Plant pathology

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
1 Aug 2010 - 6 Aug 2010
The International Mycological Congress represents the most important forum to provide an up-to-date perspective of mycology in all its guises..

*2nd International Symposium on Biological Control of Bacterial Plant Diseases
Orlando, FL, United States
4 Nov 2008 - 7 Nov 2008
Along with discussions of the status of biocontrol measures in most commercial crops, the organizing committee herewith invites all plant pathologists to initiate a broad discussion about all aspects of biological control of bacterial plant diseases.

*10th International Fusarium Workshop & Fusarium Genomics Workshop 2008
Alghero, Sardinia, Italy
30 Aug 2008 - 2 Sep 2008
Session include: Systematics and phylogenetics; Genomics; Pathogenicity and disease epidemiology; Ecology and biogeography; Biological control; Disease management; Mycotoxins and metabolism.

*ICPP 2008
Turin, Italy
24 Aug 2008 - 29 Aug 2008
The aims of the Congress are to: educate and share information on plant diseases and their control;encourage interaction between scientists of all ages and relevant disciplines from all over the world;strengthen global food security.

*3rd International Phytophthora and Pythium Workshop
Turin, Italy
23 Aug 2008 - 24 Aug 2008
Integration of Traditional and Modern Approaches for Investigating the Taxonomy and Evolution of Phytophthora, Pythium and Related Genera.

*100th Anniversary APS Annual Meeting
Minneapolis, United States
26 Jul 2008 - 30 Jul 2008
History of Excellence, Future of Promise: Celebrate 100 yrs of Plant Pathology.

*Plant Innate Immunity
Keystone, CO, United States
10 Feb 2008 - 15 Feb 2008
What molecular mechanisms are involved in these two kinds of microbial recognition by plants, and what cross talk exists between them? The selected speakers will all address aspects of this and other questions..

* XX Congreso Venezolano de Fitopatología
Yaracuy, Venezuela
13 Nov 2007 - 16 Nov 2007
En este congreso, al que asistirán más de 200 investigadores y estudiantes de todas las regiones del país, se presentarán los últimosresultados sobre el estudio de las enfermedades que afectan a cultivos de importancia en el país..

*International Phytoplasmologist Working Group 1st Meeting
Bologna, Italy
12 Nov 2007 - 15 Nov 2007
The main goal of our group is to bring together researchers from entomology, molecular biology, and plant pathology to increase and expand knowledge about phytoplasma diseases worldwide..

*17th Conference of the International Organization of Citrus Virologists
Adana, Turkey
22 Oct 2007 - 26 Oct 2007
In addition to the scientific presentations, delegates will visit citrus orchards, nurseries and packingsheds, and the Congress will be enriched with social events and tours reflecting the culture and history of Turkey..

*67th Annual Meeting of the American Phytopathological Society Northeastern Division
Cape May, New Jersey, United States
10 Oct 2007 - 12 Oct 2007
Watch for Meeting details to come!.

*10th Internatioanl Plant Virus Epidemiology (IPVE) symposium
Hyderabad, India
15 Oct 2007 - 19 Oct 2007
Controlling Epidemics of Emerging and Established Plant Virus Diseases - The Way Forward.

*10th International Plant Virus Epidemiology Symposium
Hyderabad, India
15 Oct 2007 - 19 Oct 2007
The 10th IPVE symposium with a theme “Controlling Epidemics of Emerging and Established Plant Virus Diseases – The Way Forward” is organized under auspices of the International Society for Plant Pathology, and is held for the first time in Asia, concerns.

*The 4th International Rice Blast Conference
Changsha, Hunan, China
9 Oct 2007 - 14 Oct 2007
Rice blast, caused by the fungal pathogen Magnaporthe grisea, is one of the most destructive rice diseases worldwide..

* 2nd International Conference on Bacterial Blight of Rice
Nanjing, Chile
1 Oct 2007 - 3 Oct 2007
Bacterial blight caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo) is the most destructive bacterial disease of rice in the rice growing countries worldwide, especially in Asia and in some parts of Africa.

*2nd International Symposium on Tomato Disease
Kusadasi, Turkey
8 Oct 2007 - 12 Oct 2007
Topics include: Emerging diseases and detection; Organic tomatoes; Tomato Virus Diseases; Tomato fingal diseases.

*European Meeting on Plum Pox '07
Pula, Croatia
24 Sep 2007 - 28 Sep 2007
This Meeting represents another link in the chain of Middle European Plum Pox Meetings starting in Prague, 1991. We hope to continue the tradition of keeping alive the contacts and setting foundations for collaboration among virologists, breeders etc..

*16th Biennial Australasian Plant Pathology Society Conference
Adelaide, Australia
24 Sep 2007 - 27 Sep 2007
Back to Basics: Managing Plant Disease.

*1st International Symposium on Chili Anthracnose
Seoul, South Korea
17 Sep 2007 - 19 Sep 2007
On a worldwide basis, anthracnose is the single greatest economic constraint to chili and sweet pepper production. We aim to bring together a multidisciplinary group of scientists involved in research on anthracnose of Capsicum spp.

*Attack and Defence in Plant Disease
Bath, United Kingdom
12 Sep 2007 - 14 Sep 2007
This three-day international meeting is designed to provide an exciting and wideranging view of our current understanding of the mechanisms underlying plant disease.

*PCN & Root-knot nematode identification workshop
Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
11 Sep 2007 - 13 Sep 2007
Further details will be available shortly..

