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*The 1st APLAR Symposium
Taipei, Taiwan
15 Apr 2011 - 17 Apr 2011
APLAR is proud to present its first annual Symposium in Taipei, Taiwan. .

*International Emergency & Catastrophe Management Conference and Exhibition – IECM Dubai 2007
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
22 Apr 2007 - 24 Apr 2007
The Latest developments in the field of Emergency Medicine & its growth during the last decade has led to many discoveries & advances , which is why the regular gathering of the professionals at meetings such as these are crucial.

*27th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
Brussels, Belgium
27 Mar 2007 - 30 Mar 2007
The objectives of this four day symposium are to provide participants with an up to date review of the most recent, clinically relevant, developments in research, therapy, and management of the critically ill.

*36th Critical Care Congress
Orlando, FL, United States
17 Feb 2007 - 21 Feb 2007
Regardless of your role or specialty in the critical care profession, you will receive a multiprofessional perspective on clinical topics relevant to your daily ICU environment. A multiprofessional team of your colleagues created reach educational session.

*Symposia Medicus Fall Conference on Emergency Medicine
Kauai, Hawaii, United States
29 Nov 2006 - 2 Dec 2006
Including Topics on: Infectious Diseases, Spinal Trauma, Pediatric Emergencies, Challenging Cases in Cardiology, Risk Management, and much more....

*Symposia Medicus 22nd Annual Fall Conference on Pediatric Emergencies
St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
25 Oct 2006 - 28 Oct 2006
This four-day course focuses on common pediatric emergencies for the primary care provider involved in the care of children.The goal is to increase the health care provider ’s knowledge of recent advances in pediatric emergency medicine.

*4th European Congress on Emergency Medicine
Crete, Greece
4 Oct 2006 - 8 Oct 2006
The congress is targeting all those confronted with the multifaceted nature of Emergency Medicine; those engaged in prehospital, in-hospital, inter-hospital emergency medical care and disaster planning, and those involved with the training of physicians,.

*Refining Point of Care Testing Strategies for Critical and Emergency Care
Quebec, Canada
28 Sep 2006 - 29 Sep 2006
Experience the reality of POCT as the critical element in critical care and critical medical decision making. Learn how to team with your Emergency Department to enhance expedited care of critically ill patients..

*Emergency Medicine Trainees Association Conference 2006
Poole, United Kingdom
13 Sep 2006 - 15 Sep 2006
Hosted by Wessex Region Emergency Trainees at the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.

*14th Congress of Asia and Pacific Association of Critical Care Medicine (APACCM2006)
Beijing, China
26 Aug 2006 - 29 Aug 2006
APACCM2006 will be an important event, and it will provide us with a unique opportunity to share the latest experience and knowledge, to improve the critical care support as well as the outcome of the critically ill patients and to make new friends.

*38th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society
Lake Buena Vista , FL, United States
22 Jun 2006 - 24 Jun 2006

*International Trauma Congress of the Trauma Society of South Africa
Durban, South Africa
14 Jun 2006 - 17 Jun 2006
A congress for all involved in the management of nthe critically ill or injured. Multidisciplinary. A must for those in the front line..

*Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crises (EMAC) June 2006
Sydney, Australia
15 Jun 2006 - 17 Jun 2006
Aims: Focuses on how a crisis can be recognised and subsequently managed; Provides practical techniques in the management of anaesthetic emergencies; Explores performance, teamwork and avoidance of error during emergencies.

*2nd World Congress on Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
New York City , NY, United States
11 Jun 2006 - 14 Jun 2006
This year a broader program will include topics of interest to anyone caring for acutely and critically ill patients including physicians and allied health personnel..

*11th International Conference on Emergency Medicine & CAEP 2006
Halifax, Canada
3 Jun 2006 - 7 Jun 2006
The 2006 scientific program promises to cover a large scope of emergency medicine, combining cutting edge clinical information with the chance to discuss the latest issues with your colleagues from all over the world..

*ICEM 2006 11th International Conference on Emergency Medicine
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
3 Jun 2006 - 7 Jun 2006
On behalf of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine, I'm thrilled to extend the invitation to you to participate in the 11th International Conference on Emergency Medicine and CAEP 2006 being held at the World Trade and Convention Centre.

