdom
11 Jul 2006 - 12 Jul 2006
Specific objectives of the conference include :emphasising the need for ecological science in EIAs;promoting current best practices in application of ecological science to EIAs;identifying opportunities for applying new ecological theories & knowledge..

*Conservation Without Borders
San Jose, CA, United States
24 Jun 2006 - 28 Jun 2006
A primary objective of the 2006 meeting is to transcend real and perceived boundaries of ecology, sociology, politics, and human behavior that impede conservation science and its application..

*ESF-JSPS Frontier Science Conference Series for Young Researchers - Climate Change
Nynäshamn, Sweden
24 Jun 2006 - 29 Jun 2006
This conference will address the climate variability at different time and spatial scales by taking into account the coupling between the atmosphere-hydrosphere-biosphere-cryosphere and geosphere. Beyond the comprehensive analysis of climate variability.

* International Workshop of Forest Landscape Modeling
Beijing, China
20 Jun 2006 - 30 Jun 2006
Advances in Forest Landscape Modeling: Approaches, Standardization, Validation, and Application.

* Small-scale Forestry & Rural Development - The intersection of ecosystems, economics and society
Galway, Ireland
18 Jun 2006 - 24 Jun 2006
We are seeking papers that explore the many issues associated with small-scale forestry and rural development and the implications these issues have for ecosystem health, economic viability and societal well-being..

*Native Plants in the Landscape Conference
Lancaster County, PA, United States
1 Jun 2006 - 3 Jun 2006
The Native Plants in the Landscape Conference Mission:To increase the knowledge, propagation, cultivation and use of native plants in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions..

*Long-term Studies in Ecology: a celebration of 150 years of the Park Grass experiment
Rothamsted, United Kingdom
22 May 2006 - 24 May 2006
The symposium will highlight experiments already underway but will also review opportunities for establishing new experiments as an investment for future generations of ecologists and society as a whole..

*Collaborating in The Current
South Sioux City, Nebrask, United States
9 May 2006 - 12 May 2006
A wide range of workshops and topics will help stimulate, educate, and challenge you to re-think ways of addressing concerns about rivers within your own watersheds. In addition to an exciting program of social and hard science.

* Southwest Desert Conference 2006
Tucson, Arizona, United States
2 May 2006 - 5 May 2006
Sixth Conference on Research and Resource Management in the Southwestern Deserts. Borders, Boundaries and Time Scales..

Honolulu, United States
19 Apr 2006 - 21 May 2006
PICES/GLOBEC Symposium on Climate variability and ecosystem impacts on the North Pacific: A basin-scale synthesis The primary scientific objective of this symposium is to present a synthesis of the effects of seasonal to multi-decadal variability..

* International Workshop of the Specialist Group "Restoration Ecology"
Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany
30 Mar 2006 - 1 Apr 2006
Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GfÖ) Species Introduction in Restoration Projects - Possibilities and Limitations.

*US-IALE 2006 Annual Symposium
San Diego, CA, United States
28 Mar 2006 - 1 Apr 2006
United States Regional Association of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (US-IALE) annual symposium "Linking Landscapes and Seascapes: Conservation and Ecosystem Management at the Land-Sea Interface".

*20th Global Biodiversity Forum
Curitiba, Brazil
24 Mar 2006 - 25 Mar 2006
2010 Biodiversity Forum: Sustainable ways to conserve and equitably share biological diversity: implementing the 2010 targets.

*Wildland Fire 2006
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
8 Mar 2006 - 9 Mar 2006
A conference for: Land Use and Community Planners; Fire Ecology Researchers and Analysts etc..

* 2006 Pacific Ecology & Evolution Conference
Bamfield, Canada
3 Mar 2006 - 5 Mar 2006
The Pacific Ecology & Evolution Conference (PEEC) is an annual conference on ecological research for scientists from Western Canada and the United States..

*Phase II Storm Water Regulation And Compliance
Bowie, MD, United States
31 Jan 2006 - 31 Jan 2006
Since storm water issues have been the focus of federal and state enforcement actions over the last several years, keeping up with the latest requirements applicable to your firm is critical. This seminar will address current Phase II issues..

*13th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
23 Jan 2006 - 27 Jan 2006
The meeting will include workshops, symposia, contributed papers (oral presentations), and posters. We invite submission of technical papers and posters on topics of wildlife science, management, education, or policy.

*2006 WSEAS International Conference on Mathematical Biology and Ecology
Miami, United States
18 Jan 2006 - 20 Jan 2006
2006 WSEAS International Conference on Mathematical Biology and Ecology.

* Doing Restoration Right:Putting the Plan Into Practice
Philadelphia, United States
10 Jan 2006 - 10 Jan 2006
The conference is geared toward restoration practitioners of all levels of skill and experience, from volunteers engaged in community-based restoration to professional consultants and contractors..

* Sustainability Conference, 2006
Hanoi and HaLong Bay, Vietnam
9 Jan 2006 - 12 Jan 2006
The International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability. Environmental Sustainability themes include water: sources and uses; biological diversity; biotechnology and its critics and much more..

*Ecology in an Era of Globalization,
Merida, Mexico
8 Jan 2006 - 12 Jan 2006
The Ecological Society of America (ESA), is organizing a conference designed to develop strategies to increase international access to ecological knowledge and to increase collaboration among environmental scientists..

*Algae in Terrestrial Ecosystems
Kaniv, Ukraine
27 Sep 2005 - 30 Sep 2005
Oral and poster presentations addressing questions concerning with species identification of terrestrial algae and investigation of their biology, ecology, problems of taxonomy, floristics and possible ways of their practical usage are welcome..

*Body size and the organisation and function of aquatic ecosystems
Hatfield, United Kingdom
2 Sep 2005 - 4 Sep 2005
Fifteen experts in their field, from around the world, will be meeting in 2005 at the University of Hertfordshire de Havilland campus to cover subject matter such as Body size, scaling and organisation; Size-structure and Patterns in aquatic food webs..

*British Ecological Society Annual Meeting
Hatfield, United Kingdom
5 Sep 2005 - 7 Sep 2005
There will be thematic topics on marine conservation, freshwater biodiversity, fungal ecology, diversity and conservation in the tropics, agri-environment schemes and individual-based modelling, all with invited keynote speakers..

Willits, California, United States
- 2 Mar 2007
Sustainable mini-farming 3 day workshop.

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