Theoretical Biology

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*6th International Congress on the Systematics & Ecology of Myxomycetes (ICSEM 6)
Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine
4 Oct 2008 - 11 Oct 2008
The Congress scientific programme will comprise plenary sessions with oral presentations, together with facilities for displaying posters..

*Xth Symposium of the International Organisation of Plant Biosystematists
Vysoké Tatry Mts, Slovakia
2 Jul 2008 - 4 Jul 2008
We would like to cover a wide span of topics ranging from the traditional biosystematic studies to the application of the most advanced molecular techniques addressing evolutionary, phylogenetic, phylogeographic, ecological and other questions..

*5th International Symposium on the Taxonomy of Cultivated Plants
Wageningen, Netherlands
15 Oct 2007 - 19 Oct 2007
Changing views on the principles of classification and nomenclature of cultivated plants have been incorporated in the rules of the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants, and at the 2007 meeting in Wageningen a new edition of this code.

*6th Biennial Conference of the Systematics Association
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
28 Aug 2007 - 31 Aug 2007
The Biennial conferences of the Systematics Association provide a forum for systematists from different disciplines to present and discuss their research..

* Workshop on Molecular Evolution
Woods Hole, MA, United States
22 Jul 2007 - 3 Aug 2007
The workshop consists of a series of lectures, demonstrations & computer laboratories that cover various aspects of molecular evolution. Scientists with a strong interest in molecular evolution, systematics & population genetics are encouraged to apply.

*"Evolution 2007"
Christchurch, New Zealand
16 Jun 2007 - 20 Jun 2007
The joint annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE), the Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB), and the American Society of Naturalists (ASN)..

*The evolution of the animals: a Linnean tercentenary celebration
London, United Kingdom
18 Jun 2007 - 19 Jun 2007
This two-day symposium, co-sponsored by the Linnean Society of London and the Systematics Association , will bring together internationally renowned experts from a diversity of disciplines capable of integrating traditional comparative anatomy etc..

*3rd International Oligochaete Taxonomy Meeting
Platres, Cyprus
2 Apr 2007 - 6 Apr 2007
As a tradition, the meetings concentrate mainly, but not exclusively, on earthworms, and discuss, apart of taxonomy, also different aspects of the oligochaeta biodiversity and new methods of their study..

Bologna, Italy
18 Feb 2007 - 23 Feb 2007
Bologna Winter School 2007 will focus on the present state of art of Bioinformatics, from data analysis to their integration and assessment in relation to problems of Systems and Synthetic Biology..

Manchester, United Kingdom
11 Jan 2007 - 13 Jan 2007
Learn about cutting edge bioinformatics research; Learn about the most recent scientific advances in the field; Learn about new bioinformatics applications.

*Taxonomic Databases Working Group Annual Meeting 2006
St Louis, MO, United States
15 Oct 2006 - 22 Oct 2006
Building Biodiversity Data Applications.

*53rd Annual Systematics Symposium
St. Louis, MO, United States
13 Oct 2006 - 14 Oct 2006
"The Impact of Peter Raven on Evolutionary and Biodiversity Issues in the 20th and 21st Centuries".

*IFCS 2006 Conference: Data Science and Classification
Ljubljana, Slovenia
25 Jul 2006 - 29 Jul 2006
IFCS 2006 Conference: Data Science and Classification an interdisciplinary forum for social scientists, mathematicians, computer scientists, ethnologists and all others interested in data analysis and classification..

*XXIII International Biometric Conference
Montreal, Canada
16 Jul 2006 - 21 Jul 2006
XXIII International Biometric Conference. Topics include statistics in genomics and proteomics. History and evolution of resource inventories in forestry, fisheries and wildlife..

*2006 annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution
Stony Brook, New York, United States
23 Jun 2006 - 27 Jun 2006
2006 annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution.

*2006 Meeting of the Classification Society of North America
Piscataway, New Jersey, United States
10 May 2006 - 13 May 2006
2006 Meeting of the Classification Society of North America.

*Symposium on the state of molecular systematics in algae.
London, United Kingdom
11 Apr 2006 - 12 Apr 2006
Molecular systematics and algae..

*Google, Yahoo, and the end of taxonomy?
London, United Kingdom
7 Dec 2005 - 7 Dec 2005
Google, Yahoo, and the end of taxonomy? Taxonomy is regarded as central to renewed efforts to database life. This talk places this issue in the broader context of the problem of finding information..

*7th Young Systematists' Forum
London, United Kingdom
6 Dec 2005 - 6 Dec 2005
Systematics - forum.

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