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*Pharma Pricing & Market Access Outlook Europe 2011
London, United Kingdom
22 Mar 2011 - 25 Mar 2011
It is a two day strategic conference addresssing the critical policy issues in developing the optimum pricing strategy for pharmaceutical products..

*World Generic Medicines Congress Europe 2011
London, United Kingdom
22 Feb 2011 - 25 Feb 2011
Hear from generic medicine experts from multiple generic companies all under one roof.

*Clinical Outsourcing World Europe 2011
London, United Kingdom
8 Feb 2011 - 11 Feb 2011
The congress for outsourcing executives and decision makers.

*VII ESRA Winter Week
Grindelwald, Switzerland
23 Jan 2011 - 28 Jan 2011
Join select Regional Anaesthesiologists and Pain Therapists at VII ESRA Winter Week 2011 to enhance your skills and performance. A high-level scientific programme includes state-of-the-art lectures, hands-on workshops on live models, video presentations a.

*Health Technology Assessment World Europe 2010
London, United Kingdom
7 Dec 2010 - 10 Dec 2010
Find out the latest developments in HTA policy in Europe, USA & Asia..

*Late Phase Drug Development World Europe 2010
London, United Kingdom
30 Nov 2010 - 3 Dec 2010
The 2nd annual Late Phase Drug Development World Europe 2010 is the only strategic forum addressing the major challenges in conducting strategic and compliant late stage studies..

*The World Generic Medicines Congress Americas 2010
Washington, United States
16 Nov 2010 - 18 Nov 2010
The conference bridges the gap between international generic manufacturers, regulatory bodies, policy decision makers & financial organisations. It provides a forum focused on the key topics of the day, Make sure you are a part of this must attend meeting.

*The Exploratory Clinical Development World USA 2010
Cambridge, United States
19 Oct 2010 - 22 Oct 2010
The event is established as the leading strategic early clinical development event for pharmaceutical professionals. It targets the major challenges of the industry to find much needed solutions for best selection of drug candidates as early as possible..

*Congress of the Belgian Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
Brussels, Belgium
17 Nov 2007 - 17 Nov 2007
Congress of the Belgian Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery.

*Iran's 1st International Conference on Biomaterials
Tehran, Iran
12 Nov 2007 - 15 Nov 2007
Biomaterials Research Center (BRC) of University of Tehran and Tehran University of Medical Sciences , invites you to attend the Iran’s first International Conference on Biomaterials, due to be held on November 12-15, 2007 in University of Tehran.

*Neuroscience 2007
San Diego, CA, United States
3 Nov 2007 - 7 Nov 2007
Neuroscience 2007. Scientists from across the globe are expected to gather and exchange ideas about the latest discoveries and research on the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system..

*BIOMED 2007
The New Forest, United Kingdom
10 Sep 2007 - 12 Sep 2007
7th International Conference on Modelling in Medicine and Biology.

* Clinical fMRI - Theory and Practice
Aalborg, Denmark
6 Sep 2007 - 8 Sep 2007
The course will offer an overview of present methodology and clinical applications using a mixture of lectures and small group exercises. Practical sessions include scanning of volunteers and hands-on workshops on data analysis..

*ICS 37th Annual Meeting
Rotterdam, Netherlands
20 Aug 2007 - 24 Aug 2007
International Continence Society.

Cambridge, MA, United States
19 Aug 2007 - 22 Aug 2007
An Executive Education Course on Patient Safety, Healthcare Quality Enhancement and Medical Errors Reduction for Healthcare Executives, Clinicians and Patient Care Staff.

*Hong Kong Medical & Healthcare Fair
Hong Kong, China
16 Aug 2007 - 20 Aug 2007
The medical and healthcare industry is on a constant lookout for the latest developments which will allow them to deliver better care. Over 5,200 trade buyers came from 53 countries & regions to check out exhibitors' offerings in 2006..

*Perspectives in Oncology Supportive Care
Washington, DC, United States
17 Aug 2007 - 18 Aug 2007
Promises to be an exciting, interactive and educational experience for attendees from all oncology supportive care related disciplines..

*13th International Congress of Immunology
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
12 Aug 2007 - 17 Aug 2007
You are welcome to present a paper, contribute to discussions, meet the worldwide known authorities on Immunology and be acquainted with the latest developments in Basic and Applied Immunology, thus enriching your professional experience..

* American Academy of Dermatology
New York City , NY, United States
1 Aug 2007 - 5 Aug 2007
Summer Academy Meeting 2007.

*ISPO 2007
Vancouver, Canada
29 Jul 2007 - 3 Aug 2007
12th World Congress International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics - the premiere global event for multidisciplinary prosthetic and orthotic care..

*8th European Peritoneal Dialysis
Helsinki, Finland
7 Jul 2007 - 10 Jul 2007
The main theme of the 2007 meeting is ‘Beyond The Membrane’ and topics include: Body Composition, Fluid Status and the Heart in PD; What can Adult Nephrologists Learn from Paediatricians.

*20th IEEE International Symposium on COMPUTER-BASED MEDICAL SYSTEMS
Maribor, Slovenia
20 Jun 2007 - 22 Jun 2007
CBMS 2007, the 20th IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, provides an opportunity for discussion on many topics related to computer-based medical systems..

*4th World Congress: Int. Society of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine
Seoul, Korea
10 Jun 2007 - 14 Jun 2007
Under the theme of “West Meets East in Rehabilitation Medicine; New Challenge for Better World”, the congress aims to promote technological & scientific development in the field of physical medicine & rehabilitation & strengthen its global relationships..

*1st European Congress on the Aging Male
Warsaw, Poland
14 Jun 2007 - 16 Jun 2007
1st European Congress on the Aging Male.

*Applied MR Techniques Courses - Basic Course Lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania
7 Jun 2007 - 9 Jun 2007
The Basic Course is aimed at those of you who have no or little knowledge of physical and mathematical equations and would nevertheless like to understand the process of image formation and the significance of usual clinical images in MRI.

*Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB
Berlin, Germany
19 May 2007 - 25 May 2007
Plenary Lectures on Neuro-Imaging, Interventional Imaging, Control of Treatment Response, Recent Developments in Signal Transmission and Reception, and on Hybrid MR Systems..

*34th European Symposium on Calcified Tissues
Copenhagen, Denmark
5 May 2007 - 9 May 2007
34th European Symposium on Calcified Tissues.

*26th American Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting
Washington, DC, United States
3 May 2007 - 6 May 2007
Details not available.

*2007 CDC Diabetes Conference
Atlanta, GA, United States
30 Apr 2007 - 3 May 2007
This conference will discuss diabetes issues. The conference will bring together approximately 600 participants from a wide range of local, state, federal, and territorial governmental agencies and private-sector diabetes partners..

Washington, DC, United States
28 Apr 2007 - 2 May 2007
A multi-society, interdisciplinary, scientific meeting featuring plenary and award lectures, symposia, oral and poster sessions, career services, and exhibits of scientific equipment, supplies, and publications.

*19th IFFS Congress on Fertility and Sterility World Congress
Durban, South Africa
29 Apr 2007 - 3 May 2007
This meeting will encompass the interest and science of reproductive surgery and bring together experts and interested people from all corners of the globe, to both exchange knowledge and renew friendships..

*International Emergency & Catastrophe Management Conference and Exhibition – IECM Dubai 2007
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
22 Apr 2007 - 24 Apr 2007
The Latest developments in the field of Emergency Medicine & its growth during the last decade has led to many discoveries & advances , which is why the regular gathering of the professionals at meetings such as these are crucial.

*The British Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting 2007
Glasgow, United Kingdom
24 Apr 2007 - 27 Apr 2007
Details not yet available.

*Hospital Operational Excellence
Chicago, Illinois, United States
16 Apr 2007 - 18 Apr 2007
Improving efficiency means eliminating unnecessary patient delays, managing and coordinating patient care before and after the visit, and maintaining the highest level of interaction with the patient. Learn how to set yourself apart as a leader..

*2007 Midwestern Regional Meeting of the American Federation for Medical Research
Chicago, Illinois, United States
12 Apr 2007 - 13 Apr 2007
Promoting Medical Research and Researchers.

*Internal Medicine 2007
San Diego, CA, United States
19 Apr 2007 - 21 Apr 2007
Core Topics include: Hypertension-Difficult to Manage; Neurology for the Non-Neurologist; Nosocomial Infections; Persistent Liver Function Test (LFT) Abnormalities without Overt Liver or Hepatobiliary Disease etc..

Oostende, Belgium
22 Mar 2007 - 24 Mar 2007

*Rehabilitation 2007 “Longevity and Rehabilitation”
Havana, Cuba
26 Mar 2007 - 30 Mar 2007
The Cuban Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Society, under the auspice of the Pan-American Health Organization, is pleased to invite you to Rehabilitation 2007 whose topic centers will be, “Longevity & Rehabilitation”, 2nd National Workshop of Rehabilita.

*3rd World Congress Abdominal Compartment Syndrome
Antwerp, Belgium
22 Mar 2007 - 24 Mar 2007
The third World Congress on Abdominal Compartment Syndrome (WCACS) will provide an environment for interaction, discussion, definition and consolidation of knowledge in the fSield of intra-abdominal hypertension and abdominal compartment syndrome..

* Nuclear Receptor Pathways to Metabolic Regulation
Steamboat Springs, CO, United States
27 Mar 2007 - 1 Apr 2007
The goal of this meeting is to bring together investigators working on different nuclear receptors, and the regulation of different metabolic pathways, to present the latest and most exciting paradigmatic and technical breakthroughs..

Nashville, TN, United States
21 Mar 2007 - 25 Mar 2007
An outstanding educational opportunity relevant to professionals in medical and clinical genetics who are providing comprehensive diagnostic, management and genetic counseling services for patients.

