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*3rd Annual International Forum for Women in Dairying
Madison, WI, United States
28 Sep 2008 - 29 Sep 2008
Participants can develop themselves through a series of workshops, network with others who share mutual experiences, exchange achievements and challenges, learn from international speakers, and become more inspired and motivated..

Madrid, Spain
3 Jul 2008 - 9 Jul 2008
We are placing a special emphasis on two central themes: violence and migrations, but these themes are by no means the only ones to be addressed at the conference..

Madrid, Spain
19 May 2008 - 23 May 2006
This meeting will provide the opportunity for members of the society and distinguished guests to exchange views and ideas, discuss recent knowledge and possible measures in order to improve the health and well being of the menopausal women.

*Surviving as a Woman in Science
Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom
2 Nov 2007 - 2 Nov 2007
This meeting brings together women from many different scientific backgrounds with talks and advice from experts to help with the skills required to not just survive but thrive in science..

*WEBS Women Evolving Biological Sciences Symposium
Seattle, Washington, United States
14 Oct 2007 - 17 Oct 2007
WEBS is an annual three-day symposium aimed at addressing the retention of female scientists and issues related to the transition of women from early career stages to tenure track positions and leadership roles in academic and research settings..

*The Breast - First International Conference on Breast Development, Benign and Malignant Diseases
Turin, Italy
27 Sep 2007 - 30 Aug 2007
The most prominent Scientists & Clinicians have been invited as speakers and discussants and you can expect the Conference to be a venue for interdisciplinary interaction, a teaching ground and a place to discuss critical issues such as breast cancer etc..

*Advanced Training for Women in Scientific Research Module 2
Krems, Austria
7 Sep 2007 - 9 Sep 2007
Advance: The Summer School. Module 2.

*Advanced Training for Women in Scientific Research Module 1
Krems, Austria
23 Jul 2007 - 3 Aug 2007
Advance: The Summer School. Module 1.

*15th Annual Congress on Women’s Health
Hilton Head Island , SC, United States
2 Jun 2007 - 5 Jun 2007
This year’s Congress features a Tuesday morning symposium on state-of-the-art obesity management in women, including clinical assessment, pharmacotherapy, lifestyle intervention, and bariatric surgery in collaboration with NAASO: The Obesity Society.

*Organization for the Study of Sex Differences - First Annual Meeting
Washington, DC, United States
9 May 2007 - 12 May 2007
The annual meeting will facilitate an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas by providing investigators from various fields a unique opportunity to share their latest findings and hypotheses about sex differences..

*Female Pelvic Floor Disorders
Fort Lauderdale, United States
9 Mar 2007 - 12 Mar 2007
Continuing Medical Education Programs: Female Pelvic Floor Disorders.

*Hysterectomy Advances
Fort Lauderdale, United States
19 Jan 2007 - 22 Jan 2007
Continuing Medical Education Programs: Hysterectomy Advances.

*Symposia Medicus 12th Annual Conference on Care of Women over 40
St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
29 Nov 2006 - 2 Dec 2006
Participants completing this conference will have a better understanding of the changing health care needs of the female patient over 40,and be better prepared to diagnosis &manage issues related to: Heart Disease, Arthritis,Fibromyalgia etc..

*7th Annual Women's Health Conference.
Minneapolis, MN, United States
3 Nov 2006 - 3 Nov 2006
The focus of the conference is on health concerns of the aging female. This year we are interspersing the medical information with patient experience..

*Women's Health
Barcelona, Spain
16 Sep 2006 - 23 Sep 2006
The purpose of this CME activity is to provide a review of clinical conditions encountered by the Family Physician and address common gynecological problems..

*Cancer in Women 7-night Alaskan Cruise
Vancouver, Canada
11 Aug 2006 - 18 Aug 2006
The purpose of this CME activity is to review the most commonly-encountered cancerous conditions found in women and provide focus on prevention and management..

*Psychiatry Review Course - Alaska Glacier Cruise
Vancouver, Canada
6 Aug 2006 - 13 Aug 2006
There will be approximately 13-14 hours of CME sessions during this conference, featuring a mixture of general and specialized topics, including a focus on Women's Mental Health issues..

*7th Annual Conference on Women's Health
Hamilton, Bermuda
2 Aug 2006 - 5 Aug 2006
Our 7th Annual Conference on Women's Health is designed to enhance the knowledge of physicians, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses. A wide variety of topics pertinent to the care of female patients will be presented.

*3rd Interamerican Breast Cancer Conference
Cancun, Mexico
27 Jul 2006 - 29 Jul 2006
Agenda includes: Epidemiology of breast cancer risk factors and life style interventions: HRT, exercise, alcohol use, fat intake and olive oil consumption; High risk women: Assessment and management.

*2006 Women in Medicine & Science Professional Development Conference
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
9 Jun 2006 - 10 Jun 2006
A professional development conference designed for women in academic and non academic settings focusing on: Creating and maintaining strong Women in Medicine/Science programs and more. .

*Women and Their Health
Atlanta, GA, United States
10 May 2006 - 12 May 2006
This general session conference will provide an update and overview of issues related to women’s health care. Agenda topics will address areas specific to women’s health and help providers identify how to meet their patients’ needs..

*Pain Management in Women Over the Lifecycle
San Diego, CA, United States
27 Apr 2006 - 29 Apr 2006
This conference will focus on the biology, psychology and treatment of pain in women and will feature expert speakers in these areas. The target audience for this program includes primary care physicians, neurologists, pain management professionals etc..

*5th Australian Women's Health Conference
Melbourne, Australia
20 Apr 2006 - 22 Apr 2006
There will be a particular focus on women who are marginalised by poverty, culture, discrimination because of race, disabilities, illness or social stereotyping, and difference..

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