Environmental Law

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*2007 NGWA Ground Water and Environmental Law Conference
Dublin, Ohio, United States
24 Jul 2007 - 25 Jul 2007
The following topics are being considered for this conference:Ground water contamination litigation cases; Water law: new regulations;Forensic environmental investigations; Construction and wetlands permitting.

*Environments, Sustainability and Technologies
Oxford, United Kingdom
2 Jul 2007 - 5 Jul 2007
6th Global Conference on Ecological Justice and Global Citizenship will explicitly explore the relationships between environments, sustainability and technology, the role of technology in creating possibilities for sustainable resources for the future.

*The State of Environmental Justice in America 2007 Conference
Washington, DC, United States
29 Mar 2007 - 31 Mar 2007
Leaders from various sectors will engage in 3 days of free exchange of new ideas.

*Natural Resource Law for Foresters
Vancouver, Canada
22 Feb 2007 - 23 Feb 2007
Includes: Regulatory Environment Impacting Forest Management; Buying and Selling Timber and Timberlands.

*International Wildlife Law Conference (IWLC)
Gulfport, Florida, United States
26 Jan 2007 - 27 Jan 2007
The law and associated legal institutions have an important, albeit not exhaustive, role to play in our efforts to stem the tide of species loss..

*UPE7: 7th International Conference on Urban Planning and Environment
Bangkok, Thailand
3 Jan 2007 - 5 Jan 2007
UPE 7 aims to be a forum for discussing urban and environmental issues among professionals, academics and policy makers..

*30th Annual Public Land Law Conference
Missoula, MT, United States
25 Sep 2006 - 27 Sep 2006
The Law of Ecosystem Restoration: National Policy Implications of the Clark Fork River Basin Natural Resources Damages Program.

*Environmental Forensics: Chemical, Physical and Biological Methods
Durham, United Kingdom
18 Sep 2006 - 21 Sep 2006
The meeting will focus on the emerging tools and techniques that are being developed for use in environmental forensics. It will focus on chemical, biological and physical methods, and will highlight the pivotal role that chemists and chemistry will play.

*Remediation of Contaminated Land & Groundwater
Cardiff, United Kingdom
2 Feb 2006 - 3 Feb 2006
Remediation of Contaminated Land & Groundwater The 2 day course on remediation of contaminated land outlines some of the key issues and factors that have an impact on remediation of contaminated land particularly in the UK..

* EUEC 2006
Tuscon, Arizona, United States
22 Jan 2006 - 25 Jan 2006
EUEC 2006 9th Annual Conference on Clean Air, Mercury, Global Warming & Renewable Energy.

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