*Canadian Conference on Men's Health
Victoria, BC, Canada
21 Mar 2007 - 23 Mar 2007
Attending the Canadian Conference on Men's Health is the first step you can take to improve the health of the men you encounter in your practice, in your community and in your life..

Helliniko, Greece
15 Mar 2007 - 18 Mar 2007
Our Aim is to fully inform whoever is interested in this sector by creating an international exhibition which includes Technical and diagnostic equipment, technical therapeutic ICU equipment, laboratory and technical equipment, laboratory products etc..

*BES 2007
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom
18 Mar 2007 - 22 Mar 2007
British Endocrine Societies Meeting 2007.

*2nd SGHG International Rheumatology Conference
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
7 Mar 2007 - 9 Mar 2007
We are happy to welcome rheumatologists, other medical doctors, scientists and researchers, health professionals and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry to Jeddah in March 2007 to the 2 nd Int’l. SGHG RHEUMATOLOGY Conference..

*Consultant Job Planning
Manchester, United Kingdom
28 Feb 2007 - 28 Feb 2007
A practical one day conference examining the key elements of successful consultant job planning..

*“The Relevance of Clinical Genetics to General Practice Medicine”
London, United Kingdom
14 Feb 2007 - 14 Feb 2007
The conference programme offers a series of talks, given by experienced professionals, who will attempt to address some of the issues increasingly encountered by Primary Care Professionals..

*4th Asia-Oceania Conference on Obesity (AOCO 2007)
Seoul, Korea
9 Feb 2007 - 11 Feb 2007
The theme of the conference is "Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome: from Obesity to Hypertension, Dyslipidemia and Diabetes..

*2nd North American Congress on The Aging Male
Montreal, Canada
8 Feb 2007 - 10 Feb 2007
This Congress is intended for all practitioners with an interest in the aging male, particularly clinicians and researchers from the area of urology, psychiatry, geriatrics, endocrinology, gynecology and general practice..

*2007 Southern Regional Meeting of the American Federation for Medical Research
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
8 Feb 2007 - 10 Feb 2007
Promoting Medical Research and Researchers.

*Panacea 2007
Mumbai, India
3 Feb 2007 - 5 Feb 2007
The 2nd Panacea 2007, international exhibition and symposium natural products, medicines and therapies, will be organized to assemble exporters, importers, distributors, producers, service providers, medical practitioners, buyers and sellers.

*2007 Western Regional Meeting of the American Federation for Medical Research
Carmel, CA, United States
31 Jan 2007 - 3 Feb 2007
Promoting Medical Research and Researchers.

* 8th Annual Phoenix Derm Open Seminar
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
11 Jan 2007 - 14 Jan 2007
Sessions include: New and Hot Therapies in Dermatology, Practical Considerations in the Use of Biologics, Updates in the Use of Biologics in Psoriasis.

* 4th Annual Orlando Dermatology & Aesthetic Conference
Orlando, FL, United States
12 Jan 2007 - 15 Jan 2007
Sessions include:Medical Dermatology, Current Aktinic Keratosis Therapies, What’s New with Sun Protection, Treating Acne & Rosacea.

*Vth World Congress of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology
Melbourne, Australia
10 Dec 2006 - 13 Dec 2006
The International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology (IACD) was established in 1995 and gathers dermatologists, other specialists and researchers in the field of medical and surgical cosmetic dermatology..

*Pacific Region Indigenous Doctors Congress (PRIDoC) 2006
Rotorua, New Zealand
6 Dec 2006 - 10 Dec 2006
The programme will be designed to delegates to come and share their experiences and stories. In addition to this, there will be a time allocated on the Wednesday afternoon to establish PRIDoC as an organisation, with a constitution..

*19th World Diabetes Congress 2006
Cape Town, South Africa
3 Dec 2006 - 7 Dec 2006
For the global diabetes community, it will present an opportunity to come together to share knowledge, experience and ideas. For the diabetes community on the African continent, it will offer a chance to raise awareness of the seriousness of the condition.

*OARSI 11th World Congress on Osteoarthritis
Prague, Czech Republic
7 Dec 2006 - 10 Dec 2006
Details not available.

Essene, Belgium
25 Nov 2006 - 25 Nov 2006

*5th International Congress on Autoimmunity
Sorrento, Italy
29 Nov 2006 - 3 Dec 2006
Topics include - Atherosclerosis and autoimmunity; Sjøgren's disease; Monoclonal thyroid stimulating antibodies and thyroid autoimmunity; Multiple sclerosis and regulatory cells;Genetics of autoimmune diseases (CD4/CD25 regulatory T cells).

*"Hands-On Urodynamics - A Practical Approach " Atlanta
Atlanta, GA, United States
16 Nov 2006 - 16 Nov 2006
This new One-Day Course is designed both for professionals who have little or no experience with actual urodynamic testing procedures, and for those with some experience but who wish to become more comfortable with performing urodynamic testing..

*SIU 2006
Cape Town, South Africa
12 Nov 2006 - 16 Nov 2006
28th Congress of the Société Internationale d'Urologie.

*Biotechnology Havana 2006
Havana, Cuba
13 Nov 2006 - 16 Nov 2006
MEDICAL APPLICATIONS OF BIOTECHNOLOGY The four-days conference will gather some of the world's top researchers and specialists, key business and investment leaders..

Brussels, Belgium
18 Nov 2006 - 18 Nov 2006

*4th Congress of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
Miami, United States
3 Nov 2006 - 5 Nov 2006
Miami is the chosen city for the 4th AAAM, November 2006. More information will be posted soon, so please continue to visit the website..

*The World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Congress (WHIT Congress)
Washington, D.C., United States
1 Nov 2006 - 3 Nov 2006
A global forum presenting innovative technological advances and thought leadership in the use of technology to transform healthcare practice and enable better access, quality, safety, and greater cost effectiveness in the delivery of healthcare..

*7th full conference of the European Academy of the Occupational Health Psychology
Dublin, Ireland
8 Nov 2006 - 10 Nov 2006
Dublin 2006 promises to expand on that number, creating a truly international conference that offers a global perspective on research, practice and education in occupational health psychology..

*2nd World Autism 2006 Congress and Exhibition
Cape Town, South Africa
30 Oct 2006 - 2 Nov 2006
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a life–long extremely complex disability and results in functional and biochemical dysfunction of the brain. Recent statistics indicate an alarming escalating growth rate in the incidence of ASD.

*Fourth International Conference on Mechanisms of Action of Nutraceuticals (ICMAN 4)
Tel-Aviv, Israel
29 Oct 2006 - 1 Nov 2006
 Micronutrient action and human diseases,  Oxidative stress and mechanism of action of antioxidants,  Dietary modulation of gene expression and cell signaling pathways,  Skin conditions and other consequences of aging.

*Neuroscience 2006
New Orleans, United States
21 Oct 2006 - 25 Oct 2006
Neuroscience 2006. Scientists from across the globe are expected to gather and exchange ideas about the latest discoveries and research on the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system..

*Joint World Congress on Stroke
Cape Town, South Africa
26 Oct 2006 - 29 Oct 2006
This, for the first time, is an International Stroke Congress that hopes to attract international participation to this awakening continent. Topics include: Cardiac disorders and Stroke, Experimental Ischemia, Genetics, Prevention: Antiplatelet Therapy...

*RANZCR 57th Annual Scientific Meeting 2006
Christchurch, New Zealand
26 Oct 2006 - 29 Oct 2006
Imaging in Oncology has been selected as the topic for the categorical course which will be offered for the first time in 2006. There will also a strong focus on thoracic imaging, including cardiac, and imaging in obstetrics and gynaecology..

Istanbul, Turkey
25 Oct 2006 - 28 Oct 2006
In the name of the Spine Society of Europe and the local organizers I invite you to join us all at EUROSPINE 2006. Come to attend lively and controversial scientific presentations and discussions, to enjoy a fascinating social program.

*6th Panhellenic Congress of the Hellenic Society of Pain
Chania, CRETE, Greece
19 Oct 2006 - 22 Oct 2006
The scientific program will focus on the treatment of pain and will include presentation from significant Greek and Foreign speakers experienced in clinical aspects. The program will also include round table discussions, satellite symposia, workshops etc.

*Assisi 2006
Assisi, Italy
12 Oct 2006 - 14 Oct 2006
We wish to stimulate presentations, discussions through symposia, papers and posters on adolescence and medical education.We wish to emphasize the development of resilience epistemology and interactionism..

*15th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology
Rhodes, Greece
4 Oct 2006 - 8 Oct 2006
We hope that everybody will benefit from exchanging knowledge and experience in the everyday advancing field of Dermatology and Venereology, on Rhodes island, a place that combines historical interest and natural beauty..

*IPAC Conference 2006
Auckland, New Zealand
6 Oct 2006 - 8 Oct 2006
We remain excited by the possibilities of Organised General Practice, and in particular the ability to deliver significant and demonstrable improvement in health outcomes. IPAC 06 will continue to explore and develop key aspects in greater detail..

*21st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Epilepsy Society of Australia
Melbourne, Australia
5 Oct 2006 - 7 Oct 2006
This Meeting is the primary scientific and business Meeting of our Society, and attracts 200-250 delegates from Australia, NZ and the Asia-Pacific region. Delegates include Neurologists, Neurological and Epileptology trainees, Nurses, Scientists etc..

*Europaediatrics 2006
Barcelona, Spain
7 Oct 2006 - 10 Oct 2006
This Congress will provide top-level education and state of the art information, particularly aimed for paediatric subspecialists and paediatricians involved in hospital based paediatrics. A challenging nursing program will moreover be included..

*Hypertension Update 2006
Cambridge, United Kingdom
27 Sep 2006 - 29 Sep 2006
Hypertension, raised blood pressure..

*ORAFTI Scientific Research Conference
Boston, MA, United States
28 Sep 2006 - 29 Sep 2006
ORAFTI Scientific Research Conference.

