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*WFC2008 5th World Fisheries Congress
Yokohama, Japan
20 Oct 2008 - 24 Oct 2008
a five-day conference focused on current global aquatic issues and sustainable fisheries, including among other topics, fish habitats and ecosystems (marine and freshwater), and the effective utilization of fish, shellfish and algae resources..

*11th International Coral Reef Symposium
Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
7 Jul 2008 - 11 Jul 2008
The ICRS is devoted to the best reef science available, with the purpose of sharing scientific findings with government agencies, resource management, and non-government organizations throughout the world..

*International Conference On Marine Data and Information Systems (IMDIS 2008)
Athens, Greece
31 Mar 2008 - 3 Apr 2008
The Conference will present different systems for on-line access to data, meta-data and products, communication standards and adapted technology to ensure platforms interoperability. Sessions will focus on infrasctructures, technologies and services.

Alexandria, Egypt
13 Nov 2007 - 17 Nov 2007
The 8th International Conference on the Mediterranean Coast.

*10th International Conference on Shellfish Restoration (ICSR)
Vlissingen, Netherlands
12 Nov 2007 - 16 Nov 2007
“Innovation in the exploitation and management of shellfish resources”.

*Estuarine Research Federation 2007
Providence, Rhode Island, United States
4 Nov 2007 - 8 Nov 2007
We invite each of you to provide ideas for, and volunteer to lead, sessions that will define the current and compelling state of estuarine and coastal science and management..

* The Crustacean Society Mid-Year Meeting 2007
La Serena - Coquimbo, Chile
14 Oct 2007 - 17 Oct 2007
The congress will consist of three days filled with interesting crustacean science..

*15th International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species (ICAIS)
Nijmegen, Netherlands
23 Sep 2007 - 27 Sep 2007
The conference typically involves over 400 participants from 30 countries representing academia, industry, government agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders.

*49th Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products
Sapporo, Japan
19 Sep 2007 - 21 Sep 2007
Discussion topics: Structural determination, synthesis, reactions, in vivo molecular mechanisms, and biosynthesis of natural products..

*ICES Annual Science Conference (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea)
Helsinki, Finland
18 Sep 2007 - 22 Sep 2007
18 science theme sessions on topics which include the ecosystem approach to management with a special focus on the Baltic Sea, structure and dynamics of the benthos in ICES waters, and marine biodiversity from a fish and fisheries perspective..

*5th Coastal & Marine Tourism Congress
Auckland, New Zealand
11 Sep 2007 - 14 Sep 2007
The CMT is widely considered the world's foremost tourism and hospitality gathering related to tourism and recreation in the marine environment, and is attended by academics and practitioners from around the world..

Plymouth, United Kingdom
12 Sep 2007 - 19 Sep 2007
A workshop to teach the experimental techniques used to analyse sensory-motor function in the nervous system and the interpretation of data derived from patch clamp recording in vivo..

*2007 ICES Annual Science Conference
Helsinki, Finland
17 Sep 2007 - 21 Sep 2007
Science theme sessions on topics which include the ecosystem approach to management with a special focus on the Baltic Sea, structure and dynamics of the benthos in ICES waters, and marine biodiversity from a fish and fisheries perspective..

*Health Management of Laboratory Fish (HMLF 07)
Salisbury Cove, ME, United States
17 Sep 2007 - 21 Sep 2007
A short course for technical staff, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, junior faculty and investigators who utilize or plan to utilize aquatic models in laboratory research..

*13th EAFP International Conference on Fish and Shellfish Pathology
Grado, Italy
17 Sep 2007 - 21 Sep 2007
European Association of Fish Pathologists.

*5th Euroconference on Marine Natural Products
Ischia Island, Italy
16 Sep 2007 - 21 Sep 2007
The activities will be organized in major themes embracing Isolation and Structure Elucidation, Biodiversity and Chemical Ecology, Modern Analytical Methods, Biosynthesis and Molecular Aspects, Synthesis, Bioprospecting and New Frontiers..

Plymouth, United Kingdom
5 Sep 2007 - 19 Sep 2007
The workshop provides intensive practical experience of a number of microelectrode, patch clamp and optical techniques applied to single cells..

*26ème Colloque de l'ADLaF
Université d'Aveiro, Portugal
5 Sep 2007 - 8 Sep 2007
Le 26ème Colloque de l'Association des Diatomistes de Langue Française (ADLaF) aura lieu à Aveiro au Portugal du mercredi 5 au samedi 8 septembre 2007..

