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*2nd International Congress on Abdominal Obesity
Buenos Aires, Brazil
24 Feb 2011 - 26 Feb 2011
ICAO 2011 takes a multidisciplinary approach to the assessment and management of abdominal obesity as a key risk factor for the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. .

*11th International Congress on Obesity
Stockholm, Sweden
11 Jul 2010 - 16 Jul 2010
We anticipate that we will have an opportunity to discuss in depth the genetic determinants of obesity as well as new treatment strategies..

*Obesity Drug Development World
London, United Kingdom
26 Nov 2007 - 28 Nov 2007
Europe's definitive event for obesity and diabetes drug development.

*12th World Congress of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO)
Porto, Portugal
5 Sep 2007 - 7 Sep 2007
A sound scientific forum for discussion & debate encouraging experts and the audience to interact & share experiences & opinions in the field of surgical treatment of obesity.

*Obesity, Energy Balance & Disease
Indian Wells, CA, United States
4 Aug 2007 - 9 Aug 2007
FASEB Summer Research Conference.

*17th European Childhood Obesity Group Meeting (ECOG 2007)
Athens, Greece
5 Jul 2007 - 7 Jul 2007
In our meeting, renowned scientists will present interesting topics on childhood obesity and discuss clinical and therapeutic issues..

*Obesity and its Management
Liverpool, United Kingdom
21 Jun 2007 - 23 Jun 2007
Epidemiology and public health implications of obesity;The effect of genes on obesity; The medical consequences of obesity;Social and psychological considerations of obesity etc..

*Paris Anti-Obesity 2007
Paris, France
14 Jun 2007 - 15 Jun 2007
After the success of Paris Anti-Obesity Therapies 2006, the International Society for Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health (ISANH), the French Society for Antioxidants (SFA), the Japanese Society for Antioxidants (JSA), the International Society of Preven.

*15th Annual Congress on Women’s Health
Hilton Head Island , SC, United States
2 Jun 2007 - 5 Jun 2007
This year’s Congress features a Tuesday morning symposium on state-of-the-art obesity management in women, including clinical assessment, pharmacotherapy, lifestyle intervention, and bariatric surgery in collaboration with NAASO: The Obesity Society.

*15th European Congress on Obesity
Budapest, Hungary
22 Apr 2007 - 25 Apr 2007
Obesity will be a major political issue in Europe in 2007 and the 15th European Congress on Obesity will provide an essential platform for discussion on the latest scientific developments in the field..

Budapest, Hungary
20 Apr 2007 - 21 Apr 2007
This project is a large collaborative investigation into the long-term consequences of early nutrition by metabolic programming. It brings together a multi-disciplinary team of scientists from 38 institutions in 16 European countries..

*'The role of fruit and vegetables in the fight against obesity'. EGEA 2007
Brussels, Belgium
17 Apr 2007 - 19 Apr 2007
Obesity is now considered one of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st century and a focused response is urgently needed. It is increasingly evident that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, at least 400 grams daily, is a key player in obesity.

*GECKO Symposium 2007
Groningen, Netherlands
29 Mar 2007 - 29 Mar 2007
In line with the increasing prevalence of obesity, research into basic and clinical aspects of overweight has amplified over the last decades. Although it has become clear that weight at birth and during early childhood is a strong predictor of obesity.

*Slimming Ingredients Germany 2007
Berlin, Germany
29 Mar 2007 - 30 Mar 2007
The aim of Slimming Ingredients Germany 2007 is to discuss about the latest advances in the weight loss and weight management field by the use of ingredients and dietary supplements..

*Prevention and Treatment of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
Stockholm, Sweden
22 Feb 2007 - 23 Feb 2007
WHO describes obesity as a neglected disease which spreads in an epidemic pattern in developed and underdeveloped countries.

*Bariatric Allied Health
Coral Gables, Florida, United States
19 Feb 2007 - 19 Feb 2007
Continuing Medical Education Programs: Bariatric Allied Health.

*4th Asia-Oceania Conference on Obesity (AOCO 2007)
Seoul, Korea
9 Feb 2007 - 11 Feb 2007
The theme of the conference is "Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome: from Obesity to Hypertension, Dyslipidemia and Diabetes..

*Obesity: Peripheral and Central Pathways Regulating Energy Homeostasis
Keystone, Colorado, United States
14 Jan 2007 - 19 Jan 2007
The goal of this meeting is to bring together researchers involved in understanding organ-specific aspects of the molecular and physiologic pathways regulating energy homeostasis, with the aim of developing a systematic approach.

*Obesity Conference: 2006 7-night cruise from Alaska from Anchorage
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
18 Aug 2006 - 25 Aug 2006
The purpose of this CME activity is to equip healthcare practitioners with evidence based strategies to use in clinical practice for managing obesity..

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