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*XXX Annual ESRA Congress - European Society of Regional Anaesthesia & Pain Therapy
Dresden, Germany
7 Sep 2011 - 10 Sep 2011
ESRA 2011 unites anaesthesiologists, physicians and scientists from around the world, exploring the latest clinical evidence, best practices and industry updates in pain management. .

*MASCC/ISOO 2011 International Symposium
Athens, Greece
23 Jun 2011 - 25 Jun 2011
Meet healthcare professionals in the field of supportive care in cancer to share ideas and explore new methods to minimize cancer-induced side effects..

*15th Congress of the International Headache Society
Berlin, Germany
23 Jun 2011 - 26 Jun 2011
This Congress is an excellent opportunity to learn about new developments in the science of headache medicine and the care of headache sufferers. .

*3rd World Congress of Total Intravenous Anaesthesia and Target Controlled Infusion - TIVA TCI
Singapore, Singapore
31 Mar 2011 - 2 Apr 2011
"The scientific program is designed to meet the aims of WorldSIVA, which is devoted to improving the standard of intravenous anaesthesia and intravenous anaesthesia delivery systems, including target and feedback controlled infusion technology; it will co.

*IX ESRA Cadaver Workshop
Innsbruck, Austria
24 Feb 2011 - 26 Feb 2011
Join fellow anaesthesiologists and physicians using neural blockades for surgical anaesthesia at the premium IX Cadaver Workshop. Discover the latest techniques and information from a leading international faculty and network with colleagues in Austria’s .

*6th triennial congress for The European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC)
Lisbon, Portugal
9 Sep 2009 - 12 Sep 2009
The 6th triennial EFIC- European Federation of Chapters of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP®) congress “Pain in Europe VI” will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, September 9 – 12, 2009..

*5th World Congress for the World Institute of Pain – WIP
New York, United States
13 Mar 2009 - 16 Mar 2009
World Congress for the World Institute of Pain, will feature a rich and varied scientific program including Refresher Courses, Satellite Symposia sponsored by prominent pharmaceutical companies, Meet the Expert sessions with renowned pain specialists..

*2nd International Congress
Berlin, Germany
7 Jun 2007 - 10 Jun 2007
An International Congress of NeuPSIG The Special Interest Group on Neuropathic Pain of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP®).

*26th American Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting
Washington, DC, United States
3 May 2007 - 6 May 2007
Details not available.

*The British Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting 2007
Glasgow, United Kingdom
24 Apr 2007 - 27 Apr 2007
Details not yet available.

*Synaptic Plasticity in Pain
London, United Kingdom
27 Apr 2007 - 27 Apr 2007
Presentations include: Plasticity in spinal cord circuits and modulation of fast synaptic neurotransmission; Modulators of neuronal plasticity: cannabinoids, opioids, ATP; Modulators of neuronal plasticity: chemokines, cytokines, BDNF, kinases.

*6th Panhellenic Congress of the Hellenic Society of Pain
Chania, CRETE, Greece
19 Oct 2006 - 22 Oct 2006
The scientific program will focus on the treatment of pain and will include presentation from significant Greek and Foreign speakers experienced in clinical aspects. The program will also include round table discussions, satellite symposia, workshops etc.

*Update in Pain Management and Risk
Tahiti, French Polynesia
14 Oct 2006 - 21 Oct 2006
This program has been designed for physicians and nurses with an interest in the management of pain and reduction of risk in their daily practice..

*Chicago Supportive Oncology Conference
Chicago, Illinois, United States
28 Sep 2006 - 30 Sep 2006
Once principally the province of a small group of subspecialists, palliation and supportive measures have moved into mainstream oncology, and the principles and application of such measures needs to be understood by all professionals involved care..

Villamoura, Portugal
18 Sep 2006 - 20 Sep 2006
Main topics include - Management of Neurological and Neuromuscular Disorders; Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders; Pain Management.

*“Pain in Europe V”
Istanbul, Turkey
13 Sep 2006 - 16 Sep 2006
More than 140 distinguished speakers are invited to Pain in Europe V, bringing us all up-to date on recent developments both on basic research on pain as well as clinical management of pain as a disease..

*XXV Annual ESRA Congress
Monte Carlo, Monaco
6 Sep 2006 - 9 Sep 2006
As in previous years, the focus of the scientific programme will be on state of the art presentations in our field as well as new insights into basic science, clinical research and therapeutic interventions..