*42nd European Marine Biology Symposium
Kiel, Germany
27 Aug 2007 - 31 Aug 2007
Topics include: Effects of Climate Change on Marine Ecosystems; Invasion ecology; Ecosystem consequences of biodiversity change; Trophic interactions; Chemical interactions; Interaction webs.

* Neural Development & Genetics of Zebrafish
Woods Hole, MA, United States
9 Aug 2007 - 22 Aug 2007
This intensive two-week course for advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and independent investigators will focus on the development and genetics of zebrafish with special emphasis on the nervous system.

Tilton, NH, United States
5 Aug 2007 - 10 Aug 2007
Sessions include: Gases in the ocean;CO2 and Productivity; Sediment Geochemistry; Marine Organic Geochemistry.

*Fisheries Society of the British Isles International Symposium
Exeter, United Kingdom
23 Jul 2007 - 27 Jul 2007
Non-native fishes: integrated biology of establishment success and dispersal.

*13th International Meiofauna Conference
Recife, Brazil
29 Jul 2007 - 3 Aug 2007
For the first time, the International Meiofauna Conference will be carried out in the Southern Hemisphere, in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil..

Antwerp, Belgium
15 Jul 2007 - 20 Jul 2007
The WCM is an opportunity for malacologists from throughout the world to get together to discuss their research. To do so, there will be thematic symposia, open contributed sessions and a poster session with posters on display for the duration.

Melbourne, Australia
9 Jul 2007 - 13 Jul 2007
The Australian Marine Sciences Association and the AMSA2007 Conference Organising Committee welcome you to their annual meeting in the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne in July 2007..

Gdynia, Poland
8 Jul 2007 - 16 Jul 2007
Physiological and genetic diversity of marine organisms in European coastal systems..

Plymouth, United Kingdom
4 Jul 2007 - 6 Jul 2007
Jointly organised by the MBA, Freshwater Biological Association, Scottish Association for Marine Science and the University of Plymouth. A three day conference adressing the changes in our seas, lakes and rivers as a result of anthropogenic activity..

*2nd International Symposium on the Environmental Physiology of Ectotherms and Plants
Dunedin, New Zealand
1 Jul 2007 - 6 Jul 2007
ISEPEP arose by the amalgamation of two previous series of meetings: the International Symposium on the Cold Hardiness of Animals and Plants and the European Workshop on Invertebrate Ecophysiology..

*Second International Jellyfish Blooms Symposium
Gold Coast, Qld, Australia
24 Jun 2007 - 27 Jun 2007
The First International Jellyfish Blooms Symposium was held in Alabama, USA in January 2000 The proceedings were published in a special volume of Hydrobiologia (Volume 451, 2001)..

*Early Career Scientists Frontiers in Marine Science
Baltimore, MD, United States
26 Jun 2007 - 29 Jun 2007
The goal of this conference is to foster the development of contacts, collaborations, and associations among early career scientists that will persist for decades, and to establish personal and institutional networks.

*2nd International Symposium on Diadromous Fishes
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
18 Jun 2007 - 21 Jun 2007
Challenges for Diadromous Fishes in a Dynamic Global Environment.

*"New Concepts for Anti-Corrosive Coatings"
Berlin, Germany
14 Jun 2007 - 15 Jun 2007
European Coatings Conference.

*"Integrated Coastal Zone Management”
Arendal, Norway
11 Jun 2007 - 14 Jun 2007
This international multi-disciplinary conference is intended to promote science and integration of knowledge for the sustainable management of coastal resources..

*Biology of Parasitism: Modern Approaches
Woods Hole, MA, United States
7 Jun 2007 - 4 Aug 2007
A unique course for advanced graduate students, postdocs, and independent investigators, who are seeking thorough training in modern approaches to the study of protozoan and helminthic parasites. Limited to 16 students..

*5th International Marine Bioinvasions Conference
Cambridge, MA, United States
21 May 2007 - 24 May 2007
The purpose is to examine marine bioinvasion vectors, patterns, distribution, ecological and evolutionary consequences, economic impacts, biosecurity approaches, and natural and invasion impacts on biodiversity..

*Coastal Sediments 07
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
13 May 2007 - 17 May 2007
The Coastal Sediments technical specialty conferences provide an international forum for exchange of information among coastal engineers, geologists, marine scientists, shallow-water oceanographers, and others interested in the physical processes.

Roscoff, France
30 Apr 2007 - 12 May 2007
The scientific themes will cover comparative analysis of basic developmental processes in a variety of invertebrate taxa (sponges, cnidarians, ctenophores, annelids, echinoderms, tunicates)..

