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*5th WIOMSA Scientific Symposium
Durban, South Africa
22 Oct 2007 - 26 Oct 2007
“Science, Policy and Management: pressures and responses in the Western Indian Ocean region”..

*Ocean Biodiversity Informatics 2007
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
2 Oct 2007 - 4 Oct 2007
Application topics include: conservation of species and habitats; conservation of species and habitats; invasive species; ecosystems based management; etc..

*Joint IMBER/LOICZ Continental Margins Open Science Conference
Shanghai, China
17 Sep 2007 - 21 Sep 2007
Impacts of global, local and human forcing on biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems.

*9th International Conference on Paleoceanography – ICP9
Shanghai, China
3 Sep 2007 - 7 Sep 2007
The Future Ocean: Perspectives from the Past ---- A Tribute to Professor Sir Nicholas J. Shackleton..

San Diego, CA, United States
26 Aug 2007 - 30 Aug 2007
This conference will address the role remote sensing can play in understanding coastal processes and monitoring and managing the coastal zone..

Tilton, NH, United States
5 Aug 2007 - 10 Aug 2007
Sessions include: Gases in the ocean;CO2 and Productivity; Sediment Geochemistry; Marine Organic Geochemistry.

*Trans-Atlantic Workshops:Building a common approach to managing and disseminating coastal data, maps and information.
Corvallis, Oregon, United States
16 Jul 2007 - 20 Jul 2007
In the second workshop, expert delegates will examine their variety of experiences in coastal mapping to build a common approach to managing and disseminating coastal data, maps and information, including an agreement on initial common ontologies.

*Trans-Atlantic Workshops:Potentials and Limitations of Coastal Web Atlases
Cork, Ireland
24 Jun 2007 - 28 Jul 2007
In this first workshop, expert delegates will examine the current situation by studying a broad variety of existing coastal web atlases from Europe and the US..

*Oceans 07 Europe
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
18 Jun 2007 - 21 Jun 2007
Oceans07 Aberdeen will provide the premier forum for scientists, engineers and end-users world-wide to present their latest research, innovation, ideas and developments in all areas of oceanic engineering in 2007..

*2007 Joint Assembly AGU
Acapulco, Mexico
22 May 2007 - 25 May 2007
AGU is an international scientific society of over 41,000 members that advances the understanding of Earth, atmospheric, oceanic, hydrologic, space, and planetary sciences..

*Ocean Controls in Abrupt Climate Change
Obergurgl, Oetz Valley, Austria
19 May 2007 - 24 May 2007
Conference aims to present an updated view on and advance understanding of the interhemispheric significance of rapid ocean and climate change by focusing on past periods of natural anomalous perturbation of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation.

*3rd Annual Unmanned Maritime Vehicles
Arlington, VA, United States
26 Feb 2007 - 28 Feb 2007
A unique opportunity to discuss the resources and solutions necessary to expand the applications of UMV technology for collecting data, performing tasks in dangerous situations and freeing human resources from repetitive or potentially dangerous tasks..

*Arabian Seas International Conference (ASIC) on Science and Technology of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Oceanography (STAFO)
Kuwait, Kuwait
10 Feb 2007 - 13 Feb 2007
Coverage of key aspects in the following three fields: aquaculture, fisheries and oceanography. Sessions will include oral presentations as well as posters on new research results. Papers and posters describing original work are invited.

*The Arabian Seas International Conference on Science and Technology of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Oceanography
Kuwait, Kuwait
10 Feb 2007 - 13 Feb 2006
Growing concern about declining fisheries, habitat degradation and loss of marine species has led to acknowledging and understanding the underlying oceanographic processes, as well as ecological, economic and political realities..

*Arabian Seas International Conference (ASIC) on Science & Technology of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Oceanography (STAFO) 2007
Kuwait, United Arab Emirates
10 Feb 2007 - 13 Feb 2007
Aiming at the coverage of key aspects in the following three fields: aquaculture, fisheries and oceanography..

*East Asian Seas Congress
Haikou City, Hainan, China
12 Dec 2006 - 16 Dec 2006
As the major highlight of the Congress, the Ministerial Forum seeks to translate key agreements on regional coastal and ocean sustainability into effective policy..

*AGU Fall Meeting
San Fransisco, United States
11 Dec 2006 - 15 Dec 2006
Review the latest issues affecting the Earth, the planets, and their environments in space. This meeting will cover topics in all areas of Earth and space sciences..

*Ocean Optics XVIII
Montreal, Canada
9 Oct 2006 - 13 Oct 2006
The Ocean Optics Conference series has attracted a diverse audience of professionals and students addressing virtually every facet of optical oceanography including basic research, technological development, environmental management, and policy..

*Coastal Zone Canada 2006 Conference and Youth Forum
Tuktoyaktuk, Canada
12 Aug 2006 - 18 Aug 2006
Managing Coastal Change is the seventh conference in a biennial series, sponsored by the Canada Coastal Zone Association. This is the first of the series to be located on the Arctic coast..

*HOLIVAR2006 Open Science Meeting - Natural Climate Variability and Global Warming
London, United Kingdom
12 Jun 2006 - 15 Jun 2006
HOLIVAR is a European Science Foundation funded project which seeks to bring together European scientists interested in climate variability during the Holocene period (the last 11,500 years). The scientists are palaeoclimatologists, climate historians..

Rhodes, Greece
5 Jun 2006 - 7 Jun 2006
Coastal Environment 2006 deals with problems related to monitoring, analysis and modelling of coastal regions, including sea, land and air phenomena. A must for those dealing with the challenges of monitoring and controlling Oil Spills..

Sabah, Malaysia
2 May 2006 - 4 May 2006
Challenges and the Way Forward,.

*OI 2006 The World's Largest Marine Science & Ocean Technology Meeting
London, United Kingdom
21 Mar 2006 - 23 Mar 2006
Welcome to the greatest marketplace in the world for the marine science & ocean technology industries! The exhibition and conferences serve an important role in showcasing the cutting-edge technologies and advancing the sciences related to the future.

*13th Ocean Sciences Meeting
Honolulu, United States
20 Feb 2006 - 24 Feb 2006
13th Ocean Sciences Meeting a joint meeting of ASLO, ERF, TOS and AGU, will be held 20-24 February 2006 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Program Committee is developing a scientific program that will cover all topics in the area of Ocean Sciences..

*Scientific Submarine Cable 2006
Dublin, Ireland
8 Feb 2006 - 10 Feb 2006
The Fourth Workshop will provide a forum for the exchange of information between managers, scientists and engineers working internationally in the earth and ocean sciences, and underwater technology..

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