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*20th World Congress for Sexual Health
Glasgow, United Kingdom
12 Jun 2011 - 16 Jun 2011
Attendees will share knowledge on diverse issues of behavioural, clinical, psychological, social and cultural aspects of sexual health; discover new information from experts and address the urgent need for action to ensure sexual health and rights for all.

*5th Global Conference. Monsters and the Monstrous: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil
Oxford, United Kingdom
17 Sep 2007 - 20 Sep 2007
This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference seeks to investigate and explore the enduring influence and imagery of monsters and the monstrous on human culture throughout history..

*115th Annual Conference American Psychological Association
San Francisco, CA, United States
17 Aug 2007 - 20 Aug 2007
Psychologists represent a very educated, affluent market that delivers & influences mental health care delivery, research, & higher education. Meet face to face with these high-level decision makers who buy and develop the products & services you deliver!.

*5th Synergy Workshop
Hasselt, Belgium
12 Aug 2007 - 14 Aug 2007
Culture, health and illness representations – Developing an international agenda for cross-cultural health psychological research.

*21st European Health Psychology Society Conference
Maastricht, Belgium
15 Aug 2007 - 18 Aug 2007
Theme: Health Psychology and Society. The focus of this conference is on health promotion and interventions at a population level..

*21st EHPS Conference
Maastricht, Netherlands
15 Aug 2007 - 18 Aug 2007
The focus of this conference is on health promotion and interventions at a population level. Aspects of this broad main theme will be discussed in keynote lectures and invited symposia..

*st International Workshop on Cognition & Culture
Nashville, TN, United States
1 Aug 2007 - 1 Aug 2007
The one-day workshop held in conjunction with the 29th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society will include presentation of invited papers as well as reviewed submissions..

*Inaugural Youth at Risk Alliance Conference
Gold Coast, Qld, Australia
2 Aug 2007 - 3 Aug 2007
Whilst child abuse and youth crime dominate our media, we are busy looking at the stories behind – the stories. The alliance understands that the problems and challenges facing young people and their families will not be solved by one person, one agency.

*50th Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
2 Aug 2007 - 5 Aug 2007
The formal program will begin on Friday morning and end no later than 11:00 AM on Sunday..

*6th Global Conference Making Sense of Health, Illness and Disease
Oxford, United Kingdom
9 Jul 2007 - 12 Jul 2007
This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary project aims to explore the processes by which we attempt to create meaning in health, illness and disease.

*3rd International Congress of Psychology and Law
Adelaide, Australia
3 Jul 2007 - 3 Jul 2007
Psychology and law have not always been on speaking terms. Lawyers were suspicious (some still are) about the mysteries of human psychology. Psychologists were astonished (some still are) at law's solutions to human problems..

*Obesity and its Management
Liverpool, United Kingdom
21 Jun 2007 - 23 Jun 2007
Epidemiology and public health implications of obesity;The effect of genes on obesity; The medical consequences of obesity;Social and psychological considerations of obesity etc..

*24th Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams
Sonoma State Uni., CA, United States
29 Jun 2007 - 3 Jul 2007
High quality proposals are invited that explore the conference theme, The Spirit of the Dream..

*ASGPP 65th Annual Psychodrama & Group Psychotherapy Conference
New York City , NY, United States
26 Apr 2007 - 30 Apr 2007
Give Peace A Chance: Community Consciousness, Inner Wisdom & Social Change.

*1st Global Conference - Persons, Intimacy and Love: Probing the Boundaries
Salzburg, Austria
20 Mar 2007 - 22 Mar 2007
This research conference seeks to explore issues of intimacy and love within the context of persons and interpersonal relationships and across a range of critical, contextual and cultural perspectives.

*1st Symposium of Pedagogy & Psychology PhD Students
Wroclaw, Poland
15 Mar 2007 - 18 Mar 2007
The main purpose of the symposium will be to exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge in the area of contemporary research in the field of psychology and pedagogy..

*1st UAE International Conference on Addiction,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
10 Mar 2007 - 12 Mar 2007
Putting together an all-inclusive scientific program addressing different aspects of service provision, prevention, community work and legislation, hence meeting the multi-disciplinary professional approach to Substance Abuse Problem..

*8th Global Conference Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness
Salzburg, Austria
19 Mar 2007 - 23 Mar 2007
This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference seeks to examine and explore issues surrounding evil and human wickedness..

*Breakthrough Strategies for Troubled Youth and Classroom Management
Cincinnati, OH, United States
15 Mar 2007 - 16 Mar 2007
A series of workshops for dealing with difficult kids. Other workshops throughout the year..

*BACIP 17th Annual Conference
St Albans, United Kingdom
2 Mar 2007 - 4 Mar 2007
Why would anyone believe in God? A Christian view of evolutionary psychology.

*Protecting Vulnerable Adults 2ND NATIONAL CONFERENCE
London, United Kingdom
7 Feb 2007 - 7 Feb 2007

*The Mental Capacity Act
London, United Kingdom
1 Feb 2007 - 1 Feb 2007
The objective of the conference is to highlight key features and how the Act will impact upon different areas of healthcare as well as provide guidance to assist with questions that may arise..