*"Hands-On Urodynamics - A Practical Approach" San Jose
San Jose, CA, United States
21 Sep 2006 - 21 Sep 2006
Designed both for professionals who have little or no experience with actual urodynamic testing procedures, and for those with some experience but who wish to become more comfortable with performing urodynamic testing..

*8th Jenner Glycobiology and Medicine Symposium
San Diego, CA, United States
18 Sep 2006 - 20 Sep 2006
Glycobiology of innate and acquired immunity; Genetic disease of biosynthesis or degradation of glycans; Intracellular Glycosylation and human disease; Glycobiology of infectious disease; Glycobiology of cancer; Glycobiology: Diagnosis and treatment.

*International Symposium on Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
19 Sep 2006 - 20 Sep 2006
Topics include - Unicompartmental Knee Replacement; Total Knee Replacement; Total Hip Replacement.

*16th Migraine Trust International Symposium
London, United Kingdom
18 Sep 2006 - 20 Sep 2006
Migraine research.

*5th International Congress on Spondyloarthropathies
Gent, Belgium
12 Sep 2006 - 14 Sep 2006
5th International Congress on Spondyloarthropathies.

*“Pain in Europe V”
Istanbul, Turkey
13 Sep 2006 - 16 Sep 2006
More than 140 distinguished speakers are invited to Pain in Europe V, bringing us all up-to date on recent developments both on basic research on pain as well as clinical management of pain as a disease..

*9th Annual DHP Conference
Colchester, United Kingdom
13 Sep 2006 - 15 Sep 2006
Division of Health Psychology celebrating 20 years of health psychology.

*ISBRA 2006 World Congress on Alcohol Research
Sydney, Australia
10 Sep 2006 - 13 Sep 2006
The main Congress will have three major themes: The neuroscience of addiction;Mechanisms of end-organ damage; Research into treatment and other interventions.

*MEDEXP East Africa 2006
Nairobi, Kenya
8 Sep 2006 - 10 Sep 2006
Kenya's International Medical Trade Exhibition attracting exhibitors from over 30 countries and visitors from all over East & Central African countries. Medical - Pharmaceutical - Dental - Optical - Laboratory - Packaging - Healthcare.

*Development and function of secondary and tertiary lymphoid tissues
Paris, France
4 Sep 2006 - 5 Sep 2006
PRE-CONGRESS SATELLITE MEETINGS OF EUROPEAN SOCIETIES Development and function of secondary and tertiary lymphoid tissues.

Hawaii, United States
9 Sep 2006 - 16 Sep 2006
The purpose of this CME activity is to recognize the potential for legal concerns in medical practice with particular emphasis on End-of-Life planning..

*ANNA 2006 Workshop: Developing a research strategy to explore the addicted brain
Hamilton Island, Australia
7 Sep 2006 - 10 Sep 2006
The workshop, a satellite of the ISBRA 2006 World Congress on Alcohol Research (ISBRA 2006), will bring together top international research scientists focused on addiction with other leading neuroscientists and clinicians.

*World Congress of Cardiology 2006
Barcelona, Spain
2 Sep 2006 - 6 Sep 2006
This joint meeting, in state-of-the-art facilities, will provide high quality scientific content on the latest research in cardiology and prevention and is expected to attract well over 25,000 attendees..

Bruges, Belgium
4 Sep 2006 - 7 Sep 2006
There will be an emphasis on the active participation of the delegates. Thus, we will focus on poster sessions in combination with invited plenary lectures on recent progress in important fields of neuromuscular disorders..

*16th Europe Congress of Immunology
Paris, France
6 Sep 2006 - 9 Sep 2006
1st Joint Meeting of European National Societies of Immunology. The Programme Committee has worked out an outstanding scientific programme organised in four tracks covering the rapidly growing fields of basic & clinical immunology..

*13th World Congress Rotary Blood Pumps
Leuven, Belgium
30 Aug 2006 - 1 Sep 2006
Rotary blood pumps are now used in chronic heart failure, acute shock, in extracorporeal circuits and ECMO applications. In addition, improvements in design, miniaturisation, testing, production and management were obtained in recent years..

*6th Nordic Conference on eHealth and Telemedicine
Helsinki, Finland
31 Aug 2006 - 1 Sep 2006
We invite you to join this important event, present your work and ideas, listen to the very best solutions Nordic and European experts have accomplished and also enjoy the beautiful nature of Finnish summer!.

*9th European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel
Berlin, Germany
31 Aug 2006 - 2 Sep 2006
9th European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Open Meeting.

*Hyperbaric Technicians and Nurses Association Conference
Townsville, Queensland, Australia
24 Aug 2006 - 26 Aug 2006

*Australasian College of Phlebology 10th Annual Scientific Meeting & Workshops 2006
Queenstown, New Zealand
20 Aug 2006 - 24 Aug 2006
The academic programme will cover all aspects of Sclerotherapy.

*ISHM 2006
Budapest, Hungary
26 Aug 2006 - 30 Aug 2006
The scientific program will cover a wide range of topics, among them the history of medical education and the history of medical schools. The historic building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences will be the congress venue and will no doubt inspire us.

*New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine
Queenstown, New Zealand
25 Aug 2006 - 27 Aug 2006
The academic programme covers all aspects of Appearance Medicine with a Laser Safety Course and many practical workshops on Laser Treatments, Botulinum Toxin Therapies (Botox® and Dysport®), Dermal Fillers, Threads Browlifting, Case Studies, and more..

*9th World Down Syndrome Congress
Vancouver, Canada
22 Aug 2006 - 26 Aug 2006
The world congress is held every three years to provide leading edge, broad based information providing a balanced perspective on current issues of concern for people with Down syndrome, their families, the professionals who work with them and researchers.

Auckland, New Zealand
10 Aug 2006 - 13 Aug 2006
Conference runs from Thursday evening with the Opening Ceremony and Welcome. Friday has Oration and presentation of new Fellows in the morning followed by conference sessions and workshops.

*Renal Society of Australasia and Australia and New Zealand Society of Nephrology Annual Scientific Conference
Melbourne, Australia
14 Aug 2006 - 19 Aug 2006
To acknowledge that caring for Australians with Renal Disease is an all encompassing task, the RSA and ANZSN are hosting this Co-joint Conference for all facets of the nephrology team to meet and share ideas and developments..

*APLAR 2006
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1 Aug 2006 - 5 Aug 2006
As we know musculoskeletal problems such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are found worldwide and form a significant proportion of medical consultations. It also has a significant socio-economic impact on the country..

*The 11th International Congress of Parasitology (ICOPA XI)
Glasgow, United Kingdom
6 Aug 2006 - 11 Aug 2006
Parasitologists are currently devising a variety of strategies to combat these foes. Recent advances and new discoveries will highlight sessions at ICOPA XI.

*3rd Annual Symposium of the American Heart Association Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences
Keystone, CO, United States
31 Jul 2006 - 3 Aug 2006
Translation of Basic Insights Into Clinical Practice.

*Atherosclerotic Peripheral Vascular Disease Symposium II: Screening Programs and Intervention
Boston, MA, United States
10 Jul 2006 - 12 Jul 2006
This two-and-a-half day conference will focus on areas of increasing interest: screening programs, vascular imaging, intervention and nomenclature..

*6th World Congress on Stress
Chicago, Illinois, United States
8 Jul 2006 - 9 Jul 2006
The unique feature of the past five Congresses has been the integration of the clinical and basic aspects of stress with a view to elucidating the underlying and biological mechanisms and our understanding of the management of stress related disorders..

*14th International Symposium on Infections in the Immunocompromised Host
Crans-Montana, Switzerland
2 Jul 2006 - 5 Jul 2006
The meeting is being organized to attract infectious disease specialists, hematologists, oncologists, transplant physicians, microbiologists, immunologists and others with an interest in infections in the immunocompromised host..

*'Physicians in the 21st Century - Opportunities and Challenges in Clinical Standards'
London, United Kingdom
4 Jul 2006 - 4 Jul 2006
This is a practical meeting that will interest all physicians, allied health care professionals, clinical governance staff and managers concerned with maintaining clinical standards regardless of specialty. There will be plenty of time for discussion.

*Peripheral Arterial Disease Fellows Workshop
Boston, MA, United States
7 Jul 2006 - 9 Jul 2006
A two-day workshop to provide a forum for mentoring young clinicians interested in developing or enhancing proficiency in evaluating and managing atherosclerotic vascular disease. The workshop will offer exposure to atherosclerosis-related science.

*European Society For Haemapheresis (ESFH)
Umea, Sweden
20 Jun 2006 - 21 Jun 2006
Congress of the Interdisciplinary European Society for Haemapheresis and Haemotherapy.

*ESAO 2006 XXXIII Congress of the European Society for Artificial Organs
Umea, Sweden
21 Jun 2006 - 24 Jun 2006
"From Artificial to Bioartificial Organs".

*52nd Family Medicine Review
Estes Park, CO, United States
25 Jun 2006 - 1 Jun 2006
5 days of teaching by carefully chosen faculty members of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, designed to provide information on recent developments in patient management of interest to primary care physicians and allied health professionals.

*Infectious Disease/Internal Medicine Recertification Course
Myrtle Beach, SC, United States
25 Jun 2006 - 30 Jun 2006
The purpose of this conference is to provide a systematic review of the self-study modules necessary to complete the recertification process for infectious disease and internal medicine..

*Infectious Disease/Internal Medicine Recertification Course
Myrtle Beach, SC, United States
25 Jun 2006 - 30 Jun 2006
Suitable for physicians needing to recertify in infectious disease and/or internal medicine or providers needing an update on the latest in infectious disease and internal medicine care..

*84th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR
Brisbane, Australia
28 Jun 2006 - 1 Jul 2006
84th General Session & Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research.

*"Hands-On Urodynamics - A Practical Approach" Chicago
Chicago, Illinois, United States
29 Jun 2006 - 29 Jun 2006
Designed both for professionals who have little or no experience with actual urodynamic testing procedures, and for those with some experience but who wish to become more comfortable with performing urodynamic testing..

