Waste Management

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*RecShow '08
Kempinski Hotel, Dead Sea, Jordan
17 Feb 2008 - 20 Feb 2008
Middle East Recycling, Waste & Environmental Management Exhibition & Congress.

*7th International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC 2008
Vienna, Austria
16 Jan 2008 - 18 Jan 2008
In a waste management system oriented according to the principle of sustainability priority is given to the precautionary principle and to optimum resource management, in particular of raw materials and energy..

*AWRA 43rd Annual Water Resources Conference
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
12 Nov 2007 - 15 Nov 2007
The AWRA 43rd Annual Water Resources Conference is a forum for all participants of our water resources community, provides opportunities for conversation about the many multidisciplinary aspects of water resources etc..

*National Workshop on Implementing Biomass Boiler Systems
Missoula, Montana, United States
16 Oct 2007 - 18 Oct 2007
A national 3-day workshop on implementing woody biomass energy systems. Woody biomass energy systems are an increasingly popular renewable fuel solution and provide multiple benefits to communities and forests, including reduced and stabilized fuel costs,.

* 7th Annual BioCycle Conference On Renewable Energy From Organics Recycling
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
1 Oct 2007 - 3 Oct 2007
Methane • Ethanol • Biodiesel • Compost • Bioproducts.

* International Symposium on Air Quality and Waste Management for Agriculture
Broomfield, Colorado, United States
15 Sep 2007 - 19 Sep 2007
The International Symposium for Animal, Agricultural and Food Processing Wastes and Air Pollution from Agricultural Operations are being combined into one conference in 2007.

*RWM07 - The Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition 2007
Birmingham, United Kingdom
11 Sep 2007 - 13 Sep 2007
The UK's LEADING dedicated event for the Recycling & Waste Management Industry..

*International Conference on Sustainable Sanitation Eco-Cities and Villages
Dongsheng, China
26 Aug 2007 - 29 Aug 2007
With a focus on Urban and Rural Ecological Sanitation, Organic Waste Management, and Agricultural Reuse.

*Contamination CleanUp 07
Adelaide, Australia
24 Jun 2007 - 28 Jun 2007
The 2nd International Contaminated Site Remediation Conference in conjunction with The 1st Australian Contamination Summit.

*Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) 2007 Exhibition and Conference
Torbay, United Kingdom
12 Jun 2007 - 15 Jun 2007
The CIWM Show is the only event of its kind. It combines a comprehensive exhibition covering waste, recycling and resource management and the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) internationally renowned annual conference.

*WasteTech 2007
Moscow, Russia
29 May 2007 - 1 Jun 2007
Since 1999 the WasteTech Trade Fair has become the most powerful communicating and marketing platform for rapidly growing waste management and recycling markets of Russia and CIS countries.

*SWANA’s 15th Annual North American Waste-to-Energy Conference (NAWTEC)
Miami, FL, United States
21 May 2007 - 23 May 2007
NAWTEC is widely recognized as the LEADING industry conference and trade show covering municipal WTE issues, combustion concepts, and RD&D initiatives concerning new types of waste-conversion technologies..

*2nd International Symposium MBT 2007
Hanover, Germany
22 May 2007 - 24 May 2007
Mechanical-biological treatment and automatic waste sorting technology.

* WasteExpo 2007Conference
Atlanta, GA, United States
7 May 2007 - 10 May 2007
WasteExpo is North America’s largest solid waste and recycling tradeshow serving both the private and public sectors. Whether you come from a small, medium or large private sector waste management company or a manufacturer or supplier, you’ll benefit.

*Medical Waste Institute's Annual Medical Waste Conference
Atlanta, GA, United States
9 May 2007 - 10 May 2007
An industry-recognized educational event that focuses on the largest regulatory, legislative, and technical issues that affect the medical waste business..

*9th International Symposium In Situ & On-site Bioremediation
Baltimore, MD, United States
7 May 2007 - 10 May 2007
Advances in environmental biotechnology continue worldwide & are improving the performance & reliability of microbial-based processes for site restoration, waste treatment, & pollution prevention. The symposium will integrate the latest developments..