Narragansett, RI, United States
20 Apr 2007 - 22 Apr 2007
Our theme this year is “Where do we go from here?” We hope that professionals will consider giving talks about their views on their area of expertise proving insights into where the field is headed and holes in our knowledge that are crucial.

*Training Course on Valuation Methodologies for Marine Environments
Faro, Portugal
11 Apr 2007 - 14 Apr 2007
The training course on Valuation Methodologies for Marine Environments complements the training of postgraduate students coming from different disciplinary areas (ecology, sociology, history, economy, engineering,...)..

*Marxan Best Practices Workshop
Vancouver, Canada
2 Apr 2007 - 5 Apr 2007
Building Best Practices and Addressing Knowledge Gaps. Two back-to-back 2-day workshops clarifying the relationship of planning tools to decision-making (workshop 1) and drafting text for a Marxan best practices handbook (workshop 2)..

*4th Marine Biological Association Annual Postgraduate Workshop
Liverpool, United Kingdom
2 Apr 2007 - 4 Apr 2007
The MBA Postgraduate Marine Biology workshop is an annual scientific meeting that provides a forum for postgraduate students to update colleagues on current research development in marine biology and related disciplines..

*38th CIESM Congress
Istanbul, Turkey
9 Apr 2007 - 13 Apr 2007
The Congress shall cover all marine sciences, from marine geophysics to marine microbiology. It will be officially opened by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, along with high representatives of the Host Government..

*Spillcon 2007: Oil Spill Conference & Exhibition
Perth, Australia
26 Mar 2007 - 30 Mar 2007
Spillcon is the Asia Pacific region's premier oil spill conference, which offers delegates the best advice and latest information concerning marine oil spill prevention and response techniques..

Merida, Mexico
28 Mar 2007 - 30 Mar 2007
Conference themes include: Economics of ecosystem-based fisheries management ; Spatial modeling and management of metapopulations ; Bioeconomics of marine protected areas.

*19th International Seaweed Symposium
Kobe, Japan
23 Mar 2007 - 31 Mar 2007
It is the foremost international meeting on seaweed research and utilization. Scientific research plays a fundamental role in developing seaweed and seaweed products industries..

*HABTech ‘07
Nelson, New Zealand
15 Mar 2007 - 17 Mar 2007
HABTech ’07 is a workshop dedicated to new technologies for the detection of harmful algal blooms and toxins..

*International Marine Biotechnology Conference
Eilat, Israel
11 Mar 2007 - 16 Mar 2007
IMBC2007 will offer an international forum for scientists and students working in the rapidly growing, multidisciplinary area of Marine Biotechnology. Leading scientists from many countries will exchange ideas, share their latest findings.

*HABTech ’07
Nelson, New Zealand
15 Mar 2007 - 17 Mar 2007
HABTech ’07, a workshop dedicated to new technologies for the detection of harmful algal blooms & toxins. The 3rd HABTech workshop is being hosted by Cawthron Institute & is being held immediately prior 6th conference on shellfish safety..

*6th International Conference on Molluscan Shellfish Safety
Blenheim, New Zealand
18 Mar 2007 - 23 Mar 2007
Come to Marlborough the Greenshelltm mussel capital of the world, to explore new and future approaches to the shellfish safety around the world with scientific, regulatory and industry colleagues..

*3rd Annual Unmanned Maritime Vehicles
Arlington, VA, United States
26 Feb 2007 - 28 Feb 2007
A unique opportunity to discuss the resources and solutions necessary to expand the applications of UMV technology for collecting data, performing tasks in dangerous situations and freeing human resources from repetitive or potentially dangerous tasks..

*Marine Genomics Exploratory Workshop: Transcriptomics Approaches for the Analysis of Marine Systems
Heidelberg, Germany
23 Feb 2007 - 25 Feb 2007
Transcriptomic approaches are becoming increasingly important tools in biological research of marine systems, and sequences and expression data have been generated across all nodes of the MGE network..

*12th International Symposium on Marine Natural Products
Queenstown, New Zealand
4 Feb 2007 - 9 Feb 2007
Themes inlcude: DISCOVERY (including methodology), SOUTHERN OCEANS, GENOMICS of marine organisms & ENVIRONMENTAL (including ecological and marine toxin) investigations..

*Arctic Frontiers Tromsø
Tromsø, Norway
21 Jan 2007 - 26 Jan 2007
It will provide an up-to-date view of the State of the Arctic Environment, as well as developing economical and political trends at the beginning of the International Polar Year period, 2007 and 2008..

