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*7th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition
Bangkok, Thailand
5 Jun 2011 - 9 Jun 2011
The 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Nutrition will bring together clinicians, dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, hospital pharmacists, nursing staff, others with interests in patient nutrition. .

*19th International Congress of Nutrition 2009
Bangkok, Thailand
4 Oct 2009 - 9 Oct 2009
"Nutrition Security for All".

*Behavioural nutrition and energy balance in the young
Dundee, United Kingdom
27 Mar 2008 - 28 Mar 2008
Scottish Section Meeting.

*Child Nutrition Industry Conference 2008
Monterey, CA, United States
13 Jan 2008 - 15 Jan 2008
Does today’s school nutrition climate of rising regulations, costs and headaches leave you feeling exhausted? Chart a course for CNIC 2008 and put some new life into your sails!.

*Sweets Expo Montreal 2007
Montreal, Cameroon
20 Oct 2007 - 21 Oct 2007
An annual gathering that connects retailers, distributors and manufacturers with consumers Inspire new recipes, baking demonstrations on our Imagination Baking Stage..

*4th International Conference on Mechanisms of Action of Nutraceuticals (ICMAN 4)
Tel Aviv, Israel
21 Oct 2007 - 24 Oct 2007
ICMAN 4, we are bringing together leading international researchers and other figures to share experience relevant to the role of nutraceuticals in areas of basic and medical science..

*NutriGenomics 2007
Paris, France
25 Oct 2007 - 26 Oct 2007
First International conference on Genomically Inspired Approaches to Personalize Nutrition, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Drugs.

*2nd International Symposium on Human Health Effects of Fruits and Vegetables
Houston, TX, United States
9 Oct 2007 - 13 Oct 2007
The objective of the 2nd International Symposium on Human Health Effects of Fruit and Vegetables" is to provide a forum for horticultural scientists, nutritionists, food scientists, biomedical scientists, chemists, biochemists, clinicians etc..

*International Symposium on Health Effects of Fruits and Vegetables
Houston, TX, United States
9 Oct 2007 - 13 Oct 2007
Join scientific, industry, and other professionals involved in exploring the human health benefits fruits and vegetables can have on our health at the Second International Symposium on Human Health Effects of Fruit and Vegetables, in Houston..

Les Diablerets, Switzerland
7 Oct 2007 - 12 Oct 2007
While the first two Gordon Conferences in this series were devoted to consideration of floral volatiles, our 2007 meeting will be the first to expand to cover the entire gamut of plant volatiles, from chemistry and biochemistry to physiology and ecology..

*1st International Immunonutrition Workshop,
Valencia, Spain
3 Oct 2007 - 5 Oct 2007
During our workshop, internationally renowned scientists will present state-of-the-art information on interesting and timely topics related to immunonutrition, the interaction between nutrition and immunity..

*The Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo
Philadelphia, PA, United States
29 Sep 2007 - 2 Oct 2007
Learn about new product releases, educational resources & cutting-edge technology that will fortify the vision of your profession. Earn CPEs while experiencing culinary demonstrations, specialty exhibitor pavilions, over 300 leading food & nutrition exhib.

*2nd International EuroFIR Congress
Caja Rural, Granada, Spain
26 Sep 2007 - 27 Sep 2007
Role of food composition data in improving quality, healthiness and safety of European diets.

*An introductory course in Lipid Science and Technology
Gothenburg, Sweden
12 Sep 2007 - 16 Sep 2007
Protection of lipids by antioxidants; Novel Technologies: Enzymes in Lipid Technology; Novel Technologies: Membrane Technology etc..

*LMC Congress 2007: Innovations in Food Technology
Copenhagen, Denmark
19 Sep 2007 - 20 Sep 2007
The congress Innovations in Food Technology will encompass themes related to the European Technology Platform "Food for Life" and emphasise the industrial relevance of food science and technology research and development..