*National Osteoporosis Society 11th Conference on Osteoporosis
Harrogate, United Kingdom
25 Jun 2006 - 28 Jun 2006
Organised by the National Osteoporosis Society, UK.

*4th Annual Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and Computer Tomography
Washington, D.C., United States
24 Jun 2006 - 27 Jun 2006
This programme provides an understanding of th eprinciples and clinical tility of MR and CT in the management of patients with cardiovascular disease..

*5 th International Congress of Pathophysiology (ISP2006)
Beijing, China
28 Jun 2006 - 1 Jul 2006
The Congress is designed to present an updated progress in the pathophysiology. It will be an important event in the field of pathophysiology, and will provide us with a unique opportunity to share the latest experience and knowledge..

*Developing Technologies In Human Cytokine Detection
London, United Kingdom
20 Jun 2006 - 20 Jun 2006
Developing Technologies In Human Cytokine Detection.

*EULAR 2006
Amsterdam, Netherlands
21 Jun 2006 - 24 Jun 2006
The EULAR congress is the venue for scientific presentation of basic, clinical and translational research. We should acknowledge that the management of patients with rheumatic diseases includes the use of modern technology and procedures.

*Vascular development
London, United Kingdom
16 Jun 2006 - 16 Jun 2006
One day conference organised by the Royal Society of Medicine and The Novartis Foundation and The Physiological Society.

*XIV International Symposium on Atherosclerosis
Rome, Italy
18 Jun 2006 - 22 Jun 2006
It will be attended by thousands of specialists interested in atherosclerosis and related cardiovascular diseases and it will provide the ideal setting for presentation of the most significant findings in experimental research and in the clinic..

* Altitude Awareness 2006
Keystone, CO, United States
16 Jun 2006 - 16 Jun 2006
CCAMP brings together scientists and doctors to focus on solving the problems created when people do not have enough oxygen..

*8° Congresso Brasileiro de Medicina de Família e Comunidade
Sao Paulo, Brazil
15 Jun 2006 - 18 Jun 2006
Serão 4 dias de intensa convivência e troca de experiências..

*Key Advances in the Clinical Management of Osteoporosis - Cardiff
Cardiff, United Kingdom
13 Jun 2006 - 13 Jun 2006
Topics include: Assessing the risk of fracture; The role of imaging in diagnosis; Determining the patient's needs.

Bergen, Norway
13 Jun 2006 - 17 Jun 2006
The International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine is the leading society in lumbar spine research, non-surgical & surgical treatment of spinal conditions. Members devote their professional careers to study & treatment of lumbar spine disorders..

*Canadian Pain Society Annual Conference
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
14 Jun 2006 - 17 Jun 2006
The conference will create a forum in which scientists, healthcare professionals and trainees from clinical, educational, research policy and industry settings can meet and exchange up-to-date information on pain mechanisms, pain assessment & management..

*NAACCR 2006 Annual Meeting
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
10 Jun 2006 - 17 Jun 2006
Cancer Surveillance: A Harvest for Cancer Control.

*National Medicines Symposium 2006
Canberra, Australia
7 Jun 2006 - 9 Jun 2006
Quality Use of Medicine: Balancing beliefs, benefits and harms.

*2006 Women in Medicine & Science Professional Development Conference
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
9 Jun 2006 - 10 Jun 2006
A professional development conference designed for women in academic and non academic settings focusing on: Creating and maintaining strong Women in Medicine/Science programs and more. .

Gent, Belgium
7 Jun 2006 - 9 Jun 2006

*11th International Conference on Emergency Medicine & CAEP 2006
Halifax, Canada
3 Jun 2006 - 7 Jun 2006
The 2006 scientific program promises to cover a large scope of emergency medicine, combining cutting edge clinical information with the chance to discuss the latest issues with your colleagues from all over the world..

*12th International Ottawa Conference on Clinical Competence
New York City , NY, United States
20 May 2006 - 24 May 2006
Charting new courses in clinical competence.

*2nd International Forum on Pain Medicine (IFPM)
Guadalajara, Mexico
25 May 2006 - 28 May 2006
Accessible frontal lectures focusing on the basics of pain, presentations on the various clinical manifestations associated with the major acute and chronic pain conditions, and elucidation of the very latest on pharmacological approaches and more..

*IX Annual Congress of the Polish Society of Allergology
Wisla, Poland
10 May 2006 - 13 May 2006
IX Annual Congress of the Polish Society of Allergology "Allergen Immunotherapy".

*American Thoracic Society . International Conference.
San Diego, CA, United States
19 May 2006 - 24 May 2006
American Thoracic Society . International Conference.

*1er Printemps de la Cardiologie
Toulouse, France
10 May 2006 - 13 May 2006
Le chercheur, le clinicien, le grand public mais aussi les infirmières et les paramédicaux, pourront se rencontrer en retrouvant le cadre,les sessions et le contenu habituel de leur congrès annuel ; chacun prenant la dimension des autrespour enrichir sa.

*Resuscitation 2006
Stavanger, Norway
10 May 2006 - 13 May 2006
8th Congress of the European Resuscitation Council. Resuscitation 2006 will provide the latest insight into the Science of Resuscitation..

*The Third Public Health Association of South Africa Conference
Johannesburg, South Africa
15 May 2006 - 17 May 2006
The theme of the Third National PHASA Conference is Making Health Systems Work with two sub-themes that are ‘decreasing the burden of disease’ and ‘increasing equity, effectiveness and efficiency’. A number of workshops will be held on the 15th May 2006..

*19th International Congress on Thrombosis
Tel Aviv, Israel
14 May 2006 - 18 May 2006
As in previous years several hot topics will be highlighted during the meeting, including new anti-thrombotics, newly discovered risk factors, etc. Oral and poster sessions will complete the program..

*16th Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
14 May 2006 - 17 May 2006
The Wound Healing Society 16th Annual Meeting & Exhibition Additional plenary program speakers will share their expertise in wound healing topics including Burns, Aging, Molecular Biology Tools in the Clinic, New Bioengineering Technologies and Angiogenes.

*Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings (COSM)
Chicago, Illinois, United States
19 May 2006 - 22 May 2006
This meeting is designed for head & neck surgeons, otolaryngologists, plastic surgeons, surgical and medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, nurses, other physicians, scientists and health professionals interested in the diagnosis, treatment,etc..

*Women and Their Health
Atlanta, GA, United States
10 May 2006 - 12 May 2006
This general session conference will provide an update and overview of issues related to women’s health care. Agenda topics will address areas specific to women’s health and help providers identify how to meet their patients’ needs..

*Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists ASM
Adelaide, Australia
13 May 2006 - 17 May 2006
The theme of the meeting “All in a Day’s Work” covers topics including ambulatory surgery, general anaesthesia and regional anaesthesia and analgesic techniques focusing on common dilemmas in clinical practice..

*Paediatric Update Conference
Toronto, Canada
1 May 2006 - 6 May 2006
Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) Course, Acute Care Transport, Dermatology Day, Autism, Orthopaedics, Sedation, plus many moreinteractive, case-based workshops and lectures on health issues facingtoday's child and adolescent..

*14th Alpe Adria Cardiology Meeting
Cavtat-Dubrovnik, Croatia
3 May 2006 - 7 May 2006
We cordially invite cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, fellows and other professionals in cardiology from the Alpe Adria region, Europe & all over the world to attend the Congress, contribute to quality of scientific sessions, enjoy social events.

* 2006 National STD Prevention Conference
Jacksonville, Florida, United States
8 May 2006 - 11 May 2006
As we begin the 2nd decade since the IOM’s 1996 call to action, we need to confront the hidden STD epidemics using strategies that are reflective of current & emerging socio-cultural contexts, while taking full advantage of new prevention options..

*New Zealand Society for Oncology Conference 2006
Hamilton, New Zealand
4 May 2006 - 5 May 2006
The theme for this conference, 'Smart Solutions for Complex Issues', reflects the challenges facing both cancer clinicians and scientists..

*The 6th Scientific Annual Meeting of the Iranian Pain Society
Tehran , Iran, Iran
4 May 2006 - 5 May 2006
Pain Conference.

Ostend, Belgium
4 May 2006 - 6 May 2006

*American Pain Society 25th Annual Scientific Meeting
San Antonio, TX, United States
3 May 2006 - 6 May 2006
Details not available.

*14th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
Cairns, Australia
2 May 2006 - 5 May 2006
Keynote & invited speakers will highlight the initiatives & advances in the various rehabilitation fields including spinal cord injury, neurological rehabilitation, paediatric rehabilitation, musculoskeletal medicine & pain medicine, prosthetics etc..

*Australian Association of Neurologists Annual Scientific Meeting
Canberra, Australia
1 May 2006 - 6 May 2006
The Meeting will include keynote lectures, symposiums on movement disorders and neuropathology, workshops on multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and stroke..

Istanbul, Turkey
3 May 2006 - 6 May 2006
"Improving life quality through contraception and reproductive health care".

*5th Australian Women's Health Conference
Melbourne, Australia
20 Apr 2006 - 22 Apr 2006
There will be a particular focus on women who are marginalised by poverty, culture, discrimination because of race, disabilities, illness or social stereotyping, and difference..

*ASSBI 2006
Sydney, Australia
27 Apr 2006 - 29 Apr 2006
The Australian Society for the Study of Brain Impairment conference committee has carefully chosen international & local specialists from the varied disciplines of neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry, neuropharmacology and occupational therapy..

Sao Paulo, Brazil
28 Apr 2006 - 1 May 2006

*Physiotherapy Dubai 2006
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
29 Apr 2006 - 1 May 2006
Focus - Contempory scientific and clinical issues based ptractice in physiotherapy practice areas..