*12th International Pain Clinic Congress
Turin, Italy
4 Jul 2006 - 7 Jul 2006
The 12th WSPC Congress aims to focus mainly the clinical problems as they appear at the physician’s office. Therefore, those topics will be covered by eminent experts, mainly from this perspective: to represent a valid aid for the clinicians.

*7th International Symposium on Pediatric Pain
Vancouver, Canada
25 Jun 2006 - 29 Jun 2006
'Pain in Child Health.' Pain concerns all children. It afflicts not only those typically recognized as suffering from acute or chronic pain, but also is a serious problem for children..

Lima, Peru
22 Jun 2006 - 25 Jun 2006
Temas del Congreso: Conociento al Dolor; Farmacologia y Psicofarmacologia; Dolor en Pediatra.

*Pain and The Central Nervous System
Siena, Italy
12 Jun 2006 - 18 Jun 2006
EFIC - European Pain School.

*Canadian Pain Society Annual Conference - "Pain - Unravelling the Puzzle"
Edmonton, Canada
14 Jun 2006 - 17 Jun 2006
Annual Conference that is attended by medical personnel from across Canada, the United States and Internationally. Conference focuses on new and current information in the treatment of all types of pain..

*Canadian Pain Society Annual Conference
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
14 Jun 2006 - 17 Jun 2006
The conference will create a forum in which scientists, healthcare professionals and trainees from clinical, educational, research policy and industry settings can meet and exchange up-to-date information on pain mechanisms, pain assessment & management..

*The Politics of Pain
Phoenix, Arizona, United Arab Emirates
15 Jun 2006 - 17 Jun 2006
17th Annual Meeting of the American Alliance of Cancer Pain Initiatives (AACPI).

*14th Annual Meeting of the Osterreichische Schmerz Gesellschaft
Steyr, Austria
15 Jun 2006 - 17 Jun 2006
Als zusätzliche inhaltliche Schwerpunktsetzung wurden heuer folgende Hauptthemen:Neuropathischer Schmerz; Somatoformer Schmerz; Kopfschmerz; Psychosomatische und psychologische Schmerztherapie.

*2nd International Forum on Pain Medicine (IFPM)
Guadalajara, Mexico
25 May 2006 - 28 May 2006
Accessible frontal lectures focusing on the basics of pain, presentations on the various clinical manifestations associated with the major acute and chronic pain conditions, and elucidation of the very latest on pharmacological approaches and more..

*Collaboration in Palliative Care Research: The Potential of Diversity
Venice, Italy
25 May 2006 - 27 May 2006
o encourage the potential for diversity in palliative care research, you are warmly invited to attend the prepared thematic sessions and workshops to discuss critical themes in palliative care research..

*American Pain Society 25th Annual Scientific Meeting
San Antonio, TX, United States
3 May 2006 - 6 May 2006
Details not available.

*The 6th Scientific Annual Meeting of the Iranian Pain Society
Tehran , Iran, Iran
4 May 2006 - 5 May 2006
Pain Conference.

*30thAnnual Meeting and Advanced Multidisciplinary Course of the SASP
Stockholm, Sweden
4 May 2006 - 7 May 2006

*17th annual Scientific Meeting "Towards excellence in pain management"
Chonburi, Thailand
4 May 2006 - 6 May 2006
One fact of life is "The experience of pain". As a patient "Pain" is the greatest torture. Other words "Pain management" is our biggest challenging task..

*14th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
Cairns, Australia
2 May 2006 - 5 May 2006
Keynote & invited speakers will highlight the initiatives & advances in the various rehabilitation fields including spinal cord injury, neurological rehabilitation, paediatric rehabilitation, musculoskeletal medicine & pain medicine, prosthetics etc..

*3rd Annual International Symposium on Ultrasound & Regional Anesthesia 2006
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
22 Apr 2006 - 25 Apr 2006
Ultrasound imaging in anesthesia. Workshops describe both basic and advanced peripheral and neuraxial imaging techniques for regional anasthetics and pain medicine..

*EHF 8th Headache Congress
Valencia, Spain
26 Apr 2006 - 29 Apr 2006
We hope to promote scientific communication & the debate about all aspects of research, teaching & treatment of headache, with special emphasis on the advances in mechanism in the physiopathology of headache & recent discoveries in the fields of genetics.

*The British Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting 2006
Harrogate, United Kingdom
24 Apr 2006 - 27 Apr 2006
Details not yet available.

