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*15th International Conference on the Origin of Life
Florence, Italy
24 Aug 2008 - 29 Aug 2008
Because of the multidisciplinary character, the study of the origin and early evolution of life, the aim of the conference is to discuss and integrate recent discoveries in manifold scientific fields.

*The future of our species Evolution, disease and sustainable development
Heidelberg, Germany
2 Nov 2007 - 3 Nov 2007
8th EMBO/EMBL Joint Conference on Science and Society.

*11th Evolutionary Biology Meeting 2007
Marseille, France
19 Sep 2007 - 21 Sep 2007
The following subjects will be discussed: Evolutionary biology concepts and modelisations for biological annotation; Biodiversity and Systematics;Comparative genomics and post-genomics (at all taxonomic levels); Functional phylogeny; etc..

Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom
29 Jul 2007 - 3 Aug 2007
Applications for this meeting must be submitted by July 8, 2007.

*History, Evolution and Future of Arctic and Alpine Flora
St Andrews, United Kingdom
25 Jun 2007 - 27 Jun 2007
This conference will bring together palaeobotanists, ecologists and evolutionary biologists, to provide a synthesis of what is known about the history and evolution of Arctic and Alpine floras, and how they might respond to current global warming..

*The evolution of the animals: a Linnean tercentenary celebration
London, United Kingdom
18 Jun 2007 - 19 Jun 2007
This two-day symposium, co-sponsored by the Linnean Society of London and the Systematics Association , will bring together internationally renowned experts from a diversity of disciplines capable of integrating traditional comparative anatomy etc..

*"Evolution 2007"
Christchurch, New Zealand
16 Jun 2007 - 20 Jun 2007
The joint annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE), the Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB), and the American Society of Naturalists (ASN)..

*Evolutionary Biology and Human Health
Washington, DC, United States
14 May 2007 - 15 May 2007
The 2007 AIBS annual meeting will be held 14 to 15 May 2007 in Washington DC, on the theme of "Evolutionary Biology and Human Health," at the Capital Hilton Hotel. The program chair is 2007 AIBS President Douglas Futuyma.

*5th International Symbiosis Society Congress
Vienna, Austria
4 Aug 2006 - 10 Aug 2006
Key goal of the congress is the fostering of research ideas, methods, results across the symbiotic system themes. This cross-talk is vital if the symbiosis discipline is to grow. Its practice will lead to new collaborations, understanding and questions..

*2006 annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution
Stony Brook, New York, United States
23 Jun 2006 - 27 Jun 2006
2006 annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution.

*Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution 2006 Annual Meeting
Tempe, Arizona, United States
24 May 2006 - 28 May 2006
Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution 2006 Annual Meeting.

* 2006 Pacific Ecology & Evolution Conference
Bamfield, Canada
3 Mar 2006 - 5 Mar 2006
The Pacific Ecology & Evolution Conference (PEEC) is an annual conference on ecological research for scientists from Western Canada and the United States..

*ASAB Winter meeting 2005
London, United Kingdom
1 Dec 2005 - 2 Dec 2005
Sensory ecology considers how animals locate resources, what information they use, and how information is obtained and processed. Sensory ecology thus gives an opportunity to analyse behaviour from neural mechanisms through to evolutionary function..

*Google, Yahoo, and the end of taxonomy?
London, United Kingdom
7 Dec 2005 - 7 Dec 2005
Google, Yahoo, and the end of taxonomy? Taxonomy is regarded as central to renewed efforts to database life. This talk places this issue in the broader context of the problem of finding information..

*Evolution and the Environment
Milwaukee, WI, United States
7 Oct 2005 - 7 Oct 2005
AIBS and the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study are collaborating to convene an all-day evolution symposium at the 2005 NABT annual meeting. The theme of the symposium is "Evolution and the Environment." AIBS and BSCS will be joined by NESCent..

*The London Evolutionary Research Network: Third Annual Conference
London, United Kingdom
16 Sep 2005 - 16 Sep 2005
Each year we celebrate the range of evolutionary research taking place in London. The conference is a friendly venue where young scientists can gain experience giving presentations in a conference setting, as well as networking with other researchers..

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