*36th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Nuclear Medicine
Perth, Australia
27 Apr 2006 - 1 May 2006
The theme of the conference is "Mapping the Future" and we hope that we will be able to show you how functional and hybrid imaging is mapping the future of imaging..

* Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) 2006
Florence, Italy
27 Apr 2006 - 30 Apr 2006
Patient-centred self-management education & Long-term follow up strategies in diabetes & other chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity, post-myocaardial infarction, asthma, epilepsy, back pain, etc..

*2006 Regenerate World Congress
Pittsburgh, United States
24 Apr 2006 - 27 Apr 2006
2006 Regenerate World Congress on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine focuses on tissue engineering/regenerative medicine approaches to restoring the function of damaged or diseased tissues and organs..

*14th European Testis Workshop
Bad Aibliing, Germany
22 Apr 2006 - 26 May 2006
The molecular & cellular endocrinology of the testis is of paramount importance for understanding the physiology & pathophysiology of male reproduction. Since 1980 researchers have met at the European Workshops to discuss the most recent findings..

*6th Annual New Strategies in Breast Cancer Conference
Philadelphia, United States
28 Apr 2006 - 28 Apr 2006
Sixth Annual New Strategies in Breast Cancer Conference.This symposium will present advances in treatment and diagnosis for patients with breast cancer, including an overview of imaging, radiotherapeutic, surgical, hormonal, & chemotherapeutic strategies.

*53rd Annual Conference of the Israel Heart Society
Tel Aviv, Israel
26 Apr 2006 - 27 Apr 2006
53rd Annual Conference of the Israel Heart Society This year\'s Meeting will feature 3 invited Keynote Speakers – Professors Prediman K. Shah, Werner G. Daniel and Hartzell Schaff, who will be discussing several hot topics in cardiology &cardiac surgery.

*The British Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting 2006
Harrogate, United Kingdom
24 Apr 2006 - 27 Apr 2006
Details not yet available.

*Association of Professors of Human & Medical Genetics 12th Annual Worskshop
Marco Island, Florida, United States
26 Apr 2006 - 29 Apr 2006
Association of Professors of Human and Medical Genetics 12th Annual Worskshop.

Gent, Belgium
20 Apr 2006 - 23 Apr 2006
International Study Group on Muco.

*Spring congress of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology
Amsterdam, Netherlands
20 Apr 2006 - 21 Apr 2006
Spring congress of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology.

*41st Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver
Vienna, Austria
26 Apr 2006 - 30 Apr 2006
A joint EASL-ELTA Meeting & a joint EASL-viRgil Meeting will take place before a Post-Graduate Course devoted to the various aspects of hepatitis C virus immunology.The programme will be completed with three symposia & 2 State-of-the-Art lectures..

*Tuberculosis 2006
Kololi, Atlantic Coast, Gambia, The
24 Apr 2006 - 1 May 2006
A conference for scientists, clinical researchers, students and others actively engaged in, or with a strong interest in, TB and related research..

*First Inter-American Conference in Emergency Medicine
Buenos Aires, Argentina
16 Apr 2006 - 21 Apr 2006
Conference organizers have planned the event to meet the needs of both English- and Spanish-speaking emergency physicians and to facilitate the exchange of ideas regarding the science of emergency medicine among leaders from around the world..

*97th Annual Meeting American Association for Cancer Research 2006
Washington, DC, United States
1 Apr 2006 - 5 Apr 2006
97th Annual Meeting American Association for Cancer Research 2006 The AACR Annual Meeting is the world's largest and most comprehensive gathering of professionals in the cancer field, encompassing basic, translational, and clinical research..

* 8th European Congress of Endocrinology 2006 - incorporating the BES
Glasgow, United Kingdom
1 Apr 2006 - 5 Apr 2006
8th European Congress of Endocrinology 2006 - incorporating the British Endocrine Societies.

*16th ECCMID
Nice, France
1 Apr 2006 - 4 Apr 2006
16th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

*Geriatrics 2006
Istanbul, Turkey
2 Apr 2006 - 4 Apr 2006
Intrernational Congress of Elderly Health.

*British Geriatrics Society Spring Meeting
Gateshead, United Kingdom
4 Apr 2006 - 8 Apr 2006
British Geriatric Society: Details to be announced.

*C ardiology and vascular medicine update and perspective
Rotterdam, Netherlands
3 Apr 2006 - 5 Apr 2006
Will: present latest science (from bench to bedside) with perspective on the practice of cardiology and vascular medicine & review current guidelines for prevention, diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease etc..

*Advanced Diagnostic Bronchoscopy
Atlanta, GA, United States
8 Apr 2006 - 8 Apr 2006
This course is designed for the practicing pulmonologist and thoracic surgeon interested in novel diagnostic modalities and therapeutic approaches in interventional pulmonology. The course will also include a unique hands-on experience in the hospital.

*The 4th European Conference on Management of Coronary Heart Disease
Nice, France
6 Apr 2006 - 7 Apr 2006
The Conference continues the tradition of its predecessors, maintaining a balance between issues of pathophysiology, diagnosis & therapy. Its programme features & highlights many of the issues at the forefront of current thinking in coronary disease..

*2006 Sexual Dysfunction Conference
Queenstown, New Zealand
6 Apr 2006 - 9 Apr 2006
This will be a multidisciplinary Australian and New Zealand Conference to upskill Clinicians, Family Physicians, Specialists, Practice Nurses, Psychologists, Counsellors, Physiotherapists, Sex Therapists and students in this field..

*Australia & New Zealand Intensive Care Society
Christchurch, New Zealand
5 Apr 2006 - 7 Apr 2006
Our theme \'It\'s the Little Things\' truly summarises our approach to the programme. It is our belief that unless attendees can go home with practical answers to practical questions which they can put into practice, much of the learning potential of the.

*26th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Pain Society
Melbourne, Australia
9 Apr 2006 - 12 Apr 2006
"Pain Across the Life Span".

*Building Bridges - New Zealand Wound Care Society Conference
Wellington, New Zealand
6 Apr 2006 - 8 Apr 2006
The theme this year is “Building Bridges”, where we look to stimulate discussion about linking, building bridges, & bridging the gap between: research and practice, education and practice, primary and secondary (tertiary) care, & cultural aspects of care..

*New Zealand Speech Language Therapists' Association Biennial Conference
Christchurch, New Zealand
9 Apr 2006 - 12 Apr 2006
Unmasked: Revealing Realities & Relationships. The notion of Unmasked relates to revealing the links between the clinical realities of Speech Language Therapy in New Zealand and technology, current thinking, and trends in the wider field of communication.

*American College of Physicians Annual Session 2006
Philadelphia, United States
6 Apr 2006 - 8 Apr 2006
Choose from over 260 CME offerings presented by a world-renowned faculty unsurpassed in their field. Learn the latest developments in internal medicine and the subspecialties..

* 1st Qatar International Diabetic Foot Conference
Doha, Qatar
7 Apr 2006 - 9 Apr 2006
Topics include - Podiatry and Biomechanics; Foot Clinics; Vascular Disease etc..

*Bright Beginnings for children with Down’s Syndrome
London, United Kingdom
31 Mar 2006 - 1 Apr 2006
Bright Beginnings for children with Down’s Syndrome.

*1st Int. Conference on Hypertension, Lipids, Diabetes & Stroke Prevention
Paris, France
30 Mar 2006 - 1 Apr 2006
Main Topics include: Epidemiology of hypertension and hyperlipidemia, Dyslipidemia and risk of stroke, Statins and stroke risk reduction, PPAR alpha agonists and ACAT-inhibitors, Carotid atherosclerosis (IMT) and more.

* Hands-On Urodynamics - A Practical Approach (San Diego)
San Diego, CA, United States
30 Mar 2006 - 30 Mar 2006
This new One-Day Course is designed both for professionals who have little or no experience with actual urodynamic testing procedures, and for those with some experience but who wish to become more comfortable with performing urodynamic testing..

*"Hands-On Urodynamics - A Practical Approach"
San Diego, CA, United States
30 Mar 2006 - 30 Mar 2006
Designed both for professionals who have little or no experience with actual urodynamic testing procedures, and for those with some experience but who wish to become more comfortable with performing urodynamic testing..

Isla Margarita, Venezuela
22 Mar 2006 - 25 Mar 2006
Asociación Latinoamericana de Cuidados Paliativos (ALCP). Su misión es promover el desarrollo del Cuidado Paliativo en América Latina y el Caribe.

Cape Town, South Africa
21 Mar 2006 - 25 Mar 2006
South African Association of Physicists in Medicine and Biology takes pleasure in inviting you to attend and participate in the 45 th Congress and Autumn School in Cape Town. We encourage participation from a multidisciplinary field..

* Focus on Myeloma & Plasma Cell Disorders
Miami, United States
24 Mar 2006 - 25 Mar 2006
Sessions include - Pathogenesis of myeloma: The patient tells the story; Bone, bone marrow stroma and myeloma.

*TRAUMA 2006 - International Trauma Conference
Banff, Canada
23 Mar 2006 - 25 Mar 2006
This meeting will take an international and multidisciplinary approach to issues and controversies in public health, disaster preparedness, trauma system development, and delivery of complex clinical trauma care..

*39th annual Trauma & Critical Care Conference
Las Vegas, NV, United States
20 Mar 2006 - 22 Mar 2006
The two and one-half day program is designed for trauma surgeons working in Level I-IV trauma centers and is attended by general surgeons, anesthesiologists, emergency medicine physicians, family practitioners, trauma coordinators, surgical residents etc..

*Clinical Genetics Society Spring Conference
Glasgow, United Kingdom
23 Mar 2006 - 24 Mar 2006
Clinical Genetics Society Spring Conference.

*1st SCAR Meeting 'Innovations and contradictions, the future to discover'
Montpellier, France
29 Mar 2006 - 1 Apr 2006
More and more surgeons begin to realize the importance (social, psychological, cultural and professional) of minimizing incisions. Pathologic scars will be for the first time analysed following a scientific approach..