*International Environmental Protection Tech & Equipment Exhibition
Shanghai, China
27 Apr 2007 - 29 Apr 2007
Concurrent: seminars on new technologies, equipment and craftworks for key industrial pollution control & disposals..

*Air Monitoring Event
Burton-Upon-Trent, United Kingdom
25 Apr 2007 - 26 Apr 2007
For companies and individuals who need to know what productsand measuring techniques are available as well as legislation that they need to comply with..

*Waste matters. Integrating views
Vienna, Austria
16 Apr 2007 - 19 Apr 2007
The contribution of waste management towards solving these problems should provide a more integrated, holistic approach, with focus on social, economical, scientific and technical aspects..

*R3 Environmental Technologies
Reading, United Kingdom
28 Mar 2007 - 28 Mar 2007
CIWM is supporting the fourth in a series of workshops examining the possibilities for compost-like outputs generated from mixed waste, with r3 Environmental Technology and The University of Reading..

* CIWM Seminars & Briefing Sessions
London, United Kingdom
26 Mar 2007 - 26 Mar 2007
Hazardous Waste - An "inspector's report".

*CIWM Spring Conference: Living in a material world
London, United Kingdom
14 Mar 2007 - 14 Mar 2007
Waste and resources management must gear up to meet the challenges of powerful global forces, including climate change, energy policy and international markets..

*The ASME European Forum on Sustainable Engineering
Brussels, Belgium
19 Mar 2007 - 21 Mar 2007
Each day is structured around one of three central themes, Environment, Energy and Competitiveness and begins with a keynote speaker and plenary session setting the focus for the debate..

*20th Annual Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show (SERC)
Orange Beach, AL, United States
11 Mar 2007 - 14 Mar 2007
Presentations will touch on the following topics: Recovering more recyclables; Funding solid waste and recycling services; Pay-as-you-throw;Recovered material market updates and prices; Single-stream collection and recycling etc..

*Waste Tech Landfill Technology Conference
Miami, FL, United States
12 Mar 2007 - 13 Mar 2007
The Waste Tech Landfill Technology Conference is an industry-recognized educational event that focuses on the latest issues that affect the landfill industry..

*22nd International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management
Philadelphia, PA, United States
18 Mar 2007 - 21 Mar 2007
Researchers, educators, government officials, consultants, managers, community leaders and others with an interest in solid waste are invited to submit papers for oral presentation or poster session at the Conference..

*RICS Minerals and Waste Management annual conference 2007: Sustaining progress in a changing environment
Belper, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
1 Mar 2007 - 2 Mar 2007
The programme has an excellent line up of speakers giving an update to the minerals and waste management industry and looking at the changes that are affecting the the UK and abroad..

* 7th Massachusetts Organics Recycling Summit
Marlborough, United States
6 Mar 2007 - 7 Mar 2007
Join us for a professional conference and vendor exhibit hall, and a second day of tours, focused on organics waste reduction in Massachusetts. Last year's Summit attracted 225 professionals from 14 states, and the event continues to grow every year..

*Methane to Markets
New Delhi, India
22 Feb 2007 - 23 Feb 2007
The Methane to Markets Partnership is an action-oriented initiative to advance the recovery and use of methane as a clean energy source. Methane is a hydrocarbon and the primary component of natural gas..

*International Conference on Stormwater & Urban Water Systems Modeling
Toronto, Canada
22 Feb 2007 - 23 Feb 2007
The annual International Conference on Stormwater and Urban Water Systems Modeling is a forum for professionals from across North America and overseas to exchange ideas and experience on current practices and emerging technologies..

Wiesbaden, Germany
27 Feb 2007 - 1 Mar 2007
Directed to an international audience the Conference will feature fundamentals, equipment & strategies to “Solid-Liquid-Separation“ by filtration and sedimentation as well as “Air and Gas Cleaning“ by filtration, settling, electrostatic precipitation etc..

*4th International Conference on Remediation of Contaminated Sediments
Savaannah, Georgia, United Arab Emirates
22 Jan 2007 - 25 Jan 2007
The technical complexity and potentially high costs associated with contaminated sediment remediation require that we seek and develop efficient assessment and effective management strategies..

* Byproducts Beneficial Use Summit
San Fransisco, United States
29 Nov 2006 - 30 Nov 2006
The 2006 Byproducts Beneficial Use Summit is designed to exchange information about beneficial use and to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas between regulators and industry players..