* 7th International Symposium on the Nutrition of Herbivores (ISNH-7),
Beijing, China
16 Sep 2007 - 21 Sep 2007
The symposium theme is “the herbivore nutrition associated with the development of efficient, safe and sustainable livestock production.”.

*4th International Scientific Symposium on Tea & Human Health: Role of Flavenoids in the Diet
Washington, DC, United States
18 Sep 2007 - 18 Sep 2007
The Fourth International Scientific Symposium on Tea & Human Health will be a full-day scientific session of the international scientific community during which researchers will review new findings on the role of tea in the human diet..

*2nd International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition
Vichy, France
9 Sep 2007 - 13 Sep 2007
The Symposium is oriented towards livestock science but also addresses general aspects of protein and energy metabolism as applied to livestock or biomedical science..

*25th International Pediatric Association Congress
Athens, Greece
25 Aug 2007 - 30 Aug 2007
We are all scientists - MDs - dedicated to improving the health of our children. But our scope of aims does not end there; our congress will also address major issues, which affect the well being of children around the world: environment, nutrition etc..

*Society for Nutrition Education 40th Annual Conference
Chicago, Illinois, United States
28 Jul 2007 - 1 Aug 2007
The 40th Annual Conference will provide attendees with strategies and tools in the ever changing world of nutrition and health. SNE's goal is to highlight leading-edge research, programs and policies in the areas of nutrition, food safety & health.

*10th European Nutrition Conference
Paris, France
10 Jul 2007 - 13 Jul 2007
On behalf of the Federation of the European Nutrition Societies (FENS) and the Union Française pour la Nutrition et l'Alimentation (UFNA), we are delighted to invite all colleagues in the field of nutrition to attend.

*5th Northern Lights Summer Conference, CFBS 51st Scientific Conference
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
20 Jun 2007 - 23 Jun 2007
Themes: 1. Nanomedicine: Nanostructures & their Biomedical Applications, 2. Metabolomics, Technologies & Applications, Abstract deadline: March 30, 2007 Plenary Lectures, Science Policy Forum, Travel Awards, Poster Sessions, & Scientific Exhibits.

*6th Annual Meeting of The International Society For Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
Oslo, Norway
20 Jun 2007 - 23 Jun 2007
We believe that we have already managed to attract some exciting keynote speakers, and we are in the process of completing the keynote program. Keynote speakers include distinguished behavioral nutrition and physical activity researchers..

*Nutrition and Nurture in Infancy and Childhood: Bio-Cultural Perspectives
Grange over Sands, United Kingdom
25 Jun 2007 - 27 Jun 2007
The conference will explore key themes from a range of disciplinary perspectives on infant and child feeding, eating and nutrition..

*Paris Anti-Obesity 2007
Paris, France
14 Jun 2007 - 15 Jun 2007
After the success of Paris Anti-Obesity Therapies 2006, the International Society for Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH), the French Society for Antioxidants (SFA), the Japanese Society for Antioxidants (JSA), the International Society of Preven.

*The Canadian Nutrition Congress 2007
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
18 Jun 2007 - 21 Jun 2007
CNC2007 will be a joint meeting of the Canadian Section of the American Oil Chemists' Society (CAOCS), the Canadian Society of Animal Science (CSAS) and the Canadian Society for Nutritional Sciences (CSNS)..

Helsinki, Finland
18 Jun 2007 - 20 Jun 2007

*British Dietetic Association Annual Conference & Exhibition 2007
Belfast, United Kingdom
19 Jun 2007 - 21 Jun 2007
The conference will have sessions on topical clinical and professional issues that affect dietitians' day-to-day practice. There will also be a large exhibition area..

*12th World Congress on Clinical Nutrition
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
17 Jun 2007 - 20 Jun 2007
This year’s dynamic program areas will range from molecular and cellular biology of foods to its application in clinical nutrition. There will be simultaneous sessions in: “Functional Foods and Nutrition”, “Natural Health Products”, and “Designer Foods”..