* 4th Annual Atlanta Lung Cancer Symposium
Atlanta, GA, United States
24 Mar 2006 - 25 Mar 2006
Sessions include - Innovations in Diagnosis and Staging of Lung Cancer; Multidisciplinary Management of Early Stage NSCLC.

*2006 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting
San Diego, CA, United States
23 Mar 2006 - 26 Mar 2006
2006 American College of Medical Genetics annual clinical genetics meeting will once again offer a first class scientific program to those in attendance. The meeting continues to grow in attendance, exhibits, and the number of contributed papers..

*BSMM Annual Meeting
Dublin, Ireland
26 Mar 2006 - 28 Mar 2006
British Society for Medical Mycology Annual Meeting, Dublin, 26-28 March 2006.

*“Cardiovascular Disease in the 21st Century – Shaping the Future”.
Sydney, Australia
23 Mar 2006 - 25 Mar 2006
The meeting will address the key issues in cardiovascular research and the application of this research to public health policy and clinical practice. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in the development of future strategies.

*World Vaccine Congress 2006
Washington DC, United States
20 Mar 2006 - 23 Mar 2006

*Programme du Xème colloque de Biologie Prospective
Lorraine, Luxembourg
16 Mar 2006 - 17 Mar 2006
Programme du Xème colloque de Biologie ProspectivePour une meilleure Santé cardiovasculaire Transfrontalière : un observatoire, une recherche dynamique et des actions communes..

*South African Congress of Nephrology
Cape Town, South Africa
18 Mar 2006 - 21 Mar 2006
This joint initiative is the 25th meeting of the South African Renal Society, and the 23rd meeting of the SA Renal Care Society. As before, we also have the support and involvement of the International Society of Nephrology..

*"The Laser Therapy 2006 Symposium"
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
14 Mar 2006 - 15 Mar 2006
The Laser Therapy 2006 Symposium will present new advances and “state of the art” laser technology in the various medical and surgical fields of study as well as in basic science..

*AusACPDM 2006
Adelaide, Australia
10 Mar 2006 - 12 Mar 2006
Australasian Academy of Cerebral Palsy & Developmental Medicine - "Completing the Picture".

*Innovation in Intervention: i2 Summit 2006
Atlanta, United States
11 Mar 2006 - 14 Mar 2006
Major Interventional Cardiology Meeting. The i2 Summit 2006 will devote a 1.5-day session to PVD care..

*2nd National Conference of Head and Neck Oncology Society of Pakistan
Karachi, Pakistan
10 Mar 2006 - 11 Mar 2006
a complete session dedicated to Thyroid and Parathyroid disorders is being planned. This session will be of particular interest not just for the surgeons but for the endocrinologists and nuclear medicine specialists..

*55th Annual Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology
Atlanta, United States
11 Mar 2006 - 14 Mar 2006
ACC.06 will deliver the rigorous science and clinical relevance attendees expect every year. Enjoy community rooms that allow you to network with your peers in five therapeutic areas, heart failure, EP, imaging, prevention and interventional cardiology..

*Physiology and Pharmacology of Temperature Regulation
Phoenix, United States
3 Mar 2006 - 6 Mar 2006
The meeting's program will include a range of topics within the basic biomedical sciences and clinical disciplines broadly related to body temperature regulation.

*Austrauma 2006
Sydney, Australia
3 Mar 2006 - 4 Mar 2006
Annual Trauma and Critical Care Conference, inviting all those involved in the care of the multiple injured from the scene all the way through to rehabilitation. The meeting highlights this year include motor vehicle and motorbike safety and more.

*2006 PAAS Program Annual Training course & Seminar
Grapevine, Texas, United States
9 Mar 2006 - 12 Mar 2006
This program is open to those physicians already practicing the diagnosis and treatment of allergy and sensitivity disorders as well as those preparing themselves to add the diagnosis and treatment of allergy & sensitivity disorders to their practice..

*1st International Emirates Neurology Congress and 5th GCC Neurology Symposium
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
6 Mar 2006 - 9 Mar 2006
Topics include - epilepsy, cerebrovascular diseases, pediatric neurology, multiple sclerosis, movement, muscle and nerve disorders, neuroradiology, neuropsychiatry, neurorehabilitation, headache, pain, CNS infections and surgical neurology..

*2006 AAAAI Annual Meeting
Miami Beach, Florida, United States
3 Mar 2006 - 6 Mar 2006
2006 American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology Annual Meeting. The scientific basis of allergy practice..

*Sensory perception: basic mechanisms and human diseases
Paris, France
9 Mar 2006 - 10 Mar 2006
The program will focus on the major sensory systems found in human beings and other mammals..

Havana, Cuba
6 Mar 2006 - 10 Mar 2006
En el IX Seminario analizaremos y discutiremos profundamente las siguientes preguntas: ¿Qué es la APS (Atención Primaria de la Salud)en cada país? ¿Qué es la Medicina Familiar? etc..

* 11th Annual Vermont Perspectives in Anesthesia
Stowe, VT, United States
8 Mar 2006 - 12 Mar 2006
This conference will provide anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists and others in the field of anesthesiology with timely, informative clinical updates and a practical review of a variety of topics..

*11th Annual Scientific Assembly Israeli Association for Emergency Medicine
Tel Aviv, Israel
6 Mar 2006 - 7 Mar 2006
The field of Emergency Medicine in Israel is growing and developing rapidly. While we continue to strive for clinical excellence, serious emphasis is also placed on the research and academic aspects of our field..

Zaragoza, Spain
9 Mar 2006 - 10 Mar 2006

*Early Childhood Intervention Australia 7th Biennial National Conference
Adelaide, Australia
5 Mar 2006 - 7 Mar 2006
The theme Early childhood intervention: Whose landscape is it? is intended to reflect the diversity of family experiences, service delivery models, policy perspectives and inclusive practices within early childhood intervention..

*American College of Physicians International Update
Mexico City, Mexico
24 Feb 2006 - 25 Feb 2006
The program will cover illnesses and conditions commonly seen in the United States and Latin America. World-recognized faculty will present the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment. The intense two-day program will help practitioners.

*Mayo Clinic Symposium on Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine
Fort Lauderdale, United States
22 Feb 2006 - 25 Feb 2006
This four-day conference discusses current topics in anesthesia and perioperative medicine and their related technologies.

*Symposium Intensivmedizin + Intensivpflege
Bremen, Germany
22 Feb 2006 - 24 Feb 2006
Auch beim Symposium 2006 ergeben sich die thematischen Schwerpunkte aus unserem Anspruch, die wesentlichen Entwicklungen der modernen Intensivmedizin vorzustellen und die Probleme unseres Gesundheitssystems zu diskutieren..

*Mastering Medicinal Chemistry - Tackling the top challenges
San Fransisco, United States
22 Feb 2006 - 24 Feb 2006
Mastering Medicinal Chemistry - Tackling the top challenges.

*Autism Practitioners Conference 2006
Canberra, Australia
24 Feb 2006 - 25 Feb 2006
Contributions in the areas of behaviour, emotions, sensory processing, cognition, relationships, and collaboration are all welcome..

*1st World Congress on Gender Specific Medicine
Berlin, Germany
23 Feb 2006 - 26 Feb 2006
Men, Women & Medicine. The aim of this Congress is to familiarize the practicing physician with new developments and the expanding science of gender- specific medicine, to show how they affect clinical practice, and to highlight areas for future research.

* Hepatitis 2006
Dakar, Senegal
25 Feb 2006 - 5 Mar 2006
For scientists, clinical researchers, students and others actively engaged in Hepatitis research and related studies or with a strong interest in the field..

Karachi, Pakistan
20 Feb 2006 - 22 Feb 2006
The important features of this event are pre-conference two days intensive Hand review course and two hands on workshops on comprehensive tendon suturing and basic micro surgical suturing techniques..

*International Diabetes Conference
Karachi, Pakistan
26 Feb 2006 - 28 Feb 2006
The theme of this conference is “Decade of Diabetes Care: in Low-resource and Under-served Communities.”.

*29th Annual UC Davis Emergency Medicine Winter Conference
South Lake Tahoe, CA, United States
27 Feb 2006 - 3 Mar 2006
This is an important opportunity for physicians involved in the delivery of emergency medicine to review important topics and discuss recent advances..

*Laser & Cosmetic Medicine Conference 2006
Sydney, Australia
25 Feb 2006 - 26 Feb 2006
This course is designed for GP’s entering cosmetic medicine as well as established practitioners who would like more training..

*2nd Advances Against Aspergillosis
Athens, Greece
22 Feb 2006 - 25 Feb 2006
Invasive Aspergillosis and its role as the leading fungal cause of patient mortality..

*Comprehensive Review of Sexual Medicine 2006
Vancouver, Canada
24 Feb 2006 - 25 Feb 2006
This meeting will continue to provide a complete review of male and female sexual dysfunction aimed at the practicing physician, specialist or generalist..

*Canadian Digestive Diseases Week
Banff, Canada
24 Feb 2006 - 27 Feb 2006
Canadian Digestive Diseases Week is the annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology. The meeting currently includes the following programs: - Scientific Program - Practitioners Program - Gastrointestinal Residents in Training Program.

* AAEM 12th Annual Scientific Assembly
San Antonio, TX, United States
16 Feb 2006 - 18 Feb 2006
American Association of Emergency Medicine 12th Annual Scientific Assembly.

*3rd CHIREC Orthopaedic Congress
Brussels, Belgium
18 Feb 2006 - 18 Feb 2006
Is there really something new in knee surgery?.

*50th Annual Meeting of the Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis Research
Basel, Switzerland
15 Feb 2006 - 18 Feb 2006
Neben freien Vorträgen, Symposien, Plenarsitzungen, Poster-Besichtigungen und Diskussionen sowie Arbeitsgruppen-Tagungen werden wir Ihnen auch hämostaseologische Perlen anbieten – lassen Sie sich überraschen..