*7th full conference of the European Academy of the Occupational Health Psychology
Dublin, Ireland
8 Nov 2006 - 10 Nov 2006
Dublin 2006 promises to expand on that number, creating a truly international conference that offers a global perspective on research, practice and education in occupational health psychology..

*Primary Care: "Medical and Psychological Treatment of the Whole Person".
San Diego, CA, United States
14 Oct 2006 - 21 Oct 2006
Preliminary topics include stress related problems such as: Issues of loss and grief; Various kinds of addictions, including sexual and internet affairs, and pornography..

*9th Annual DHP Conference
Colchester, United Kingdom
13 Sep 2006 - 15 Sep 2006
Division of Health Psychology celebrating 20 years of health psychology.

*19th World Congress of Psychotherapy
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
22 Aug 2006 - 26 Aug 2006
Well being across cultures: Psychotherapy in a Biological era.

New Orleans, LA, United States
10 Aug 2006 - 13 Aug 2006

*Consequentiality III: The Global Political and Social Order
Prague, Czech Republic
10 Aug 2006 - 12 Aug 2006
The purpose of this conference series is to lay the foundation for molding international and interdisciplinary ideas into a framework for addressing significant contemporary issues and to promote philosophical research of consequence..

*Julian Jaynes Conference on Consciousness
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
4 Aug 2006 - 5 Aug 2006
"Consciousness, Cognition, and the Technological Revolution: How the Modern World is Rewiring Our Brains".

*18th International Congress of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Spetses, Greece
11 Jul 2006 - 15 Jul 2006
Topics include - Acculturation ; Anthropological issues ; Aggression/Violence; Attitudes & attitude change etc..

*26th International Congress of Applied Psychology
Athens, Greece
16 Jul 2006 - 21 Jul 2006
The scientific program will consist of invited keynote, state of the art and presidential addresses, group and individual presentations..

*64th Convention of the International Council of Psychologists
Kos, Greece
10 Jul 2006 - 13 Jul 2006
This year’s theme addresses all the major issues focusing on international psychology, research and practice for the future..

*ISSBD 2006
Melbourne, Australia
2 Jul 2006 - 6 Jul 2006
International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development. Topics include The development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

*15th Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies
Kyoto, Japan
19 Jun 2006 - 23 Jun 2006
This conference aims to: further internationalize infancy research, increase the involvement and impact of early career researchers in infancy research, and have an innovative program that is high in intellectual and collaborative value..

*11th International Congress of the Association of Psychology and Psychiatry for Adults and Children (A.P.P.A.C.)
Athens, Greece
2 May 2006 - 5 May 2006
11th International Congress of the Association of Psychology and Psychiatry “Psychology and Communication, Friendship and Unity”.

* Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) 2006
Florence, Italy
27 Apr 2006 - 30 Apr 2006
Patient-centred self-management education & Long-term follow up strategies in diabetes & other chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity, post-myocaardial infarction, asthma, epilepsy, back pain, etc..

* 1st International Conference on Happiness & its Causes
Sydney, Australia
1 Apr 2006 - 2 Apr 2006
At this extraordinary event, a group of over 15 leading minds from philosophy, psychology and religion will explore, debate, and explain the issues affecting human happiness. Never before has such a distinguished and diverse group been brought together.

*2006 Sexual Dysfunction Conference
Queenstown, New Zealand
6 Apr 2006 - 9 Apr 2006
This will be a multidisciplinary Australian and New Zealand Conference to upskill Clinicians, Family Physicians, Specialists, Practice Nurses, Psychologists, Counsellors, Physiotherapists, Sex Therapists and students in this field..

*International Conference on Mood Disorders Close Encounters of Three Seas
Istanbul, Turkey
30 Mar 2006 - 1 Apr 2006
The goal of the meeting is to mediate a common scientific base for exchanging knowledge and experience and to motivate future collaborations among scientists and clinicians of the field. We aim to bring together colleagues from neighboring countries.

*Advances in Pediatric Neuropsychology: From Toddlers to School-Age Children
San Diego, CA, United States
23 Mar 2006 - 26 Mar 2006
The program is intended for neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, school psychologists, speech therapists, learning specialists, educators, psychiatrists, neurologists, and other interested health professionals..

*26th Annual Conference: Understanding Risk and Resilience in Anxiety Disorders: Implications for Research & Clinical Care
Miami, United States
23 Mar 2006 - 26 Mar 2006
The ADAA Annual Conference is the only conference devoted exclusively to anxiety disorders. It provides education for health care professionals, individuals with anxiety disorders and their families, and the media about the nature & management of anxiety.

*7th Global Conference Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness
Salzburg, Austria
13 Mar 2006 - 17 Mar 2006
Perspectives are sought from those engaged in the fields of anthropology, criminology, cultural studies, legal studies, literature, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and theology..

*14th European Congress of Psychiatry
Nice, France
4 Mar 2006 - 8 Mar 2006
“New perspectives on treatment in psychiatry”.The high-quality Scientific Programme of the Congress will open new perspectives on issues related to treatment and patient care..

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