*“Disaster Management”
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
5 Jun 2006 - 9 Jun 2006
Icludes: Basic Principles of Disaster Management ;Causes, Occurrence & Mitigation of Natural Hazards: floods, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, etc. ;Man-Made Hazards, Fire Fighting, First Aid, etc..

*10th Conference of the International Society for Fracture Repair
Adelaide, Australia
22 May 2006 - 24 May 2006
The conference will be attended by orthopaedic & trauma surgeons, physicians, scientists, nurses and allied health professionals from around the world and will focus on fixation, osteoporosis, biologics, minimally invasive surgery, new technology etc..

* Innovations in Management of Patients Involved in Disasters
Brisbane, Australia
15 May 2006 - 16 May 2006
AIMS OF SEMINAR:To share lessons learnt from recent disasters;To highlight successful initiatives, structures, systems and strategies that have been implemented to improve the clinical management of patients involved in both natural and unnatural disaste.

*AtlantiCare 8th Annual Trauma Symposium
Atlantic City, NJ, United States
1 May 2006 - 3 May 2006
The Trauma Center at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center invites you to its eighth annual Trauma Symposium. The conference will be held at the Atlantic City Convention Center from May 1-3, 2006. We will be offering workshops on May 1st.

*1st Annual London Trauma Conference
London, United Kingdom
3 May 2006 - 4 May 2006
The first Annual London Trauma Conference has been carefully designed to deliver answers to the key questions in the management of trauma patients in the first crucial phase after arrival in hospital..

*NENA National Conference Emergency Nurses Association of Ontario
Ottawa, Canada
4 May 2006 - 6 May 2006
“ STAYIN’ ALIVE ” The conference will provide an opportunity for Emergency Nurses from across the country, to celebrate our profession..

*Current Management Concepts, Surgical Techniques and Practical Solutions for Orthopaedic Trauma Problems
St. Augustine, FL, United States
27 Apr 2006 - 30 Apr 2006
6th Annual AAOS/OTA Trauma Course. This course focuses on current management concepts, surgical techniques, pearls and practical solutions for common orthopaedic trauma injuries, with an emphasis on initial management, temporizing strategies etc..

*Advanced Pediatric Emergency Medicine Assembly
Chicago, Illinois, United States
24 Apr 2006 - 26 Apr 2006
For ; Pediatric Emergency Physicians; Pediatric Emergency Nurses and Nurse Practitioners etc..

*Emergency Medicine Spring Conference 2006
Las Vegas, NV, United States
19 Apr 2006 - 21 Apr 2006
Join us for the College's largest spring meeting where a variety of advanced educational courses and EM's top faculty abound!.

*First Inter-American Conference in Emergency Medicine
Buenos Aires, Argentina
16 Apr 2006 - 21 Apr 2006
Conference organizers have planned the event to meet the needs of both English- and Spanish-speaking emergency physicians and to facilitate the exchange of ideas regarding the science of emergency medicine among leaders from around the world..

*6th Annual State of the Art: Clinical Excellence in Emergency Care
Atlanta, GA, United States
31 Mar 2006 - 1 Apr 2006

*Emergency Care Research and Innovation 2006
Cheltenham, United Kingdom
21 Mar 2006 - 23 Mar 2006
A collaborative event to be held during BAEM's annual conference.f you are a nurse or other health professional working in emergency care & have an interest in developing an evidence base for practice, then this conference is for you..

*TRAUMA 2006 - International Trauma Conference
Banff, Canada
23 Mar 2006 - 25 Mar 2006
This meeting will take an international and multidisciplinary approach to issues and controversies in public health, disaster preparedness, trauma system development, and delivery of complex clinical trauma care..

*British Association for Emergency Medicine
Cheltenham, United Kingdom
21 Mar 2006 - 24 Mar 2006
In collaboration with the Faculty of Accident and Emergency Medicine & the Royal College of Nursing Faculty of Emergency Nursing..

*39th annual Trauma & Critical Care Conference
Las Vegas, NV, United States
20 Mar 2006 - 22 Mar 2006
The two and one-half day program is designed for trauma surgeons working in Level I-IV trauma centers and is attended by general surgeons, anesthesiologists, emergency medicine physicians, family practitioners, trauma coordinators, surgical residents etc..

*26th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 2006
Brussels, Belgium
21 Mar 2006 - 24 Mar 2006
The objectives of this four day symposium are to provide participants with an up to date review of the most recent, clinically relevant, developments in research, therapy, and management of the critically ill..