*2nd "European Conference on Myocardial Diseases"
Venice, Italy
15 Feb 2006 - 17 Feb 2006

*4th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation (WCNR 2006)
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
12 Feb 2006 - 16 Feb 2006
The programme is an exciting mixture of neuroscience & practical clinical neurorehabilitation. There is something for all participants. In addition to the scientific and educational content, there is Hong Kong itself ....

*3rd Annual Headache Research Summit
Rancho Mirage, CA, United States
15 Feb 2006 - 16 Feb 2006
This Summit will feature the latest research in the following areas:Consequence of Headaches on the Family and Employment;Consequence of Headaches on the Family and Employment and more.

*"International Workshop on Epilepsy & Neuro-Electrophysiology Workshop"
New Dehli, India
4 Feb 2006 - 5 Feb 2006
"International Workshop on Epilepsy & Neuro-Electrophysiology Workshop" The presentations and topics will focus on the emerging trends and practical demonstrations in addition to case studies and video presentations on Epilepsy & Neuro-Electrophysiology..

*Developmental Vascular Biology Workshop II
Asilomar, California, United States
1 Feb 2006 - 5 Feb 2006
Sessions include - Emergence of vascular lineages,Vascular Diversity,Vascular Smooth Muscle.

*11th International Symposium in the Critically ill Patient
Seville, Spain
3 Feb 2006 - 4 Feb 2006
Sepsis, Pulmonary Infections, Basic Research, Pulmonary Infections Treatment & Prophylaxis Therapy of severe infections - the topics of the main sessions presented by experts who will review & update the new advances on infections in the critically ill..

*The Vagus Nerve
London, United Kingdom
3 Feb 2006 - 3 Feb 2006
The vagus (cranial nerve X) has important implications for anaesthesia and disease. Monitoring vagal function opens windows on the brain..

*ICMCC Conference on EHR Standardization and Interoperability
The Hague, Netherlands
6 Feb 2006 - 7 Feb 2006
EHR Standardization and Interoperability.

*New Horizons in Anesthesiology
Steamboat Springs, United States
6 Feb 2006 - 11 Feb 2006
Anesthetists will gain an understanding of advances in ambulatory anesthesia, patient evaluation & education,perioperative fluid management and fast track recovery,pharmacokinetic-based inhalation bolus technique, pediatric anesthesia & patient monitoring.

*Annual Assembly of AAHPM & HPNA
Nashville, TN, United States
8 Feb 2006 - 11 Feb 2006
The Annual Assembly of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine and the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association is designed for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers.

* “Gait and Mental Function”
Madrid, Spain
3 Feb 2006 - 5 Feb 2006
The theme of the congress will be unique, in that whilst traditional research into gait primarily focused on the motor control and biomechanics of walking with particular emphasis on its spatial temporal properties.

*Triological Society - Middle & Western Section
San Diego, CA, United States
2 Feb 2006 - 5 Feb 2006
At the conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the endoscopic approach to frontal sinus disease plus much more...

*SAUDI HEART ASSOCIATION 17th Scientific Session
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
31 Jan 2006 - 2 Feb 2006
Sessions include - Coronary Artery Disease,Congenital Heart Disease, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery,Arrhythmias & Pacing.

*10th International Symposium
Grindelwald, Switzerland
29 Jan 2006 - 3 Mar 2006
10th International Symposium Current Topics in Infectious Diseases A broad array of topics will be covered, with a focus on:Poverty related diseases and travel medicine; Virology and HIV-related diseases etc..

*Medicine Meets Virtual Reality
Long Beach, CA, United States
24 Jan 2006 - 27 Jan 2006
MMVR14 - a forum for encouraging & sharing innovative research on information-based tools for clinical care & medical education. Presentations chosen to educate participants include: State-of-the-art for medical simulation & its enabling technologies.

* 8th International Symposium on Febrile Neutropenia
Athens, Greece
26 Jan 2006 - 28 Jan 2006
Topics include - Etiologic Factors, Diagnosis, and Prognostic Implications in Febrile Neutropenia;Management of Fungal Infections in Febrile Neutropenia.

*American College of Rheumatology Winter Rheumatology Symposium
Snowmass Village, Colora, United States
21 Jan 2006 - 27 Jan 2006
American College of Rheumatology Winter Rheumatology Symposium.

*XX Congreso Interamericano XXIV Congreso Nacional de Cardiología
Cancun, Mexico
28 Jan 2006 - 1 Feb 2006
Dirigido a: Cardiólogos;Internistas;Cirujanos Cardiovasculares;Enfermeras y Técnicos en Cardiología.

*"Winter Symposium in Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Management"
Copper Mountain Resort, United States
29 Jan 2006 - 31 Jan 2006

* Annual Research & Scientific Meeting Scottish Intensive Care Society & Intensive Care Society of Ireland
Dunblane, United Kingdom
26 Jan 2006 - 27 Jan 2006
Pulmonary Embolism, Blood Transfusion, Optimisation, Acute Coronary Syndrome, Cardiac Monitoring, Clinical Challenges, Extreme Physiology & Research, Posters/Trainees Presentations.

*Skull Base Surgery International Symposium
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
28 Jan 2006 - 30 Jan 2006
Skull Base Surgery approaches aim to remove a lesion situated in a bony no man's land with the combined efforts of Otoneurotology and Neurosurgery to get the best approach for the patient with minimal morbidity..

*2006 Practical Updates in Anesthesiology
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
29 Jan 2006 - 3 Feb 2006
The topics for this year’s meeting will include clinical topics concerning geriatric, pediatric, obstetric and cardiac anesthesia..

*Triological Society - Eastern Section
Toronto, Canada
20 Jan 2006 - 22 Jan 2006
t the conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:Improve their abilities to use new imaging techniques and other diagnostic tools to diagnose and treat patients with head and neck cancer plus more..

*Working Together to Improve Rheumatology Services
London, United Kingdom
25 Jan 2006 - 25 Jan 2006
The day will centre around four main sessions. The first session will introduce and set the scene. The next three sessions will focus on the particular viewpoints of patients, commissioners, clinicians and policy makers..

*28th World Congress of Internal Medicine
Taipei, Taiwan
10 Jan 2006 - 14 Jan 2006
We have been designated the theme as ‘Internal Medicine in IT (Information Technology) Era', from medical research, education, clinical service, as well as various subspecialties, geriatric, medical ethics, neurology, critical care and emergency medicine.

*NESA DAYS 2006 'Optimizing Endoscopy'
Berlin, Germany
19 Jan 2006 - 21 Jan 2006
NESA's five disciplines are: general surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, urology, otolaryngology, & anaesthesiology. Surgeons from different disciplines may update their knowledge in their own profession and be exposed to new ideas and techniques.

*5th Annual Caribbean Dermatology Symposium
Oranjestad, Aruba
17 Jan 2006 - 21 Jan 2006
5th Annual Caribbean Dermatology Symposium.

*Haemodynamic monitoring in shock and implications for management
Paris, France
19 Jan 2006 - 19 Jan 2006
THE JOINT ESICM/ATS/ERS/SCCM/SRLF CONSENSUS CONFERENCE organised jointly by the ESICM, the American Thoracic Society (ATS), the European Respiratory Society (ERS), the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) & the Société de Réanimation de Langue France.

*Grad research conference: From the Cradle to the Grave: Future perspectives
Glasgow, United Kingdom
11 Jan 2006 - 12 Jan 2006
Grad research conference: From the Cradle to the Grave: Future perspectives Aimed at all current Grad students working with history of health, medicine and disease topics..

Ft. Lauderdale, United States
14 Jan 2006 - 22 Jan 2006
The Academic program consists of current concepts and clinical updates within the areas of patient safety, sedation in the OR, PACU and ICU, preoperative invasive monitoring, preoperative management of hypertension, preoperative renal protection etc..

*Invasive Pain Management: An Advanced Interdisciplinary Course
Scottsdale, AZ, United States
13 Jan 2006 - 15 Jan 2006
This is an advanced non-cadaver-based course in interventional pain management..

*Triological Society - Southern Section
Naples, FL, United States
12 Jan 2006 - 14 Jan 2006
Educational objectives include - Gain a better understanding of the value of the PET scan in the workup of the unknown primary of the head and neck and in the management of the N-positive neck;Describe practical solutions to otologic dilemmas etc..

*6th Annual International Meeting on Medical Simulation
San Diego, CA, United States
14 Jan 2006 - 17 Jan 2006
This is a 2.5 day conference which features plenary and keynote sessions, workshops, roundtable discussions, and research abstracts. Exhibits of technology, software and support services will also be available for viewing..

*The 2nd Annual Women’s Health Cruise
Miami, United States
15 Jan 2006 - 22 Jan 2006
Topics include - Understand current issues in the management of vulvovaginitis and sexually;optimal strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of overactive bladder, stress incontinence, hematuria, and interstitial cystitis etc..

*7th Eurosiva Crans Montana Wintermeeting
Crans-Montana, Switzerland
19 Jan 2006 - 22 Jan 2006
A postgraduate course of lectures and practical workshops on intravenous anaesthesia..

*Moorfields Ophthalmology Course for General Practitioners
London, United Kingdom
12 Dec 2005 - 13 Dec 2005
Opthalmology for GPs.

*British Society of Human Genetics: Choices and boundaries
London, United Kingdom
12 Dec 2005 - 12 Dec 2005
The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority is holding a public discussion on the use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for lower penetrance conditions. We will be discussing the use of PGD for inherited susceptibility tocertain conditions..

*1st International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterials & Tissues
Waikoloa, Hawaii, United States
11 Dec 2005 - 14 Dec 2005
First International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterials & Tissues will explore how the study of engineering materials can be relevant to the study of biomaterials..

