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*Newborn Screening Update
Manchester, United Kingdom
1 Mar 2007 - 1 Mar 2007
This day offers the opportunity for health professionals from different specialties who have an interest in this area to familiarise themselves with the background and process of the newborn screening programme..

*Midwifery Today Conference “Soaking up Midwifery Knowledge”
Bad Wildbad, Germany
25 Oct 2006 - 29 Oct 2006
Sessions Include: Improving Your Practice with Research, Insights and Realities; Holistic Midwifery Care; Humane Hospital Births.

*Resourcing Global Health
Glasgow, United Kingdom
7 Jun 2006 - 9 Jun 2006
4th International Multidisciplinary Conference in collaboration with the Global Network of the WHO Collaborating Centres for Nursing and Midwifery Development.

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