*Emergency Care Conference 2006
Atlantic City, New Jerse, United States
15 Mar 2006 - 17 Mar 2006
New Jersey Emergency Nurses Association.

*9th Annual Society of Trauma Nurses Conference
Las Vegas, NV, United States
18 Mar 2006 - 19 Mar 2006
Trauma Nursing: Realities and Practicalities.

*2006 Single Theme Meeting in Rotorua “Current Concepts in Emergency Anaesthesia and Trauma”
Rotorua, New Zealand
16 Mar 2006 - 18 Mar 2006
On behalf of the Organising Committee, I would like to encourage you to register for the 2006 Single Theme Meeting in Rotorua..

*Tough Issues, Tough Decisions, Optimal Results
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
10 Mar 2006 - 12 Mar 2006
2006 Scottsdale Healthcare Trauma Conference. National and local experts will present trauma strategies, current diagnostics, new procedural techniques and the latest in trauma care, technology advancements and bio-terrorism defense & preparedness.

*Austrauma 2006
Sydney, Australia
3 Mar 2006 - 4 Mar 2006
Annual Trauma and Critical Care Conference, inviting all those involved in the care of the multiple injured from the scene all the way through to rehabilitation. The meeting highlights this year include motor vehicle and motorbike safety and more.

Mammoth Lakes, CA, United States
5 Mar 2006 - 10 Mar 2006
Presentations have been chosen to display current practices and procedures in Emergency Medicine. The faculty is active in Emergency Medical Facilities and stressful clinical practices..

*11th Annual Scientific Assembly Israeli Association for Emergency Medicine
Tel Aviv, Israel
6 Mar 2006 - 7 Mar 2006
The field of Emergency Medicine in Israel is growing and developing rapidly. While we continue to strive for clinical excellence, serious emphasis is also placed on the research and academic aspects of our field..

Zaragoza, Spain
9 Mar 2006 - 10 Mar 2006

*29th Annual UC Davis Emergency Medicine Winter Conference
South Lake Tahoe, CA, United States
27 Feb 2006 - 3 Mar 2006
This is an important opportunity for physicians involved in the delivery of emergency medicine to review important topics and discuss recent advances..

*21st Annual Pediatric Emergency Medicine 2006
Park City, Utah, United States
22 Feb 2006 - 26 Feb 2006
Designed for physicians and other healthcare providers involved in the care of ill or injured children..

Austin, TX, United States
23 Feb 2006 - 26 Feb 2006
Expand Your Vision * Exceed Your Expectations.

* AAEM 12th Annual Scientific Assembly
San Antonio, TX, United States
16 Feb 2006 - 18 Feb 2006
American Association of Emergency Medicine 12th Annual Scientific Assembly.

San Diego, CA, United States
26 Jan 2006 - 28 Jan 2006
The 16th Annual California Trauma Conference is a forum to examine & discuss important topics, controversial issues, & recent advances in trauma, surgical critical care, & acute general surgery..

*28th World Congress of Internal Medicine
Taipei, Taiwan
10 Jan 2006 - 14 Jan 2006
We have been designated the theme as ‘Internal Medicine in IT (Information Technology) Era', from medical research, education, clinical service, as well as various subspecialties, geriatric, medical ethics, neurology, critical care and emergency medicine.

*6th Annual Conference
Big Island, Hawaii, United States
5 Jan 2006 - 8 Jan 2006
Medical Negligence and Risk Management in Medicine, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, and Family Medicine.

*6th Annual Conference on Medical Negligence and Risk Management in Medicin
Big Island, Hawaii, United States
5 Jan 2006 - 8 Jan 2006
6th Annual Conference on Medical Negligence and Risk Management in Medicine, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, and Family Medicine.

*Current Concepts in Emergency Care
Maui, Hawaii, United States
4 Dec 2005 - 9 Dec 2005
Current Concepts in Emergency Care. This year we are including two complimentary Workshops “Managing Cardiac Emergencies Year 2005” and “Improving the Care of Seizure and Stroke Patients, Current Concepts 2005”.

*Practical Emergency Airway Management Course December 2005
Baltimore, MD, United States
1 Dec 2005 - 3 Dec 2005
Practical Emergency Airway Management Course.

*Practical Emergency Airway Management Course November 2005
Baltimore, MD, United States
3 Nov 2005 - 4 Nov 2005
Practical Emergency Airway Management Course.

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