*3rd Asian Conference on Plant Pathology
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
20 Aug 2007 - 23 Aug 2007
The principal aim of the conference is to create a forum for Asian plant pathologists who are interested in or related to scientific work, information or business in plant pathology..

*11th International Fire Blight Workshop
Portland, OR, United States
12 Aug 2007 - 17 Aug 2007
The latest advances in pathogen biology, host-pathogen interactions, pathogen identification, epidemiology, and disease management will be presented..

*XL Congresso Brasileiro de Fitopatologia - 2007
Maringá - Paraná, Brazil
13 Aug 2007 - 17 Aug 2007
A função ‘produtividade’ é composta de uma série de variáveis e uma das mais importantes consiste na saúde das plantas..

*2007 APS/SON Joint Meeting
San Diego, United States
28 Jul 2007 - 1 Aug 2007
Annual Meeting of American Phytopathological Society and Society of Nematologists.

*2007 APS•SON Joint Meeting
San Diego, CA, United States
28 Jul 2007 - 1 Aug 2007
Join your colleagues from around the world and discuss the most recent advances in the science and practice of plant pathology and nematology. This is a valuable opportunity you won’t want to miss!.

*Plant Biology & Botany 2007 Joint Congress
Chicago, Illinois, United States
7 Jul 2007 - 11 Jul 2007
A JOINT CONGRESS INCLUDING: American Fern Society, American Society of Plant Biologists, American Society of Plant Taxonomists, Botanical Society of America, Phytochemical Society of North America.

*5th International Geminivirus Symposium & 3rd International ssDNA Comparative Virology Workshop
Ouro Preto, Brazil
20 May 2007 - 26 May 2007
Sessions include: Recent advances in ssDNA virus research, Replication of ssDNA viruses, Virus-host interactions etc..

*3rd Symposium on Plant Neurobiology
Strbske pleso, Slovakia
14 May 2007 - 18 May 2007
Topics include: Molecules, Signalling & Cell Biology;Plant Physiology & Electrophysiology; Ecology.

* "From basic genomics to systems biology"
Ghent, Belgium
2 May 2007 - 4 May 2006
Sessions include: Control of plant development : Cell cycle, differentiation, hormone, light and stress signalling; Photosynthesis & Chloroplast and mitochondrial functions.

*12th GCRI Trust Bewley Lecture April 20th 2007
University of Warwick, United Kingdom
20 Apr 2007 - 20 Apr 2007
Professor Richard Michelmore from The Genome Centre, University of California will be speaking on 'Comparative Genomics of Disease Resistance in Plants, Particularly Lettuce'..

*"Population and Evolutionary Biology of Fungal Symbionts"
Ascona, Switzerland
29 Apr 2007 - 4 May 2007
The main purpose of this symposium is to synthesize the current state of knowledge across a broad array of fungal symbioses, including those involving plants, humans and other animals, and insects..

*“Rust Diseases:Threats to Global Food Security in the Context of Climate Change”
Menangle, NSW, Australia
21 Feb 2007 - 22 Feb 2007
New South Wales Centre for Animal and Plant Biosecurity.

*National Soybean Rust Symposium 2006
St Louis, MO, United States
29 Nov 2006 - 1 Dec 2006
Following the tremendous success of the first of its kind National Soybean Rust Symposium in 2005 & continued interest in sharing Soybean Rust experiences & perspectives with a broad audience, The American Phytopathological Society is pleased to announce.

*21st Annual Tomato Disease Workshop
Fletcher, NC, United States
9 Nov 2006 - 10 Nov 2006
Presentations will include research results on disease etiology, pathogen epidemiology, breeding for disease resistance, and on chemical, cultural and biological disease-management strategies..

*7th Australasian Plant Virology Workshop
Perth, Australia
8 Nov 2006 - 11 Nov 2006
Biennial workshop on all aspects of plant virology.

*Plant Biology Workshop
Frogmore, South Carolina, United States
27 Oct 2006 - 28 Oct 2006
Carbon Production and Allocation; Forest and Urban Trees; Woody and Non-woody Roots; Physiology and Ecology of Microbial/Plant Partnerships etc..

*2006 APS/CPS/MSA Joint Meeting
Quebec, Canada
29 Jul 2006 - 2 Aug 2006
The largest gathering of plant health professionals, worldwide..

*Southwide Forest Disease Workshop
Davis, West Virginia, United States
20 Jun 2006 - 22 Jun 2006
We are working on what promises to be an informative collaboration between the two working groups. Plans are to have research abstracts, station reports, a pathology field trip, student competition, and a slide contest..

*XVth Biennial Workshop on the Smut Fungi
Prague, Czech Republic
11 Jun 2006 - 14 Jun 2006
The Biennial Smut Workshop is an informal gathering of international scientists, regulators, and industry personnel concerned with all aspects of smut and bunt fungi and the diseases they cause..

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
21 May 2006 - 26 May 2006
Oomycetes have many fungus-like characteristics, but lack taxonomic affinity with true fungi. Instead oomycetes are phylogenetically relatives of diatoms and brown algae within the Kingdom Straminipila..

*Oomycete Molecular Genetics Network
Wageningen, Netherlands
5 May 2006 - 6 May 2006
Note that we have changed the name of this group to Oomycete Molecular Genetics Network, because we want to encourage participation from scientists working with all oomycete pathogens..

*Plant Biology 2005
Seattle, Washington, United States
16 Jul 2005 - 20 Jul 2005
The annual meeting of The American Society of Plant Biology features 5 major symposia, 20 minisymposia, posters, exhibits, workshops, networking and social events. Our 2005 meeting site is located in the heart of downtown Seattle..

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