*Practical Emergency Airway Management Course December 2005
Baltimore, MD, United States
1 Dec 2005 - 3 Dec 2005
Practical Emergency Airway Management Course.

*Current Concepts in Emergency Care
Maui, Hawaii, United States
4 Dec 2005 - 9 Dec 2005
Current Concepts in Emergency Care. This year we are including two complimentary Workshops “Managing Cardiac Emergencies Year 2005” and “Improving the Care of Seizure and Stroke Patients, Current Concepts 2005”.

*Swiss Proteomics Society: Fifth scientific meeting
Zurich, Switzerland
5 Dec 2005 - 7 Dec 2005
Swiss Proteomics Society: Fifth scientific meeting: Expanding Proteomics - New directions in Biology, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicine.

*Recent Clinical Advances in Pancreatic Cancer: CME Regional Dinner Program
Houston, TX, United States
6 Dec 2005 - 6 Dec 2005
Recent Clinical Advances in Pancreatic Cancer:CME Regional Dinner Program Series (1206)This program will provide participants with an overview of recent clinical trials investigating the use of targeted agents for the treatment of patients with pancreatic.

*Specialty Advisory Committee in Geriatric Medicine
Glasgow, United Kingdom
30 Nov 2005 - 30 Nov 2005
Joint meeting with BGS Education and Training Committee.

*Lipid Update
Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom
21 Nov 2005 - 22 Nov 2005

*Specialist Registrars' Evening
London, United Kingdom
22 Nov 2005 - 22 Nov 2005
Oral presentations on elderly medicine and old age psychiatry..

*English Community Care Association (ECCA)
Birmingham, United Kingdom
23 Nov 2005 - 23 Nov 2005
Caremsector conference and exhibition..

*Meningitis and septicaemia in children and adults
London, United Kingdom
23 Nov 2005 - 24 Nov 2005
Meningitis and septicaemia in children and adults: Burden of illness, management and prospects for prevention conference organised by Meningitis Research Foundation.

*9th International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections (IUSTI) World Congress
Bangkok, Thailand
15 Nov 2005 - 18 Nov 2005
World Congress on STIs.

*Identifying and Characterising Extracellular Matrix and Adhesion Molecules
London, United Kingdom
11 Nov 2005 - 11 Nov 2005
Identifying and Characterising Extracellular Matrix and Adhesion Molecules.

*Neuroscience 2005
Washington, United States
12 Nov 2005 - 16 Nov 2005
At Neuroscience 2005, the Society for Neuroscience will celebrate 35 years as a leading organization for the study of the brain and nervous system. 30,000 scientists & the latest discoveries and research on the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system..

*196th Meeting of the Society for Endocrinology
London, United Kingdom
7 Nov 2005 - 9 Nov 2005
We are marking the centenary of Ernest Starling coining the term ‘Hormone’ at this year’s meeting with 2 special sessions: a historical keynote lecture and an open public session on hormones and stress.The rest of the programme includes 3 plenary lectures.

*4-Day Comprehensive Interventional Pain Management Cadaver Course
New Orleans, LA, United States
9 Nov 2005 - 13 Nov 2005
Details not available.

* British Hypertension Society Clinical Education Meeting for Primary Care:
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
8 Nov 2005 - 8 Nov 2005
Primary care in hypertension.

*Practical Emergency Airway Management Course November 2005
Baltimore, MD, United States
3 Nov 2005 - 4 Nov 2005
Practical Emergency Airway Management Course.

*Royal College of Radiologists Breast Group Annual Scientific Meeting
Nottingham, United Kingdom
31 Oct 2005 - 1 Nov 2005
Contributions from well nown figures in the world of breast disease..

*Viral Vaccine Meeting (VVM) 2005
Madrid, Spain
27 Oct 2005 - 30 Oct 2005
Viral Vaccine Meeting.

*12th Annual Meeting of the International Herpes Management Forum (IHMF)
Lisbon, Portugal
28 Oct 2005 - 30 Oct 2005
Herpes management.

*3rd National Prevention Summit
Washington, DC, United States
24 Oct 2005 - 25 Oct 2005
3rd National Prevention Summit.

*16th Annual Chapter Congress of the International Union of Angiology
Glasgow, United Kingdom
25 Oct 2005 - 27 Oct 2005
EUROCHAP: Peripheral arterial disease — Stroke — Carotid disease.

*Hypertension Update
London, United Kingdom
17 Oct 2005 - 18 Oct 2005
Causes and consequences of raised blood pressure.

London, United Kingdom
11 Oct 2005 - 14 Oct 2005
A Multi-Disciplinary Approach. Diagnosis, Therapy and Management. Organised byt the Department of Neuro-otology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery..

*Second Meeting of RLS:UK
London, United Kingdom
14 Oct 2005 - 14 Oct 2005
RLS:UK in conjunction with the Ekbom Society and the sleep section of RSM. Aspects covered will include genetics, epidemiology, ethnic variations, treatment update and patient perspectives..

*'A Patient's Journey'
Birmingham, United Kingdom
14 Oct 2005 - 14 Oct 2005
Our speakers will follow an elderly patient's progress along their healthcare journey in hospital, describing the patient's pathway and the interface between the older people's services and the psychiatric services provided..

*The expert witness system: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
London, United Kingdom
14 Oct 2005 - 14 Oct 2005
Contact: The Expert Witness Institute, Africa House, 64 - 78 Kingsway, London WC2B 6BD.

*10th Annual Meeting of the European Council for Cardiovascular Research
Nice, France
14 Oct 2005 - 16 Oct 2005
The annual conference held in October covers a broad range of subjects, including genetics of cardiovascular diseases, vascular biology, cardiac and renal aspects as well as modern strategies of prevention and therapy in cardiovascular disease..

*West Virginia 2005 Pain Summit
Charleston, WV, United States
14 Oct 2005 - 14 Oct 2005
Details not available.

*Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) 43rd Annual Meeting
San Fransisco. CA, United States
6 Oct 2005 - 9 Oct 2005
Annual Conference of IDSA.

*12th Symposium on Hepatitis C and related Viruses
Montreal, Canada
2 Oct 2005 - 6 Oct 2005
The symposium will provide one of the most important opportunities for virologists in the field of HCV and related viruses to present their scientific work to the largest possible international audience..

*Artery 5
Paris, France
30 Sep 2005 - 1 Oct 2005
A forum for discussion on arterial structure and function..

*AAGBI Annual Congress
Manchester, United Kingdom
20 Sep 2005 - 23 Sep 2005
Annual Meeting of British Anaestheologists.

*Protein Biomarkers 2005
Philadelphia, PA, United States
27 Sep 2005 - 28 Sep 2005
THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE OF PROTEIN BIOMARKERS:New methods for sample enrichment and multi-dimensional separations; Debate on top-down vs. bottom-up approaches to protein biomarker discovery; Progress update on disease-specific protein biomarkers.

*SoCRA 14th Annual Conference
Orlando, Florida, United States
22 Sep 2005 - 25 Sep 2005
Society of Clinical Research Associates 14th Annual Conference.

*National Symposium of Care Home Diabetes
Manchester, United Kingdom
22 Sep 2005 - 22 Sep 2005
DEsigned for specialists in Diabetes, GPs, Hopsital Managers, Residential Care Home Staff, Nursing Staff and Care Home Managers.

*Focus on Pain 2005
Philadelphia, PA, United States
29 Sep 2005 - 1 Oct 2005
Details not available.

*The Pain Center, 2005/2006, The Nuts & Bolts
Las Vegas, NV, United States
18 Sep 2005 - 22 Sep 2005
Experienced Pain Practioners and Practice Management. Experts bring their knowledge together in one outstanding meeting that you should attend..

*Palliative Medicine for the Concer and Non-Cancer Patient
London, United Kingdom
15 Sep 2005 - 15 Sep 2005
The emphasis will be on pharmacological management of patients in the palliative phase of their illness from whatever cause..

*Mapping the Future of Public Health: People, Places and Policies
Ottawa, Canada
18 Sep 2005 - 21 Sep 2005
Health practitioners, policy planners and researchers from across the country will be gathering in Ottawa for the Canadian Public Health Association’s 96th Annual Conference, from September 18 to 21..

*Eastern Pain Association Annual Scientific Meeting
New York, NY, United States
16 Sep 2005 - 17 Sep 2005
Details not available.

*Mechanisms and Treatment of Cancer- Related Symptoms
Houston, Texas, United States
10 Sep 2005 - 12 Sep 2005
We will examine the relationships among pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and cognitive dysfunction. We will explore, in discussions of both human studies and animal models, the potential common biologic mechanisms of these symptoms..

*British Hypertension Society Annual Scientific Meeting
Cambridge, United Kingdom
19 Sep 2005 - 21 Sep 2005
Hypertension, raised blood pressure..

*The Midwest Pain Society 29th Scientific Session
Chicago, Illinois, United States
9 Sep 2005 - 10 Sep 2005
Details not available.

*VIIth National Congress of the Polish Neuroscience Society
Krakow, Poland
7 Sep 2005 - 10 Sep 2005
he BNA is collaborating with the Polish Neuroscience Society this year by contributing two special symposia at their National Meeting. \'MECHANISMS OF HIPPOCAMPAL PLASTICITY\' & \'NEURAL DIFFERENTIATION OF NON-EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS\'.

*Journal of Oral Rehabilitation Summer School Initiative
Umbria, Italy
3 Sep 2005 - 7 Sep 2005
Journal of Oral Rehabilitation Summer School Initiative: Theme 2005: Oral implants - implications for oral physiology.

*World Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (WSPID) World Conference
Warsaw, Poland
1 Sep 2005 - 4 Sep 2005
Conference on paediatric infectious diseases.

*National AGILE Conference 2005
Evesham, United Kingdom
9 Sep 2005 - 10 Sep 2005
Long Term Conditions: Sharing Good Practice..

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