* Annual Marine Educators Workshop on Heron Island
Heron Island, Australia
5 Jan 2007 - 9 Jan 2007
The workshops are designed to show marine educators how they can use a simple coral bleaching monitoring technique both in the classroom and on the reef..

*Science Meets Policy for Coastal Management and Capacity Building
Bali, Indonesia
14 Nov 2006 - 16 Nov 2006
SPICE/LOICZ/SEACORM Southeast Asia Coastal Governance and Management Forum.

* The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea ICES 2006
Boston, MA, United States
30 Oct 2006 - 3 Nov 2006
Fishing Technology in the 21st Century, is a five-day symposium that will convene in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., focusing on the theme of integrating commercial fishing and ecosystem conservation..

*British Diatomists’ Meeting
Malham Tarn, United Kingdom
27 Oct 2006 - 29 Oct 2006
An opportunity for all those interested in diatom research to discuss new ideas, approaches and research results. The scope of the meeting is broad and we encourage participation from all branches of diatom research in freshwater, coastal & marine environ.

*Advances in Fish Disease, Diagnosis & Treatment
London, United Kingdom
6 Oct 2006 - 6 Oct 2006
Advances in Fish Disease, Diagnosis & Treatment.

*Challenger Conference for Marine Science
Oban, United Kingdom
11 Sep 2006 - 15 Sep 2006
We welcome you to a vibrant centre of marine research, development and education amid the spectacular surroundings of Scotland’s West Coast for the UK's leading marine science conference..

* European Coral Reef Meeting - ISRS 2006 European Meeting
Bremen, Germany
19 Sep 2006 - 22 Sep 2006
The European Coral Reef Meeting 2006 in Bremen brings together leading coral reef scientists and students to present and discuss state-of-the-art scientific results, education and outreach..

*41st European Marine Biology Symposium.
Cork, Ireland
4 Sep 2006 - 8 Sep 2006
Challenges to Marine Ecosystems. The world’s marine ecosystems face multiple challenges, some natural, but many resulting from humankind’s activities. The subthemes of the 41st European Marine Biology Symposium address all of these matters..

*12th International Conference on Harmful Algae
Copenhagen, Denmark
4 Sep 2006 - 8 Sep 2006
The conference aims at addressing all aspects related to causes & effects of marine & freshwater harmful microalgae, & to serve as a forum for exchange of new research results & ideas among researchers, industry, government & local users, & other intere.

*Fish Biology Workshop and Conference
Hobart, Australia
28 Aug 2006 - 1 Sep 2006
Conference and Workshop on cutting-edge technologies in fish and fisheries science.

*Catchments to Coast
Cairns, Australia
9 Jul 2006 - 14 Jul 2006
The major focus will be the vital role & value of wetlands within the terrestrial & marine environments. Importantly, the joint conference provides an international platform for showcasing the need for, & benefits of, a multidisciplinary approach.

*Phycological Society of America Annual Meeting 2006
Juneau, Alaska, United States
7 Jul 2006 - 12 Jul 2006

*Catchments to Coast, a joint conference of the Australian Marine Sciences Association and the Society of Wetland Scientists
Cairns, Australia
9 Jul 2006 - 14 Jul 2006
Catchments to Coast, an international conference, focuses on the vital role and value of wetlands within terrestrial and marine environments, and the need for a multidisciplinary approach to complex land-sea interface issues..

*34th International Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Hamburg, Germany
4 Jun 2006 - 8 Jun 2006
Aims at bringing together scientists in the field of the research and development of analytical methodology for the determination of the elements, their species and organics as well as biomolecules in the environment..

Rhodes, Greece
5 Jun 2006 - 7 Jun 2006
Coastal Environment 2006 deals with problems related to monitoring, analysis and modelling of coastal regions, including sea, land and air phenomena. A must for those dealing with the challenges of monitoring and controlling Oil Spills..

* Summer Institute in Coastal Management
Rhode Island, United States
29 May 2006 - 16 Jun 2006
an intensive three-week program for early to mid-career coastal resources management professionals from developing countries, who are seeking an introduction to integrated approaches and skills for coastal management..

*The Crustacean Society Summer Meeting
Juneau, Alaska, United States
22 May 2006 - 26 May 2006
We have one confirmed symposium on Glacier Bay crab populations, but are open to potential symposia of interest. Please submit your potential symposium title to:

*T he Coastal Society's 20th Biennial Conference
St. Pete Beach, Florida, United States
14 May 2006 - 17 May 2006
TCS 20 will focus on thoughtful, innovative solutions or case studies that can serve as platforms for learning and discussion among conference participants. Special emphasis will be given to issues facing Florida's coastal areas..