*Landfill Gas and Leachate Systems
Tampa, Florida, United States
16 Nov 2006 - 16 Nov 2006
This course teaches you how to comply with local, state and federal regulations governing landfill gas and leachate systems.

*"Water, Sewerage & Waste" Warrington
Warrington, United Kingdom
9 Nov 2006 - 9 Nov 2006
Welcome to "Water, Sewerage & Waste" Exhibitions, the Number One regional series for the industry. These shows are on your doorstep and give you the chance to explore the latest technology, ideas and opportunities..

*Water and Wastewater Monitoring
Telford, United Kingdom
1 Nov 2006 - 2 Nov 2006
Conference topics are being themed by the Environment Agency & SWIG on legislation standards and Mcerts certification. A program of exhibitor workshops will highlight new technology solutions, monitoring methods, case studies, service capabilities etc..

*"Water, Sewerage & Waste" Maidenhead
Maidenhead, United Kingdom
26 Oct 2006 - 26 Oct 2006
Welcome to "Water, Sewerage & Waste" Exhibitions, the Number One regional series for the industry. These shows are on your doorstep and give you the chance to explore the latest technology, ideas and opportunities.

*1st International Symposium on Natural Antioxidants and Polyphenols: Valorisation from Fruits and Vetables Wastes
La Valetta, Malta
27 Oct 2006 - 27 Oct 2006
the aim of the conference is to highlight and to discuss about the interest of plants by-products as a rich source of antioxidant, the extraction methods, the interest of natural antioxidnt compare to synthetic one, the applications....

Cologne, Germany
24 Oct 2006 - 27 Oct 2006
Entsorga-Enteco - International Trade Fair for Waste Management and Environmental Technology with the following product segments:Waste Management & Recycling, Water & Liquid Water etc..

*"Water, Sewerage & Waste" Peterborough
Peterborough, United Kingdom
5 Oct 2006 - 5 Oct 2006
Welcome to "Water, Sewerage & Waste" Exhibitions, the Number One regional series for the industry. These shows are on your doorstep and give you the chance to explore the latest technology, ideas and opportunities.

Mykonos, Greece
11 Sep 2006 - 13 Sep 2006
This international conference will address the need for the exchange of scientific information among experts on issues related to environmental toxicology, toxicity assessment and hazardous waste management..

Charlotte, NC, United States
19 Sep 2006 - 21 Sep 2006

*RWM06 Recycling & Waste Management
Birmingham, United Kingdom
12 Sep 2006 - 14 Sep 2006
RWM delivers plenty for everyone involved in the waste management sector and those affected by the recycling of chemicals / oils, electronic equipment, fridges, glass, metals, packaging, paper, plastic, rubber, textiles, wood & green waste and vehicles..

*2nd International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology
Houston, United States
19 Aug 2006 - 22 Aug 2006
Fifteen major topics are listed in the conference program. These active areas of research include: Water pollution and water quality control,Air pollution and air quality control,Land (soil, solid waste) pollution and remediation,Ecosystem restoration.....

*Managing Commercial & Industrial Waste
London, United Kingdom
11 Jul 2006 - 11 Jul 2006
Through Minimisation, Treatment And Recovery To Reduce Waste Costs And Deliver Legal Compliance.

*99th Air & Waste Management Association Annual Conference and Exhibition
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
20 Jun 2006 - 23 Jun 2006
Healthy Environments: rebirth and Renewal.

*Waste Management 2006
Corinthia Jerma Palace, Malta
21 Jun 2006 - 23 Jun 2006
Third International Conference .The conference will be of interest to environmental engineers, local authority representatives, waste disposal experts, research scientists in the area of waste management, civil engineers and chemical engineers..

*2nd International Recycling and Waste Management Fair.
Istanbul, Turkey
22 Jun 2006 - 25 Jun 2006
Recycling İstanbul 2006 will be a show where the companies working on solid waste, waste water, waste gas and energy fields and the related support companies will take place..