*6th Summer Conference in Intensive Care Medicine: Nutritional Therapy in the ICU
Toronto, ON, Canada
14 Jun 2007 - 16 Jun 2007
Nutritional support is an important component of care for the critically ill patient. Studies have shown that providing adequate nutrition can improve clinical outcomes by decreasing morbidity, infections and mortality.

Stockholm, Sweden
16 Jun 2007 - 19 Jun 2007
Current evidence and future perspectives for lifestyle interventions in children and adolescents.

*98th American Oil Chemist Society Annual Meeting & Expo
Quebec, Canada
13 May 2007 - 16 May 2007
This meeting is a joint World Congress with the Japan Oil Chemists’ Society (JOCS), as well as the first major conference to host the new International Society for Fat Research (ISF) Lectureship Series..

*IDF Regional Conference
Moscow, Russia
17 May 2007 - 17 May 2007
Organizers: IDF National Committee of the Russian Federation, the North-Caucasus State Technical University and the All-Russia Dairy Research Institute.Main sessions: Technology and industrial application of Fermented milks and Nutrition and health..

*IDF Symposium on Lactose and its Derivatives
Moscow, Russia
14 May 2007 - 16 May 2007
Organizers: IDF, the National Committee of the Russian Federation, the North Caucasus State Technical University. The main sessions: Lactose and its properties, Technologies and products, Lactose derivatives, Dairy carbohydrates and nutrition..

*IDF Conference on Fermented Milks - Technology and Nutrition
Moscow, Russia
17 May 2007 - 17 May 2007
Sessions include: Technology and industrial application; Nutrition and health.

*Food & Drink in Archaeology 2007: Postgraduate Conference Department of Archaeology
Nottingham, United Kingdom
18 May 2007 - 19 May 2007
Research on food and drink in history and prehistory has come to the forefront of modern archaeological, academic study..

Ouarzazate, Morocco
7 May 2007 - 9 May 2007
The goal of the conference is to create a platform for exchange and communication on the latest developments in nutrition & human development in Africa and worldwide. We sincerely invite you to participate in this critically important African conference..

St. Julian’s, Malta
9 May 2007 - 11 May 2007
This symposium will provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary dialogue on the following: Reviewing the current status and future of scientific substantiation of health claims;Exploring consumer understanding, behaviour and communication etc..

*Inaugural Canadian Micronutrient Conference
Mississauga, Canada
4 May 2007 - 5 May 2007
This landmark event is a “must attend” for anyone who is concerned about the health of our nation. Canadians are anxious to investigate the amazing potential that the field of nutrition holds for revolutionizing our health care system..

*Sweets Expo Toronto 2007
Toronto, ON, Canada
3 May 2007 - 6 May 2007
An annual gathering that connects retailers, distributors and manufacturers with consumers Inspire new recipes, baking demonstrations on our Imagination Baking Stage..

*Healthy Life Expo May 2007
Golden Valley, MN, United States
2 May 2007 - 2 May 2007
This event features many local and national exhibitors offering the latest in cutting edge information, products and services, promoting a healthier, happier and more balanced life..

Budapest, Hungary
20 Apr 2007 - 21 Apr 2007
This project is a large collaborative investigation into the long-term consequences of early nutrition by metabolic programming. It brings together a multi-disciplinary team of scientists from 38 institutions in 16 European countries..

Washington, DC, United States
27 Apr 2007 - 27 Apr 2007
The NUTRIENT DATABANK CONFERENCE is held annually to foster communication among nutrient data base generators and users. Participation is open to researchers from academia, the food industry, government and other interested parties..

*'The role of fruit and vegetables in the fight against obesity'. EGEA 2007
Brussels, Belgium
17 Apr 2007 - 19 Apr 2007
Obesity is now considered one of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st century and a focused response is urgently needed. It is increasingly evident that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, at least 400 grams daily, is a key player in obesity.