*Pain Management in Women Over the Lifecycle
San Diego, CA, United States
27 Apr 2006 - 29 Apr 2006
This conference will focus on the biology, psychology and treatment of pain in women and will feature expert speakers in these areas. The target audience for this program includes primary care physicians, neurologists, pain management professionals etc..

*3rd State of the Art in Chronic Low Back Pain Symposium,
Bodrum, Turkey
9 Apr 2006 - 12 Apr 2006
Aimed at health care professionals involved in the diagnosis & treatment of patients with chronic low back pain of various origins. Physiatrists, orthopaedic surgeons, manual medicine rheumatologists, vocational physicians, physiotherapists, etc..

*26th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Pain Society
Melbourne, Australia
9 Apr 2006 - 12 Apr 2006
"Pain Across the Life Span".

Isla Margarita, Venezuela
22 Mar 2006 - 25 Mar 2006
Asociación Latinoamericana de Cuidados Paliativos (ALCP). Su misión es promover el desarrollo del Cuidado Paliativo en América Latina y el Caribe.

*8th Annual Congress of BSSP & 3rd SARPS
Dhaka, Bangladesh
29 Mar 2006 - 30 Mar 2006
On behalf of the Bangladesh Society for Study of Pain (BSSP), invite you to participate in its 8st Annual Congress of BSSP.The congress will be an attractive one, being attended by specialists of multiple disciplines dealing with the management of pain.

London, United Kingdom
10 Mar 2006 - 10 Mar 2006
Talks include - Viscera to skin - referred neuropathic pain mechanisms;The gain in vulval pain - is it end-organ or brain?.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
4 Mar 2006 - 8 Mar 2006
The Rio Congress is a unique opportunity to meet opinion-leaders and world-renowned physicians, researchers and lecturers from many parts of the world. Your presence will benefit you by providing the opportunity to interact with these experts.

*22nd Annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine:
San Diego, CA, United States
22 Feb 2006 - 25 Feb 2006

Innsbruck, Austria
2 Feb 2006 - 4 Feb 2006
The workshop is designed for anaesthesiologists and other physicians using neural blockades in their practice, either for surgical anaesthesia or for pain control..

Davos, Switzerland
29 Jan 2006 - 3 Feb 2006
The purpose of the ESRA Winter Week is to promote regional anaesthesia in the relaxed atmosphere of the Swiss Alps. The scientific programme is a mix of state-of-the-art lectures, discussions, hands-on workshops and video presentations..

*Invasive Pain Management: An Advanced Interdisciplinary Course
Scottsdale, AZ, United States
13 Jan 2006 - 15 Jan 2006
This is an advanced non-cadaver-based course in interventional pain management..

*10th World Congress on Osteoarthritis
Boston, MA, United States
8 Dec 2005 - 11 Dec 2005
This Congress is a global forum for basic scientists, clinical investigators, clinicians, radiologists, orthopedists, rheumatologists, industry scientists, policy makers and others interested in osteoarthritis research and treatment..

*4-Day Comprehensive Interventional Pain Management Cadaver Course
New Orleans, LA, United States
9 Nov 2005 - 13 Nov 2005
Details not available.

*British Neuroscience Association one-day symposium
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
19 Oct 2005 - 19 Oct 2005
'Long term potentiation as a mechanism for pain'.

*West Virginia 2005 Pain Summit
Charleston, WV, United States
14 Oct 2005 - 14 Oct 2005
Details not available.

*Regional Anesthesia & Pain Management
Niagara-on-the-lake, Canada
30 Sep 2005 - 2 Oct 2005
12th annual hands on workshop.

*Focus on Pain 2005
Philadelphia, PA, United States
29 Sep 2005 - 1 Oct 2005
Details not available.

*The Pain Center, 2005/2006, The Nuts & Bolts
Las Vegas, NV, United States
18 Sep 2005 - 22 Sep 2005
Experienced Pain Practioners and Practice Management. Experts bring their knowledge together in one outstanding meeting that you should attend..

*Eastern Pain Association Annual Scientific Meeting
New York, NY, United States
16 Sep 2005 - 17 Sep 2005
Details not available.

*Mechanisms and Treatment of Cancer- Related Symptoms
Houston, Texas, United States
10 Sep 2005 - 12 Sep 2005
We will examine the relationships among pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and cognitive dysfunction. We will explore, in discussions of both human studies and animal models, the potential common biologic mechanisms of these symptoms..

*The Midwest Pain Society 29th Scientific Session
Chicago, Illinois, United States
9 Sep 2005 - 10 Sep 2005
Details not available.

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