* CIWM 2006 Incorporating the 5th International Symposium on Waste Treatment Technologies
Paignton, United Kingdom
12 Jun 2006 - 16 Jun 2006
Waste is now on everyone’s agenda. Unprecedented change will require a major transformation of waste management policies and practices. The waste industry needs to work in partnership with waste producers to rid itself of the ‘dump it cheap & quick’ tag.

*11th Annual Landfill Symposium
Nashville, TN, United States
5 Jun 2006 - 8 Jun 2006
Sessions include: Landfill design; Lanfill Gas; Issues with Airspace and Odours.

*"N-EXPO 2006 TOKYO"
Tokyo, Japan
23 May 2006 - 26 May 2006
Waste Disposal, Resource Recovery/Recycling, Controll & Improve of Air pollution, Water contamination, soil contamination and New energy..

*ET, ICU and Nemex 2006
Birmingham, United Kingdom
16 May 2006 - 18 May 2006
ET's status as the UK's largest environmental technology and management services exhibition remains unchallenged. Being the only comprehensive environmental forum for industry and the public sector ET 2006 will build on last year's huge success..

*14th Annual North American Waste to Energy Conference (NAWTEC)
Tampa, Florida, United States
1 May 2006 - 3 May 2006
A detailed look at U.S. and international case studies, technological advances, environmental research and performance, and improving plant operations; Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology (WTERT) Council’s special bi-annual session on Tuesday, May 2nd.

*Enviro 2006 Conference & Exhibition
Melbourne, Australia
9 May 2006 - 11 May 2006
The Enviro 2006 Conference & Exhibition is presented by the Australian Water Association and the Waste Management Association of Australia and is a platform for showcasing the Australian environment industry. Event theme is "Building Sustainable Cities".

*22nd Annual Environmental Conference
Carrigaline, Co. Cork, Ireland
4 May 2006 - 5 May 2006
The Cost of Waste Disposal.

*Energy from Waste – inspired solution or an unacceptable risk ?
Bristol, United Kingdom
25 Apr 2006 - 26 Apr 2006
The UK Government’s Substitute Fuels Protocol opens the door, in principle, for energy recovery to be practised by any process by burning wastes. Is this a really stupid pollution risk or a brilliant way of producing a carbon neutral strategy for energy.

*Integrated Recycling & Waste Management Operations
Northampton, United Kingdom
27 Apr 2006 - 27 Apr 2006
Aimed at managers, Recycling Officers, and Graduate Trainees, this course provides delegates with the opportunity to evaluate a number of options for high-level recovery of recyclable and biodegradable materials, and to understand the key financial.

*Proven Technologies from Europe?
Perth, United Kingdom
22 Mar 2006 - 22 Mar 2006
This CIWM event aims to uncover what technology is already at the UK’s disposal. Experts in their field will provide an overview of the range of technologies available; before existing case studies, from the UK and abroad, elaborate on the deliverability.

*International Ecotechnologies Exhibition
Padua, Italy
15 Mar 2006 - 18 Mar 2006
International Ecotechnologies Exhibition. The exhibition is divided into the following sections: Waste, water, Energy, Compost, soil/air/noise monitoring, Habitat Azienda, Institutions and SEP Underground..

*Energy from Waste 2006
London, United Kingdom
15 Mar 2006 - 16 Mar 2006
Delivering a viable solution for waste management and power generation in the UK.

*IWWE and IRWM 2006
Dublin, Ireland
8 Mar 2006 - 9 Mar 2006
Irish Recycling & Waste Management 2006 & Irish Water, Waste & Environment 2006 IWWE facilitates the needs of environmental professionals across the board..

*Pollutec 2006 China
Shanghai, China
8 Mar 2006 - 10 Mar 2006
A series of specialized conferences, workshops and concurrent events on key growing sectors including Air, Water, Energy and Renewable Energy, Noise, Waste Management and Recycling offers you specific platform in meeting targeted buyers with specific need.

*CIWM Waste Strategy Conference 2006
London, United Kingdom
1 Mar 2006 - 1 Mar 2006
The CIWM Waste Strategy Conference 2006 will concentrate on Defra’s consultation of the Waste Strategy for England..

*WM'06, the 32nd Waste Management Conference
Tucson, Arizona, United States
26 Feb 2006 - 2 Mar 2006
Education & opportunity for the Next Generation of Waste Management Professionals.

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