*The 2007 International Food Symposuim: Let Food Be Your Medicine
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
22 Mar 2007 - 23 Mar 2007
Topics include: - Functional Foods -- Turning health issues into marketing strategies; Beyond Repackaging -- Creating the foods that consumers demand.

*Slimming Ingredients Germany 2007
Berlin, Germany
29 Mar 2007 - 30 Mar 2007
The aim of Slimming Ingredients Germany 2007 is to discuss about the latest advances in the weight loss and weight management field by the use of ingredients and dietary supplements..

*2007 American Bakers Association Convention
Palm Springs, CA, United States
18 Mar 2007 - 21 Mar 2007
The 2007 ABA Convention focuses on the changing retail market and innovation in the baking industry — striving to bring new ideas to light, assemble baking industry leaders to discuss industry solutions, and help YOU and your company.

*Nutrition and Cancer Prevention Practicum 2007
Rockville, Maryland, United States
19 Mar 2007 - 23 Mar 2007
This one-week intense learning session provides specialized instruction in the role of diet and bioactive food components as modifiers of cancer incidence and tumor behavior..

*International ICC conference on Rye 2007
Bergholz-Rehbrücke, Germany
11 Mar 2007 - 14 Mar 2007
Relevant topics will include new approaches in systematic breeding to increase or eliminate certain components and in respect to climate changes, exploiting positive features and minimising the risks for human and animal nutrition etc..

Dijon, France
8 Mar 2007 - 10 Mar 2007
The highlights of this year’s congress will be cardiometabolics and ageing - a logical choice in view of the current epidemic of obesity/diabetes and an increasingly ageing population..

*7th International Soy Symposium on the Role of Soy in Health and Disease Prevention
Bangkok, Thailand
6 Mar 2007 - 9 Mar 2007
Renowned as the most important global scientific gathering on soy research, this 7th meeting of this symposium series will, for the first time, be held in Asia..

*Nutritional Risk Assessment: Bridging Perspectives, Sharing Methodologies, Identifying Data Challenges
Washington, DC, United States
28 Feb 2007 - 1 Mar 2007
The workshop will serve as a forum for experts on various disciplines to discuss the use of risk assessment tools to establish nutritional recommendations to prevent disease & maintain health and will identify next steps necessary to advance in this area..

*Organics - Beyond the Hype
Toronto, ON, Canada
17 Feb 2007 - 17 Feb 2007
Policy makers, nutritionists, agriculture and children's environmental health experts share their views on how organics are making a difference..

*Food and nutrition security
Wageningen, Netherlands
12 Feb 2007 - 27 Apr 2007
The training programme aims to provide the course participants with knowledge, skills and motivation to identify, plan and implement effective action on food and nutrition security at various levels, ranging from (national) policy level to regional etc..

*Food and nutrition security 2007
Wageningen, Netherlands
12 Feb 2007 - 27 Apr 2007
he training programme aims to provide the course participants with knowledge, skills and motivation to identify, plan and implement effective action on food and nutrition security at various levels, ranging from (national) policy level to regional etc..

*2007 Annual Meat Conference
Orlando, FL, United States
18 Feb 2007 - 20 Feb 2007
Bringing you the most comprehensive sessions addressing the hottest trends in food safety, nutrition, ethnic marketing, key meat retail issues, crisis management.

*Beneath the Hull: Exploiting the Health-Beneficial Properties of the Rice Grain
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
1 Feb 2007 - 2 Feb 2007
Keynote Address - Importance of Phytonutrients in the Diet; Marketing Rice For Its Nutritional Value; Benefits of Health Claims to Consumers and Industry.

*Healthy Life Expo
Minneapolis, MN, United States
2 Feb 2007 - 3 Feb 2007
Nutrition, Fitness, and Longevity - It's all here! See over 170 unique exhibitors offering everything for health, balance and success in all areas of life..

*3rd International Conference & Exhibition on Polyphenols Applications in Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries
La Valette, Malta
26 Oct 2006 - 27 Oct 2006
The aim is to gather scientists and professionals to give an overview of industrial polyphenols, flavonoïdes and phenolic acid applications and to bring answers to pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industrialists..