*9th International Estuarine Biogeochemistry Symposium
Warnemünde, Germany
7 May 2006 - 11 May 2006
9th International Estuarine Biogeochemistry Symposium Estuaries and Enclosed Seas under Changing Environmental Conditions. Topics include Biogeochemistry of enclosed seas, estuaries from Arctic to tropics, Microbial processes in estuarine boundary layers..

*7th International Conference on the Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas
Caen, France
9 May 2006 - 12 May 2006
40th Symposium of the Estuarine and Coastal Science Association—Sustainable co-development of enclosed coastal seas: our shared responsibility.

* 2nd NPAFC International Workshop
Sapporo, Japan
26 Apr 2006 - 27 Apr 2006
"Factors Affecting Production of Juvenile Salmon: Survival Strategy of Asian and North American Juvenile Salmon in the Ocean".

Honolulu, United States
19 Apr 2006 - 21 May 2006
PICES/GLOBEC Symposium on Climate variability and ecosystem impacts on the North Pacific: A basin-scale synthesis The primary scientific objective of this symposium is to present a synthesis of the effects of seasonal to multi-decadal variability..

*First International Symposium on Mangroves as Fish Habitat
Miami, United States
19 Apr 2006 - 21 Apr 2006
1st International Symposium on Mangroves as Fish Habitat. The intent is to provide an oral & written forum for the exchange of ideas, approaches, methods & pertinent data on the linkages between mangrove forests & the fishes & associated fisheries..

* Sustainable development indicators and their uses
Montpellier, France
3 Apr 2006 - 4 Apr 2006
How can we link processes & knowledge relating to marine resources and coastal zones with achievements in other scientific fields ?.

*ASSW 2006
Potsdam, Germany
22 Mar 2006 - 29 Mar 2006
Arctic Science Summit Week 2006 we like to welcome you to this science week, which will be an important event in Polar research because of the upcoming IPY and the Year of Planet Earth, both to be conducted during the years 2007 - 2009..

*OI 2006 The World's Largest Marine Science & Ocean Technology Meeting
London, United Kingdom
21 Mar 2006 - 23 Mar 2006
Welcome to the greatest marketplace in the world for the marine science & ocean technology industries! The exhibition and conferences serve an important role in showcasing the cutting-edge technologies and advancing the sciences related to the future.

*Spill 06
London, United Kingdom
21 Mar 2006 - 23 Mar 2006
Spill International 06 and the prestigious Interspill 2006 Conference will take place alongside OI 06, the world’s largest marine science and ocean technology exhibition & conference at London ExCeL..

*State of the Gulf Ecosystems
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
5 Mar 2006 - 7 Mar 2006
Conference themes include: Marine ecology, wetland ecology, biodiversity and exocits plus much more.

*13th Ocean Sciences Meeting
Honolulu, United States
20 Feb 2006 - 24 Feb 2006
13th Ocean Sciences Meeting a joint meeting of ASLO, ERF, TOS and AGU, will be held 20-24 February 2006 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Program Committee is developing a scientific program that will cover all topics in the area of Ocean Sciences..

*Sharing the Fish 2006
Perth, Australia
23 Feb 2006 - 2 Mar 2006
Sharing the Fish 2006 The concept of allocation issues is one of increasing national and international interest to those involved in fisheries management. All participants will benefit from the conference’s focus on a broad spectrum of allocation issues..

*ASPAB 2006
Sydney, Australia
13 Feb 2006 - 15 Feb 2006
Australasian Society for Phycology and Aquatic Botany 20th conference.

*VI International Abalone Symposium
Puerto Varas, Chile
19 Feb 2006 - 24 Feb 2006
Welcome to Chile, where aquaculture is growing faster than anywhere else. We cordially invite you to participate in the #1 Abalone event worldwide: The VI International Abalone Symposium..

*"Cephalopod Life-cycles: biology, management & conservation"
Hobart, Australia
6 Feb 2006 - 10 Feb 2006
Sessions include - Movement and migration;Management and conservation.;Systematics, biogeography and biodiversity.

*AlgiNet - Final Meeting
Oban, United Kingdom
26 Jan 2006 - 27 Jan 2006
AlgiNet - Final Meeting Offers of papers/presentations are welcome. The meeting and workshop are open to anyone with an interest in algae, freshwater or marine..

*Sixth International Crustacean Congress
Glasgow, United Kingdom
18 Jul 2005 - 22 Jul 2005
The Sixth International Crustacean Congress will bring together an international field of crustacean scientists with interests ranging from systematics & phylogeny to physiology & biochemistry, and also including behaviour welfare & ecology. The meeting.

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