*The Fourth International Conference on Mechanisms of Action of Nutraceuticals (ICMAN4)
Tel-Aviv, Israel
29 Oct 2006 - 1 Nov 2006
The conference will be focus on the importance of nutraceuticals for human health addressing molecular/biochemical mechanisms and updated pre-clinical and clinical studie..

*IFHIC 2006
Malmo, Sweden
25 Oct 2006 - 27 Oct 2006
New science-based food concepts have the potential to be an important tool for combating diet-related disorders. Prevention & therapy as well as innovation & marketing, all at the International Food & Health Innovation Conference 2006..

*Soy & Health 2006
Dusseldorf, Germany
12 Oct 2006 - 13 Oct 2006
The 4th International Conference ‘Soy & Health 2006 - Clinical Evidence and Dietetic Applications’ is primarily aimed at those with nutrition, dietetic or clinical backgrounds, as well as government representatives and senior executives.

*Fats and Health - Update on Dietary Phytosterols, Trans-fatty Acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acids
Frankfurt, Germany
19 Oct 2006 - 20 Oct 2006
The organizers of this conference tried to illuminate the questions around fats and health with an interdisciplinary approach. Analytical, chemical, physiological, clinical, nutrition, animal nutrition and technical questions are to be discussed.

*4th International Conference on Pigments in Food
Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Germany
9 Oct 2006 - 12 Oct 2006
"Pigments - A Challenge to Life Sciences" Aiming at bringing together pigment expertise from chemists, food chemists, food technologists, agriculturists, nutritionists, but also industry people..

*Current Understanding of the Health Benefits of Probiotics
London, United Kingdom
5 Oct 2006 - 5 Oct 2006
The symposium would be of interest to practising healthcare professionals, in particular: Nutritionists and dietitians (symposium approved for British Dietetic Association Learning Hours);Primary healthcare professionals e.g. GPs, practice nurses etc..

*ORAFTI Scientific Research Conference
Boston, MA, United States
28 Sep 2006 - 29 Sep 2006
ORAFTI Scientific Research Conference.

*Dietary Fibre 2006
Helsinki, Finland
12 Jun 2006 - 14 Jun 2006
We invite scientists, regulators and industry to discuss new aspects of dietary fibre including analytical methods, technology, health effects, and marketing strategies..

*Pharmacological Control of Appetite BJP 4th Symposium
Washington DC, United States
8 Jun 2006 - 8 Jun 2006
Topics include: World Obesity Pandemic - Effects on Society.

*First World Congress on Therapies against Obesity : Perspectives for Pharmaceutical and Natural Products
Paris, France
18 May 2006 - 19 May 2006
Paris Anti-Obesity Therapies 2006 proposes to discuss on the latest therapeutical innovations, the new pathways which will allow the development of new pharmaceutical treatments and the use of natural ingredients to fight against obesity..

*Natural Products Europe & Organic Products Europe
London, United Kingdom
9 Apr 2006 - 10 Apr 2006
Packed with manufacturers, producers and distributors showing the latest products, the two shows provide the perfect combination, making it the must-attend event for anyone involved in the increasingly successful natural and organic products industries.

Bangkok, Thailand
8 Apr 2006 - 10 Mar 2006

*LMC International Food Congress 2006
Frederiksberg, Denmark
15 Mar 2006 - 16 Mar 2006
LMC International Food Congress 2006:Nutrigenomics & Health – from Vision to Food. Topics to be addressed will include nutrigenomics and the obesity problem, bioinformatics,visions for nutrigenomics, and pertinent ethical aspects..

*Health Strategy Network North American Congress 2006
Marco Island, Florida, United States
16 Feb 2006 - 18 Feb 2006
Principally designed for robust networking and unequalled knowledge sharing among leading executives within the nutrition and natural products industries.

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